4.4.1 Chlorine Di-oxide and Di-Methyl Sulfoxide

Disclaimer Notice: This notice serves as a precaution to all readers. The protocols/ products listed, on this page as well as this site, are not recommendations created by Free Earth Alliance (FEA). These protocols/ products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Free Earth Alliance (FEA) does not make any claim that the protocols & products here would prevent or cure the alleged COVID-19 symptoms, infection from the alleged coronavirus and/ or post vaccination injuries. Any claims that they do may be a violation of local, state, and central (federal) laws in your country. Before starting any new medical treatments it is advised that you use your discretion to consult health and medical practitioners, based on your current health condition.

This compilation does not support usage of ClO2 for long term use as water disinfectant or any other application. This is only as a last resort. It’s always best to have natural ways to detox your body. If for whatever reasons nothing else is working in terms of diet changes, herbs etc., then as a last resort one could look at this approach, and that too under supervision of a health practitioner of your choice who is experienced with ClO2 as a detox protocol, so it can be phased out within few weeks.

Post vaccination tests to know the changes in the blood happening:

  1. DDimer – it detects the clots in the blood. Normal range is 0 to 500ng/ml (0.00 – 0.5 ug/ml)
  2. Haematology: Hb, RDW, platelets, WBC, other standard parameters
  3. Liver Function Test

Best detoxification remedy for body from Covid vaccine by Dr. Susan Raj (B.Sc. Nurse, MSW (M&P), Doctor Humanities, Certified practitioner Stabilised Oxygen Detox)

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Is Chlorine Dioxide Use Pseudoscience?

A response and rebuttal to the flawed opinion piece written on Frontiers website. https://bit.ly/IsChlorineDioxideUsePseudoscience. Jeff has written a reply to this article which was trying to give part information and confuse people

डेटॉक्स के लिए गुरु-चेला और अकेला को कैसे प्रयोग करें / How to use Guru Chela and Akela for Detox (with English Translation)

गुरु-चेला और अकेला की खुराक तैयार करने के लिए चरणबद्ध निर्देश: 

चरण 1: टीकाकरण के बाद आपके रक्त में हो रहे बदलावों को जानने  के लिए यह टेस्ट करवाएं

1. D-Dimer – यह टेस्ट  आपके शरीर में थक्को को पहचानने में सहायता करता है

(सामान्य सीमा– 0 से 500ng/ml (0.00 – 0.5 ug/ml है)

2. Haematology: Hb, RDW, platelets, WBC, अन्य मानक पैरामीटर

3. लीवर फंक्शन टेस्ट (LFT)

चरण 2: एक स्थायी ब्लैक मार्कर के साथ 1 लीटर प्लास्टिक/कांच की  प्लास्टिक कैप वाली बोतल की व्यवस्था  करें। इस मार्कर के साथ, खाली बोतल पर 8 बराबर भागों को चिन्हित करें जैसा की चित्र में दिखाया गया है

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Some Quotes

Yes Chlorine Di-oxide is not approved as a Medi(sin).

It’s only approved as a disinfectant for your drinking water.

And you are 78% water.

So no use fact checking on chlorine di-oxide. Since the medi(sin) industry owns the fact checkers.

The biggest risk to Pharma industry’s multi-billion dollar gamble of vaccine poisoning

Chlorine Di-oxide and DMSO

So how can the Pharma let you use it so easily??

CLO2 & DMSO is FDA’s envy, and Anti-Vaxxer’s Pride

Chlorine di-oxide + DMSO will purify your water

Purified Water will purify your body.


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