3.1.7 “Truthers”, who could be “Controlled/ Soft Opposition”.

Source: Omar Jordan

Dr. Michael Yeadon

Infowars – Alex Jones

Other Truthers who could be Controlled Opposition

Del Bigtree Exposed (Part 1 and 2) – bit.ly/3ndK5Q3

Dr. Robert Malone – Dark Vaccine Wizard – bit.ly/3zG2tVj

Dr. Peter McCullough – Pro-Vaccine Soft Opposition Agent – bit.ly/2W4FtRS

Dr. Michael Yeadon – Pro-Vaccine Drug Hunter and Racist? – bit.ly/3C4MOB5

Who Is David E. Martin? – bit.ly/3Af9Q6u

The Fantastic Tale of Pro-Vaccine Queen Dolores Cahill – bit.ly/3rSVAxB

Anderson Cooper is a CIA Asset – https://bit.ly/3FvO80p

Li-Meng Yan is a Fake Whistleblower – bit.ly/3HU3T2J

Controlled Opposition Clown Rashid Buttar – bit.ly/3Ezxigy

Who is May Parsons? – bit.ly/3qW8Scu

Secrets of Barbara Loe Fisher – bit.ly/3a2I6qI

James Corbett is Not Your Friend – bit.ly/3mRPFHH

Arlene Howard – Pro-Vaccine PR Queen – bit.ly/3prbnUw

Paul Put the “Offit” in Profit – bit.ly/3oJ1e5T

Eisenhower Was a War Criminal – bit.ly/3u93mo4

Spook Doctor Michael Baden – bit.ly/2XYfKvk

Meet the Spooky Wojcicki Family – https://bit.ly/322idqH

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