3.3.2 Action Taken by them


A very dangerous move by Pharma funded WHO that will dictate terms to all countries https://worldcouncilforhealth.org/news/2022/03/pandemic-treaty/45591

It must be blocked. And not only this…

PM Modi (the Covid Response Thali Banger of India) who did not form a Comprehensive Indian Health Committee for the Covid Response in 2020 (instead he appointed the 24 member Covid Task Force who later received Legal Notices from AIM for receiving money from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, PATH & Others to implement the unlawful Pandemic policies in India) now on Wed 9th Mar’22 approved the establishment of a WHO (World Health Organization) Global Centre for Traditional Medicine (WHO GCTM) at Jamnagar in Gujarat. Read this article on it https://www.thehindu.com/news/national/other-states/government-gives-nod-for-who-global-centre-for-traditional-medicine-in-gujarat/article65207178.ece/amp

The WHO Global Centre for Traditional Medicine is going to be a Total Scam!

Requesting everyone to see the first 10 mins of this video https://youtu.be/GC0f5wxRfHg

CDC and WHO’s influence on India must be 100% banned, because of their Crimes against Humanity!

AYUSH has been made a Pawn of WHO and the foot of IMA is on its head… so how can AYUSH function in India for the benefit of its people?

We have seen how they have suppressed the best performing Covid Cure in the world… Dr.BRC’s 3 step Flu Diet – over 1 Lac Covid free without a single death! So how can the Covid Vaccine which is killing thousands of people be allowed in its place in this country??

Please watch this video 1hr 44mins onward https://youtu.be/HItgsy1iUiU and understand the Integrative Natural Medicine Model – all natural healing systems of the world come under it. It is 10 times bigger than AYUSH and it is a people’s movement.

We are in the process of forming the Integrative Natural Medicine Committee (INMC) of India to counter all these frauds. INMC has signed up to be a partner of World Council for Health.

Please join Earth Keepers Connect https://t.me/earthkeepersconnect if you want to be an INMC Committee Member at your State Level or at the National Level or if you want to nominate someone of a high caliber.

All Natural Medicine teachers & practitioners may please join our group Integrative Natural Medicine https://t.me/ekcinm where we share about health and healing.

INMC is just 1 of the 20 Domain Experts Committees of 400 people each, 2 from each country per Committee, to manage all the affairs of all countries of the world.

Requesting everyone to see this video 2hrs 32mins onward https://youtu.be/HItgsy1iUiU to understand it and to participate in making it happen. Remember this is going out to the world from India, so please participate.

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