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You have come to this page, perhaps after gathering an understanding of why and how our outward reality has changed due to the Plandemic. Perhaps, you also understand the global agenda behind the changed reality. We understand that it may get quite over-whelming and destabilising for most people. Hence this section, where we attempt to put matters to perspective, from your lens. What are the possible scenarios that could emerge in one’s mind, in terms of way forward –

One Possible View

“Thanks, but I am not convinced. I will continue to be in my “happy go lucky” state and be part of the centralised economy because I love technology, gadgets, entertainment, pleasures of modern city life, luxury, brands, international travel, properties, bitcoin, fiat currency, digital currency i.e. The Great American Dream.” I am ok to take a possible risk of these injections being selectively harmful to my health.

Another Possible View

“I am partly awake now; I want more time and more reading. Till then, I will hedge my risks. I will keep in touch with you all, learn more, partly contribute, before I switch over to fully to grassroots de-centralised self-sustainable community living and/ or participate in the resistance movement.”

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Yet Another Possible View

“I am fully awake. I was always sensing something wrong with our reality. I am shocked to know the truth. I never knew that I was living in a matrix. I am partially de-stabilized now. I want to change my reality. What are my options? How can I contribute?”

Secure Health First!

Secure yourself and your family from health point of view – diagnose possible damage from injections, radiations, toxic medications & detox your/ their body from the deceptive and selective poisons and heath inappropriate behavior known as COVID appropriate behavior. Regain your health before the next anticipated weapon i.e. frequency poisoning, radiation and climate manipulation, hits the masses.

Secure Your Living

You must be concerned about how you can leave your city job, that has been mandating experimental injections, toxic “tests” and inhuman employment conditions in the name of Covid Appropriate Behaviour? Or, perhaps you are from a rural area and looking at how you can get over your dependence on a city or town job & be self – sustainable? Is it possible with near zero or low budget? Read More …

Participate In The Movement?

You can volunteer with Free Earth Alliance or choose from several hundred resistance/ freedom movements around the world.

When it comes to Free Earth Alliance, we have divided our efforts and that of various movements across the world into four Wings, for ease of comprehension.

Wing I

These are people, activists and organisation that want to attempt to secure their Rights/ Freedom using the Current System for eg. making representations to the elected representatives; bureaucrats; and the civil, admiralty, maritime and corporation law based legal system.

Wing II

These are people, activists and organisations that are not limited to the Current System, as they see its limitations, and they possibly see it crumbling, with its own weight. They have come up with ways to work around or even go beyond the Current System either through Common/ Natural Law or grassroots peaceful movements and initiatives including a great awakening and spiritual movement, and setting up decentralised governance participation around the world.

Common Law

Natural Law/ Vedic Law

Online Campaigns & Off-Ground Campaigns

Wing III

These are people, activists and organisations that want to help create the new grassroots de-centralised off-the-grid community living, ecosystem and support our collective move towards nature and spirituality. This is not an escape route, but this helps people to get grounded and be naturally self-sufficient, so that they can participate better and can even support activists and organisations working on other wings.

Wing IV

These are people, activists, organisations or projects that want to enable all the above three Wings through Research, Donations, Technology, Design, Co-ordination, Thought Leadership, Art, Music and Culture.

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Who Are You? What Is Your Unique Situation?

Based on people’s unique situation at the current moment, we have identified a few possible scenarios you could find yourself in. You are –

