5.4 Be My Own Medicine

Advice from Maria Sabina, Mexican Healer and Poet

Novak Djokovic: Role model for staying healthy, naturally.

Do you want to switch to a healthy lifestyle or even reverse chronic conditions ?

Switch To

✅ Tummy/ diaphagramatic breathing, in fresh air
✅ Sunshine
✅ Alkaline diet
✅ A2 milk/ curd/ ghee
✅ Cold pressed oils (mustard, coconut, etc.)
✅ Natural/ organic millet diet (Foxtail, Little, Kodo, Barnyard, Browntop)
✅ Source fruits & vegetables grown using natural/ jaivik/ heirloom seeds
✅ Drinking water stored in earthen pot/ brass pot
✅ Walking barefoot on grass
✅ Intermittent fasting
✅ YogaNidra/ Guided Meditation/ Chanting
✅ Grow plants that purify air
✅ Grow vegetable garden using heirloom seeds
✅ Yoga/ TaiChi/ Qi Gong/ Falun Dafa
✅ Traditional Medicine/ Naturopathy/ Classical Ayurveda or Homeopathy/ Tribal Medicine etc.
✅ Natural Self Sustainability/ Self- Reliance/ Self Governance/ De-centralisation

Boycott/ Stop/ Avoid/ Unplug From

❌ Germ Theory
❌ Immunology/ Antibodies/ Antibiotics/ Vaccines/ Gene Manipulation Injections/ Masks/ Social Distancing/ Hand Sanitizers
❌ Pharmaceutical drugs/ synthetic drugs/ supplements that are nothing but petrochemicals aka poisons
❌ Mainstream media/ soaps operas that drive fear
❌ Packaged/ junk foods
❌ Refined Cooking Oils
❌ So-called dairy products from Jersey/ HF animals (so-called cows)
❌ Acidic Foods
❌ RO Water/ Water stored in plastic bottles
❌ GMO Foods
❌ Chest/ Mouth Breathing

Source: Free Earth Alliance in collaboration with Dr. Fuji Yasei (Dr. of Naturopathic & Allopathic Medicine ND, MD- PhD from NYC/NJ, US)

One thing we all have learnt over the last 2 years, that toxins don’t impact everyone equally. We understand that they affect us, only to the extent of weaknesses in our innate and invisible defense system (which has infinite capacity to self-heal and self-regulate). It is this innate system that also produces antibodies. So that means that if we don’t have certain antibodies it does not mean that we are not immune to certain toxins. Our body can produce customized antibodies if and when any toxin is considered by the body to be a threat, as long as we are not immuno-compromised due to chronic conditions. Even then, it does not help pressing the panic button. So instead of focusing on external factors, let us focus on our innate and invisible self-healing and self-regulating mechanism/system.

If we just build on this aspect, our bodies can take care of the rest. Isn’t it ? That way we are largely in control of our well-being. There are things we can do to make us feel better, and we don’t have to wait for the external world. So eat well, live well, be loving and compassionate, hold gratitude towards Nature. Life is beautiful

So what did some of us did when the Pandemic was declared? We made peace with the situation in a few seconds, and accepted all possibilities, and got emotionally and mentally neutral to various negative and positive outcomes. We relaxed in our inner grounding and centre. Here are some of the simple things we did and continue to do to stay sane and healthy –

