5.1 What Are My Options ?

Author: By Bobby Roy

As Sri Lanka type of situation looms, here are some of the things that you can do to protect yourself…

The best of course is to change the government. But here are the alternatives that can work wonders;

  1. Learn a life skill. Learn to do something that can help you survive a winter of failure.
  2. Spend money locally. Don’t spend money with big retail stores. Spend money where it will directly go into the hands of the people. Like buying vegetables directly from the farmer, buying papad, pickles from self help groups. Paying teachers directly instead of via a school. etc.
  3. Form self help groups.
  4. Form cooperatives. These will help everyone instead of making the crony capitalists wallet fat.
  5. Get off the grid. Have your own electricity supply via solar power.
  6. Don’t save money, spend it. Spending is good for the economy. Follow the rules above.
  7. Saving money ends up with banks and earn negative rate of return after factoring in inflation. Instead spend money.
  8. Invest in yourself. Learn something new, do something for free that will help the society.
  9. Have a network of friends and discuss the situation with them, help them as a collective.
  10. Buy gold, it is a good hedge against inflation. But not jewelry, sovereign gold is best, it will get you full resale value at current market rates.
  11. Grow vegetables and anything that you can using available resources.
  12. Learn about hydroponics and aquaponics, these can give you food at a cheaper price.
  13. Read. Nothing beats being well read.
  14. Grow a jungle if you have access to land or have access to common land held by village/town/city. Use the miyawaki technique.
  15. Fall back to barter. It is tax free.

These are some of the things you can do to prepare for a Sri Lanka type of situation. By Bobby Roy

Source: The Truth of The Scamdemic by Awaken India Movement

​​1. Switch to locally produced, fresh organic and seasonal foods every day of your life to enjoy good health.

2. Have a good daily exercise routine and some time outdoors in nature. Do the following exercise for building lung strength and heart strength and level of oxygen in the blood per cc. If you have a cough or cold, this exercise will make it disappear within 5-7 days, if you do it twice a day. Do 10-15 chest push ups against the edge of a table / bed / veranda railing. Next, sit down on a chair and keep your eyes closed, do 20 in and out breaths, only through your nose, with good force and full lung capacity. Next, keep your eyes still closed; roll a spiked acupressure ball in both hands, especially over the points for liver and lungs and thymus for 1 minute. If you don’t have the ball, see an acupressure hand chart and press these points with the pointed tip of your thumb or index finger. Do two more sets of these 3 steps. After a week, if it makes you feel more energised, you can increase the count of pushups or breaths. If your oxygen goes below 97% anytime of the day, take deep breaths through the nose only and breathe out through the mouth only with rounded lips like you are blowing into a balloon with some pressure. It will take your oxygen levels higher in a couple of minutes. 

3. Do herbal cleanses for the kidney, liver, stomach, intestine and colon, because they knock out toxins and rejuvenate these organs to give you better immune function and health and younger looks as well. 

4. Mingle with your local community daily and have productive social interactions. 

5. Design a low EMF lifestyle and get rid of WiFi and go back to 3G and cabled internet. 

6. Use Integrative Natural Medicine protocols such as to cure people of all comorbidities. 

7. People in every state / district should work towards making their areas self-sufficient in food, water, local products and services, education, healthcare and jobs as well. After all that has happened, we cannot continue to let our children be conditioned by fake medicine models and nutrition models that primarily serve corporations and not the people’s health and food security. Every aspect of human consumption is going through a transformation to organic alternatives and people should design their villages based on local asset based community development models. The lesser the dependence on foreign elements from out of the state, the lesser the probability of the contamination and commercialization of all types of products, whether it is food, body products, home products, or household goods and services. 

8. With the help of ethical lawyers in your state, file criminal proceedings against all state and non-state actors that do not serve the interest of the people. The Government was elected to serve the people and not the other way around. Fight for your fundamental rights of a just and dignified life and use your constitutional rights in your courts of law.

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