3.2.10 Reaction Article, on Developments in Canada, by Urmie Ray

Developments in Canada

Trudeau Has Declared Martial Law Against Freedom Convoy Protest

Canadian Martial Law Developments & Analysis, by Kyle Becker

Guidance for Truthers on the Global Freedom Movement

By Urmie Ray

All these developments (in Canada and in France) were predictable: from the beginning. I had suspected that the whole truckers’ movement was a manipulation, an illusion within the illusion created by the ruling oligarchy. I have been repeating it for months: beware of the psyop, directed more and more against the resistance.

For months I have been warning against the new research center opened in Brussels which aims to develop psychological weapons. Against whom? You only have to read the texts published by the WHO, the World Bank, the Geneva Graduate Centre which is piloting the Pandemic Treaty, the minutes of the recent WHO meetings: against those who spread “disinformation”, what they call “infodemia”. So we had to, and in the future we have to expect an even more sophisticated psyop. The one they have been using since 2020 is quite primary, and the first wave of victims is the majority, the so-called mainstream.

The one they are starting to use is intended to create the 2nd wave of victims: namely among our ranks i.e. The Freedom Lovers. We have to think of this as a classic battle, the only difference is that the weapons are not physical. It is not at all insignificant that since November 2021, the great reset is followed by the great narrative stitched together by the World Economic Forum (WEF). What is a narrative? A fiction, i.e. an illusion.

So let’s make a first analysis of their new methods. “Pretending to reduce certain measures” or “giving the hope of reduced measures”, and therefore “hope of a period of calm”. This allows them to keep control of the majority.

Moving immediately to a phase that would be easily perceived as “tougher”, would have increased the opposition to the plandemic. So they need to weaken the resistance without alienating that majority. This illusory lull also served to delude a large part of the resistance. And so has lowered the guard, especially since after nearly 2 years of a life that has become inhuman, our defenses are weakened. Did they use the 5G and/or Chemtrails to weaken us physically too? I could be wrong, but I have the impression that even the non-vaxed amongst my acquaintances in France and elsewhere, have become much more ill this January than in other winters. The vaccinated the are falling ill anyhow as they deal with toxic ingredients they received through the lethal injections.

Physical and psychic weaknesses go hand in hand. So the timing of the illusion of the truckers’ movement, whether here in France or in Canada, was very well seen. To give the illusion that the resistance was breaking through and was perhaps on the verge of bringing down the tyranny, to finally remove this illusion in a few hours by letting us know that it is a controlled opposition, a deliberately set up manipulation. This goes further, it allows the implementation of a much greater repression, of a much greater surveillance and martial law, targeted mainly towards the freedom movement (i.e. the resistance).

The chaos created, also allowed to turn the majority against the Freedom Movement (i.e. Resistance). For instance in France, there were weekly protests since 12th Of July 2021, but it was never covered in Mainstream Media. It was downplayed and a narrative was spun that the movement was very minor, by people with extreme views and those who believe in conspiracies.

However, the “Trucker’s Movement” was shown to carry a huge magnitude, not as much as it was i.e. the movement was not significant at all, and comprised only a few desperate people who couldn’t take it anymore. Rather, it is the police forces that created the chaos, and not the convoy, in France. Don’t forget that we have been saying for a long time, they need chaos for the next step in their Playbook. This chaos, we would not have created it left to ourselves, it is “they” the Oligarchs, who design engineered it, directly by manipulating us. Have we lost a battle? Maybe!

But we are far from losing the war. We have to pull ourselves together quickly. This is not the time to give up, we must draw all our energy and strength from within ourselves. First of all, we must stop deluding ourselves. How can we do this? Stop setting up people as idols and drinking their words and thinking that they are our saviors. What matters is the message and the result, not the person. Don’t idealize any voice that tries to set itself up as a leader, analyze their speech yourself, and above all see the result they get. A quick analysis shows that in fact for the last 2 years we have failed on almost every front.

What did Advocate Reiner Fuellmich do? What did we get in courts? Don’t you see that this is an illusion? The judicial process for instance the Nuremberg Code, came about only after a victory, not before. There can be no legal gain under a dictatorship.

One of the battles we are slowly winning is the battle for truth. This plandemic and what will follow is still based on a total lie: the viral myth and more generally the myth of contagion (and therefore of PCR “testing”). As long as we hold on to this lie, as long as we do not bring it down, we will continue to lose. Camus is said to have said that even an ounce of lie ultimately contaminates the whole. But on this level of lying, i.e. bringing down the lie, we have made extraordinary progress. In the spring of 2020, only a handful understood that it was a lie, and had the courage to say it openly: Andrew Kaufman, Sam Bailey, Robert O. Young, Qureshi, the names are rare (even Thomas Cowan was not one of those early fighters). And now, it is extraordinary, that there are social media channels like Apps like Telegram, with hundreds of people each in all languages, whose only goal is to bring down the “scientific” lies. In parallel, concrete actions are organized everywhere. Of course we are still ultra-minority, but this is a rapid exponential growth: from literally a handful to several thousands, even hundreds of thousands, or rather millions.

More concretely, we must quickly take stock and analyze our weaknesses. Let’s take a look at history: Russia brought down Napoleon, then Hitler. But when did they succeed in doing this? The turning point came when they understood their weakness, because the Russian forces were no match for them. Russia was losing. And having understood this, they were able to develop genius strategies. Let’s do what they did. We will win, no doubt about it.

Tolstoy, Wisdom Calendar, 16/2 : Words can unite people. Therefore, try to speak very clearly, and tell only the truth, for nothing can unite people more than truth and simplicity

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