  1. An urbanite, (incl. a town dweller) with high income. You currently enable and also depend upon the centralized and globally interrelated economy and the supply chain for your sustenance. Still you wish to quit the mainstream and get back to your roots.
  2. An urbanite, (incl. a town dweller) with middle level income. Again, you currently depend upon the centralized and globally interrelated economy and the supply chain for your sustenance. You wish to now quit the mainstream and get back to your roots.
  3. An urbanite, (incl. a town dweller), possibly not too deep in the current education system, possibly with lower level income or even possibly near zero income. Again, you currently depend upon the centralized and globally interrelated economy and the supply chain for your sustenance. Now you wish to quit the looking at the mainstream and get back to your roots.
  4. A rural villager. You have your own land and have no need for fiat currency. You want to know how you can thrive.
  5. A rural villager. You have no land or not enough land for sustenance. You have no full time skill-based vocation, and forced to move to cities part time/ full time. You want to go fully self-sustainable.
  6. You are already a champion of self-sustainability in city as well as a village setting. You want to share your knowledge, ideas, sources, articles and blogs. You are looking for a platform.
  7. Your are an inventor or researcher of tools and ideas of self-sustainability, and you want to share and learn from others, and are looking for support and volunteers for your projects.

How to gradually allow dissenting family members to support your decision to move off-grid?

An organic approach to move to an off-grid location/ eco-village/ community forest land, with family, (if its meant to be), is to do it gradually…

Step 1 : Just visit the organic farms/ off-grid locations possibly in small groups/ workshops.

If you like the stay, then

Step 2 : Stay for few days and come back to your home base.

If you like the stay, then

Step 3 : Use the farm(s) as workplace / shooting/ workshops. Level 1 : Facilitate (using your skills), workshops that enable people to move and live to the farms for free, naturally. Level 2 : Workshops to make the place attractive for families to move.

If you like the experience so far, then

Step 4 : Invite families for a day trip / vacation stay

If you and they like the experience, then

Step 5: Stay longer > 30 days

If you and they like the experience, then

Step 6 : Move with your family when they want to move.

Sometime, steps 1 to 6 may take 3-6 months. Sometimes less and sometimes more. Sometimes, certain steps may be skipped. Sometimes this journey may involve more than one farm/ forest land/ eco-village.

How To Secure Your Living?

You must be concerned about how you can leave your city job, that has been mandating experimental injections, toxic “tests” and inhuman employment conditions in the name of Covid Appropriate Behaviour? Or, perhaps you are from a rural area and looking at how you can get over your dependence on a city or town job & be self – sustainable? Is it possible with near zero or low budget?

  1. Where to grow vegetable/ fruits?
    • Own stretch of Land
    • Empty Neighbourhood Plot
    • Community Land
    • Terrace
    • Balcony
  2. How to grow vegetable/ fruits?
  3. How to generate energy/ fuel at near zero cost/ low budget?
  4. How to stay healthy, naturally?
  5. How to educate ourselves/ children at home/ community school?
  6. How to be free from modern gadgets/ be minimalistic?
    • Television
    • Refrigerator
    • Washing Machine
    • Smart-phone
    • Blender/ Food Processor
    • Microwave
    • Commercial Furniture
    • Reverse Osmosis
  7. How to be free from Synthetic/ Commercial FMCG goods
    • Chemical Soaps, Detergents, Shampoos, Cream, Body Lotion, Hair-Oils, Tooth Paste
    • Edible Refined Oil
    • Mineral Oils
    • HF “Cow” (A1) Dairy Products/ Ghee
  8. How to be free from commercial baby products?
  9. How to generate water/ purify water?
  10. How to bear your baby, naturally?

Message from Laura Aboli on Way Forward

Source: Laura Aboli Telegram Channel

I believe humanity is undergoing a test, a moral, spiritual, psychological, emotional, physical and mental test.

What’s coming is more wonderful than we could ever imagine but we must prove ourselves. We must show we are worthy of the new earth.

The first and easier step was the IQ test, we’ve had to show that we are capable of making the right choices by doing our own research, we had to show that we don’t just blindly follow orders, we had to prove that we can ‘see’, that we are awake and that our instinct works. Something was amiss and we chose to follow our intuition. This was the easier part of the test.

We then had to prove our resilience, our strength and our resolve when we were pushed, coerced, attacked, discriminated and rejected. We are still very much here.

We now must learn to stand in our truth at any cost, to keep walking in the right direction no matter what they throw at us and to never lose sight of our own vision of the future.

