3.2.9 Human Rights Organisation against coercive vaccinations

Article from Free Earth Alliance

Excellent news from the Council of Europe (CoE), the world’s leading human rights organization. It is the governing body of the European Court of Human Rights. As you probably know 47 countries, including all EU Member States, are contracting parties to the CoE and the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR).

This is excellent news for people concerned about compulsory or coercive vaccination or vaccination discrimination.

Today a resolution of the Council of Europe has been voted that prohibits the States from making compulsory vaccination against the coronavirus or that can be used to discriminate against workers or anyone who does not get vaccinated. Here is the text extracted at specific points and the full resolution in the original version and links.

7.3 on the guarantee of a high acceptance of the vaccine:
7.3.1. Ensure that citizens are informed that vaccination is NOT mandatory and that no one is pressured politically, socially or otherwise to get vaccinated if they do not want to do it themselves.
7.3.2. Ensure that no one is discriminated against for not being vaccinated, due to possible health risks, or because they do not want to be vaccinated.


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