  1. Meditation – We dedicate more time every day to meditate and participate in group meditations. We have comfortable sleep duration of 6-8 hours. Some of us do our normal Yoga/ Tai-Chi sessions. Some of us practise Yoga Nidra for deep healing, meditation and calmness.
  2. Hydration – Staying adequately hydrated. Becoming more aware of the body’s inner messaging on when body asks for more water. Specially we have learnt from our experiences that running nose and infections are a messaging that body needs to produce fluids due to inner heat. So drinking water (in room temperature), helps calm the body and running nose just reverses. Prefer good spring water, and not city water that is treated. Try and store water in a container made of clay (Summers), and copper (Winters).
  3. Breathing – Ensure that we practise only Tummy Breathing and only nasal breathing. Which means no mouth breathing. We are conscious that panic will make us partially breathless, and many of us wrongly blame it on the coronavirus, making us powerless to take self – action. Know more about Buteyko breathing method. Under panic we sub-consciously start breathing from our mouth, which makes us more breathless. So we avoid getting into a fear trap. Instead, staying calm and accepting all possibilities helps us keep our respiratory system flowing smooth.
  4. Emotional equilibrium – Whenever we experience fear, discrimination, hate, abuse, etc. we diffuse it with deep breathing and a calm mind.
  5. Adequate Sleep, Fresh Air & Sunshine – We are in a early morning cycle. Wake up early and sleep early. Walk on green grass. Expose ourselves to a lot of fresh air and sunshine, specially early morning.
  6. Exercise – Mild exercise is very powerful. Those wanting to get into fitness should take professional help.
  7. Diet & supplements – Some of us have switched to a more detoxed and natural diet, so body has to work less to stay in homeostasis. We have adopted a whole foods organic diet and take nothing from a box. Useful supplements are selenium, magnesium, zinc, naturally occurring Vitamin C, ascorbic acids, nascent iodine, sea vegetables. We avoid inflammatory foods. We have a lot of fresh fruits, greens, legumes, seeds, nuts, grains, and veg. Pink or Celtic salt is very important. Avoid sugar. Avoid flour, as anytime the grains are processed it changes the way our body metabolises these foods, and very inflammatory. Avoid Seed Oils. Use Ghee made from A2 or Village Cow milk. Use coconut and olive oils only.
  8. No unhealthy practices – We also do NOT participate in mask wearing, PCR tests, and experimental vaccines. By the way, the Indian government has officially discouraged healthy people from wearing masks, and it’s voluntary. Needless to say avoid smoking and drinking. Keep the body alkaline.
  9. Massage – Massages are a great way to improve the flow of energy and release the build up of stress in the body.
  10. Fasting – Intermittent fasting is a great way to relieve the body from the load of digestion and allow the body to heal.

Yoga Nidra: Introduction

Quotes in Sanskrit

1. Ajeerne Bhojanam Visham
If previously taken Lunch is not digested..taking Dinner will be equivalent to taking Poison. Hunger is one signal that the previous food is digested

2. Ardharogahari Nidhraa
Proper sleep cures half of the diseases..

3. Mudhgadhaali Gadhavyaali
Of all the Pulses, Green grams are the best. It boosts Immunity. Other Pulses all have one or the other side effects.

4. Bagnaasthi Sandhaanakaro Rasonaha
Garlic even joins broken Bones..

5. Athi Sarvathra Varjayeth
Anything consumed in Excess, just because it tastes good, is not good for Health. Be moderate.

6. Naasthimoolam Anoushadham
There is No Vegetable that has no medicinal benefit to the body..

7. Na Vaidhyaha Prabhuraayushaha
No Doctor is Lord of our Longevity. Doctors have limitations.

8. Chinthaa Vyaadhi Prakaashaya
Worry aggravates ill health..

9. Vyayaamascha Sanaihi Sanaihi
Do any Exercise slowly. Speedy exercise is not good.

10. Ajavath charvanam Kuryaath
Chew your Food like a Goat..Never Swallow food in a hurry..
Saliva aids first in digestion.

11. Snaanam Naama Manahprasaadhanakaram Dhuswapna Vidhwasanam
Bath removes Depression. It drives away Bad Dreams..

12. Na Snaanam Aachareth Bhukthvaa
Never take Bath immediately after taking Food Digestion is affected

13. Naasthi Meghasamam Thoyam
No water matches Rainwater in purity..

14. Ajeerne Bheshajam Vaari
Indigestion can be addressed by taking plain water.

15. Sarvathra Noothanam Sastham Sevakaanne Puraathanam
Always prefer things that are Fresh..
Old Rice and Old Servant need to be replaced with new. (Here what it actually means in respect of Servant is: Change his Duties and not terminate.)

16. Nithyam Sarvaa Rasaabhyaasaha
Take complete Food that has all tastes viz: Salt, Sweet, Bitter, Sour, Astringent and Pungent).

17. Jataram Poorayedhardham Annahi
Fill your Stomach half with Solids, a quarter with Water and rest leave it empty.

18. Bhukthvopa Visathasthandraa
Never sit idle after taking Food. Walk for at least half an hour.

19. Kshuth Saadhuthaam Janayathi
Hunger increases the taste of food..
In other words, eat only when hungry..

20. Chinthaa Jaraanaam Manushyaanaam
Worrying speeds up ageing..

21. Satham Vihaaya Bhokthavyam
When it is time for food, keep even 100 jobs aside.

22. Sarvaa Dharmeshu Madhyamaam
Choose always the middle path. Avoid going for extremes in anything

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