4.2 Diagnostics (Post-Covax Jab Labs)

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As we have figured out that NOT all vials of COVID19 injections may have been toxic, and its quite possible you and your near and dear ones were lucky to escape it. However, many people have received a low dose toxic serum. Its important to diagnose it and rule out the possibility.

So, we have a few suggestions to offer. You may for yourself or for others advise them to, get your/ their D-dimer level test done. Those with high D-dimer level in their blood, may eventually suffer from a blood clotting disorder. The level of D-dimer can rise greatly when there’s significant formation and breakdown of blood clots in one’s body. This has been observed around the world following the COVID19 injections.

Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), Pulmonary Embolism (PE), Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation (DIC), and Stroke are all possibilities if the D-dimer levels are high.

You may also inform them to get their Platelet counts, Fibrinogen Antigen, CRP, ESR, and WBC, LFT, HbA1c tests done on a regular basis. The most important ones are D-dimer, Fibrinogen, and Platelet count tests.

Healing and detoxification can be initiated based on the lab results.

Disclaimer: Take advise from your registered medical or AYUSH practitioner for any medical tests, diagnostics & treatments. These are simply suggestions received from front line doctors.

Source: Dr. Susan Raj, Chhattisgarh


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Post vaccination, tests to know the changes in the blood that may be happening.

1. D-Dimer – it detects the clots in the blood. Normal range is 0 to 500ng/ml (0.00 – 0.5 ug/ml)

2. Haematology: Hb, RDW, platelets, WBC, other standard parameters

3. Liver Function Test

Above parameters can be seen to be abnormal, even when a vaccinated person has no obvious symptoms.

Lab Result (D-Dimer) post Covid-19 Injections – Patient A

Lab Result (D-Dimer) Post SOD (Stabilised Oxygen Detox) Protocol by Dr. Susan Raj – Patient A

After 21 days detox the D-Dimer came to normal.

Lab Result (RDW) post Covid-19 Injections – Patient B

This patient showed a strange blood report.

DDIMER – normal

Platelets – Normal

LFT – Normal

Hb – Normal

RDW – 44 while normal reading is 11 to 14

Red blood cell Distribution Width becomes large when iron, folic acid and Vit B group deficiency is there. And in such situation Hb goes Low

In this case his Hb is normal.

That means something unusual is happening in his bone marrow that is producing large size of RBC.

This can cause blood cancer or, heart attack

Lab Result (RDW) Post SOD Detox Protocol by Dr. Susan Raj – Patient B

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