5.1.2 Why we don’t suggest to take a fake vaccine certificate without getting injected?

If that injection is poison, then holding the vaccine certificate is not a lesser evil.

✍🏼 Vikash Diwan

It is a trap on three grounds:-

(1). You will become complacent, and use the vaccine certificate / vaccine ID to enjoy freedom (as freedom is deliberately being abused for the unvaccinated). The vaccine certificate details will soon be asked everywhere via KYC-VS. It will lead to complete breach of privacy and personal data, and digital entrapment/ enslavement. You may study what is CoWIN API KYC-VS. Also, do study the upcoming ‘Federated Digital Identities’ which will merge all your ID cards/ documents with the Health ID and Vaccine Certificate ID.

(2). It will never allow the masses to come on roads as the population will be divided into (a) those following all guidelines and mandates of the government, (b) those not getting injected but taking the certificate and (c) those who are neither getting injected nor taking the vaccine certificate. Currently, 95% of adults in India have single dose certificate and 75% have double dose certificate (as per Government data). Already people in India have multitude of differences in approach and ideology, now one new burning difference has been added. It is complete onus and liability of the “aware” and so called “awakened persons” to not let themselves get divided on this vaccine matter as well as on various other matters related to health and autonomy.

(3). There are reported evidences that technically in near future, those not getting injected but holding the vaccine certificate can be screened, scanned and identified. This may lead to legal repercussions for the individuals who have technically done a fraud.

Just understand why people are easily being allowed to take the certificate without getting injected, which would have been stopped by initiating simple procedural and technical steps/corrections.

You are master of your own ship. Do as it seems fit to you but do consider long-term implications.


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