But the most difficult part of the test, is that which requires of us to rid ourselves from the ghosts of the past, from the baggage that we carry, from the vices that we picked up along the way and from any immoral thought or behaviour. If we aspire to a better world we must become better outselves.

Humanity has been led astray from virtue and values to the point that most people can no longer distinguish what is right or wrong, moral or immoral. The lines were blurred, and now we must define them within ourselves, making the right choices at every step we take. The reward is everytime you do, you are a step closer not only to where you need to be, but to who you need to be.

The process of becoming your best version is a daily ongoing exercise but it gets easier as you go along and the beauty of it is, that your whole life will transform with you. A better you, makes a better us, which makes a better world. Let’s get started!

The Choice is Yours: Avatar or Zombie – Shunyamurti Q&A

Contributor: Majestic 12 Hub

18 January 2022

During the Ecstasy of Cosmic Consciousness retreat, a student asks Shunyamurti: What is motivating the evil beings of Kali Yuga? Shunyamurti offers a summary of the mass psychosis that has taken over the world and the state of consciousness that is available to all who choose to be part of the redemption, not the fall, of the human spirit.

End New World Order with Global Non Compliance

12 steps to sabotage the globalists’ plan and become more self-resilient

1. Stop using their platforms. Remember that you don’t pay for Google, Instagram and Co. You and your data/content are their product. E2E encrypted and open-source platforms such as Bastyon and Minds (social media) and Nextcloud (cloud service) provide good alternatives.

2. Switch your browser and use a VPN. Google Chrome, for instance, should be avoided. Instead, use the Brave browser, which provides a superb search engine. Unfortunately, the alternative Duckduckgo started to censor alternative media. Also, use a VPN such as ExpressVPN – privacy is key, while switching TOR network offers greater privacy. Instead of Brave, you can use Chromium browser or Fennec browser, preferably.

3. Stop using Windows. You should consider using Linux (Ubuntu or Mint) instead of Bill Gates’ data and virus monster ‘Windows’. For more advanced users, they can use Kali OS or Parrot OS. There are many other user-friendly operation systems available.

4. Your phone listens to you. Did you also notice that many big tech platforms provide you with ads that refer to conversations you had the night before? Put your phone into the fridge or elsewhere while you have private conversations, or get a new phone and install privacy-friendly operation systems such as CalyxOS, GrapheneOS or alike.

5. Withdraw parts of your money from big banks. Choose ethical banks, local banks, and/or building societies. Do your research before becoming a client. BlackRock and Co., for instance, are buying up farmland and real estate everywhere with your money.

6. Invest in Crypto/ Gold/ Metals. Invest at least a small proportion of your money into crypto. It’s a great backup if our monetary system fails or your bank accounts get blocked for whatever reason. Land and gold/metals are other investment options you should consider.

7. Pay with cash. Use cash as much as possible to hinder the transition to CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency). The current fear from touching money and getting sick only plays the money elites into the hand. Many shops state that they don’t accept cash anymore, but they’re obliged to do so. Insist!

8. Boycott Amazon. Jeff Bezos could end world hunger within one day or pay decent salaries. Buy locally instead and support local producers by paying with cash. Buy things you only find online via smaller webshops. Most of the time, they even match Amazon’s prices.

9. Grow your own food. If you have a small garden or balcony, use it to grow food. Otherwise, join a community garden association. Many initiatives share organic and rare seeds. Seeds are life.

10. Disassociate from big pharma. They primarily provide end-of-pipe solutions and earn money with sick people. Big pharma cares about their dividends more than about improving people’s health. In most cases, a healthy lifestyle (sports, healthy diet, appropriate vitamin D level) is all you need.

11. Switch off your TV. Mainstream media are subjective and highly manipulative. Read a book instead or follow private blogs or podcasts from alternative sources. You may switch it on only if you become of the Mind Control being done by Media. To know more click.

12. Follow this channel. I’ll keep you updated with studies regarding sun, science and self-sufficiency. Together, we can still prevent living in a dystopian world as described in George Orwell’s ‘1984’.

Dr. Simon (with modifications from Free Earth Alliance)

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