3.2.7 COVID-19 Humor

Big Trudy Tricked Me

Source: Snooze 2 Awaken by Sol Luckman

Are You a Transvaxxite?
Definitely Not a Cult
How the Deep State Stole Christmas
Hero: Man Stranded on Desert Island Still Obediently Hearing His Mask
Have You Drunk Your Diet Woke™ Today?
Coronavirus Is Now Space-borne, Can Reinfect Individuals Infinitely*
Hitler Learns That Sweden Is Doing Fine without Lockdowns
If the Pandemic Thinking Was Applied to Everything
Surgical Mask on Her Face
We Will Mock You*
Attack of the Corona Karens*
The Monster Covid Mask Mash
Why I Wear My Mask*
Bible Experts Determine Goliath Died of COVID-19
Why the Lockdown Should Last Longer
TIME Names Karen Person of the Year
Say What You Truly Meme: Juicy JPEGs for Counteracting the New Normal*
Blue Pill People
Trump Derangement vs. Trump Enablement
Enough! (Stop Saying “We’re All in This Together”)
OK, Karen!
I Wear My Covidiota Mask in My Car When I Drive*
An Open Letter to the Mafias of the World Asking for Help*
NOVID-19 & the Urgent Necessity to Rethink Our Medical Model
21 Facts that Demolish the Official NOVID-19 Narrative*

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