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Siemens Gamesa Taps NVIDIA Digital Twin Platform for Scientific Computing to Accelerate Clean Energy Transition NVIDIA Modulus and Omniverse offer the renewable energy company up to a 4,000x speedup to simulate wind farms with physics-informed machine learning.


Meet PowerPod

The PowerPod is a prototype small-scale wind turbine designed specifically to work in towns and cities. Its design is intended to collect incoming air from 360 degrees and focuses it into an internal blade.



These Tulip-Inspired Turbines Create Cleaner and Lovelier Wind Energy

Are ‘tulip turbines’ the answer to energy eyesores?

Hydro turbine from Kerala

How To Make A Wind Turbine | DIY Guide

How to make a battery 🔋

Gravity battery

Sand Battery

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ENERGETIC PURSUIT by Wolfgang Flatow

[Extract from Website]: Welcome to Energetic Pursuit We are in a global mess because an elite Energy Monopolizing Cartel has kept us in the dark ages for power and profit. Free and clean energy technologies, invented and demonstrated over the last 110 years, have been suppressed as it did not suit the plans of the Military Industrial Complex, because:

“We cannot control or meter free energy”.

And, of course, free energy would doom the petrol and coal industries – the biggest profit machine in the history of mankind – and terminate internal combustion technology.

Can we blame them for fighting free energy?

And fight it they did. We have been lied to for a century by a most elaborate cover-up that succeeded in quashing all ‘public’ free energy development and convincing the World that Oil, Coal & Nuclear are the only primary fuel alternatives.

Polluting Oil extraction and processing However, all that advanced free energy development did not simply get buried – it was ‘privately acquired’ and went underground into deep black opps where the brightest minds on Earth have been exploited to develop the finest free energy and anti-gravity technologies for the top elite levels of the Military Industrial Complex.

It is a massive story that is slowly unfolding from 40 years of research. It really is very secret and the truth is frankly unbelievable.

Explore the short list of some of the Free Energy Researchers, Scientists and Inventors on the right. They have all successfully discovered and proven viable ‘over unity’ energy devices. They have all been suppressed.

They have discovered/invented ‘perpetual motion machines’ because they extract energy from the highly energetic quantum vacuum flux, or aether, which IS in perpetual motion, and according to quantum scientists, contains unlimited energy. Furthermore, this aether energy is electrical in nature and is readily extracted – all our generators are aether energy extractors.

None of them are ‘energy from nothing’ systems. They do not need to be. The Universe IS energy, with far more energy than that released from an atom!

In selling us electricity and petrol they have succeeded in selling ice to the Eskimos and water to fish. The idea that energy is rare and expensive has not been true for 100 years.

The most astounding free aether energy and transportation technologies have existed on Earth for over 60 years!

This web is a contribution to the global effort by many excellent researchers to reveal that truth, with the intent to penetrate the secrecy, disclose the facts and reclaim Earths scientific heritage for the benefit of Mankind, Mother Earth and our fellow creatures.

It’s time.

See Website: http://www.energeticpursuit.com/




Free Energy / Over-Unity Source: Rex Research

ADAMS: Motor ** ADAMENKO: Proton-21 Fusion** AINSLIE: Counter-ElectroMotive Force ** ALEXANDER: Dyna-Motor ** ANGELO: Interatomic Ion Motor ** Atmospheric & RF Electricity Collectors ** BALDINELLI: Dual Relay Charger ** BARANOV: Structured Water Fuel ** BARBAT: Self-Sustaining Electrical Generator ** BARBOSA: Earth Energy Generator ** BARROWS: Perpetual Motion J. ** BAUMANN: Testatika Generator** BEDINI: Motor-Generator ** BENITEZ: Electrical Generator ** BOUTARD: Aether Technologies ** BRANDT: Permanent Magnet Motor ** BRITTEN: Antenna ** CHERNETSKII: Self-Generating Discharge Plasmatron ** CHRISTIE & BRITS: Controller ** COLER: Stromzeuger ** CORREA: Pulsed Abnormal Glow Discharge ** COUTIER: Perpetual Generator ** CRAIG: Hall Effect Generator ** De GEUS: ZPE Generators ** DEPALMA: N-Machine ** DEYO: Harmonic Energy Exchange Device ** DIRCKS: Perpetuum Mobile ** DUMAS: Resonance Heater ** ECCLES: Electrolytic Cell ** ECKLIN: Permanent Magnet Motor / Stationary Armature Generator ** Elemental Rod Generator / EM Energy Receiver ** FIGUERA: Infinite Energy Machine ** FLYNN: Parallel Path Technology ** FRENETTE / PERKINS: Friction Heater ** FE Generators #1 ** FE Generators #2 * FROLOV : New Sources of Energy * GARY: Magnet Motor ** GRANDICS: Pyramid Electrostatic-DC Generator ** GRAY: Motor ** GRITSKEVITCH: Hydro-Magnetic Generator ** GUILLEMETTE: ES Battery ** GULLEY: Self-Sustaining Electric Motor ** HATEM: Magnet Motor ** HEINS: Perepitea Generator ** HENDERSHOT: Generator ** HENDERSHOT: Generator & Motor ** HENSON: Si2HSb2 Amplifier ** HIDDINK: 1-Terminal Capacitor ** HODOWANEC: Magnetic Resonance Amplifier ** HUBBARD: Generator ** HUTCHISON: Power Cell ** HYDE: ES Generator ** IDE: Over-Unity Capacitance Motor ** IMRIS: Optical Electrostatic Generator ** IZUOGU: Emagnetodynamic Machine ** JAMES : Thermionic-Thermoelectric Generator **JAMISON: Energizer ** Joe Cell ** JOHNSON: Magnet Motor ** KALININ: Munich Jar ** KANAREV: Plasma Water Electrolysis ** KANAREV: Self-Running Motor ** KAPANADZE: Over-Unity Generator ** KARPEN: Thermoelectric Battery ** KARNOUKHOV: Akula Generator** KeelyNet Archives ** KELLOGG: Photon-Proton Electric Generator ** KELLY: Practical Guide to Free Energy Devices ** KENYON: Alternator-Generator-Motor ** KEPPE: “Space Energy” Motor ** KESHE: Energy Generators ** KINCHELOE: N-Machine ** KOLDOMASOV: Reactor ** KROMREY: Molecular Generator ** KUTIENKOV: Ram Pump ** LAMBERTSON: WIN Generator ** MACCANTI: Electrical Generator ** MAJORANA: Antimatter Cannon ** MARKOVICH: ATREE ** McCLAIN & WOOTAN: MRA (#1) ** McCLAIN / WOOTAN: MRA (#2) ** McKIE: PODMOD ** McCLINTOCK: Air Engine ** MELNICHENKO: Ferromagnetic Resonance Generator ** MENGER: Magnet Motor ** MEYER: NMR Amplifier Generator ** MEYERS: Absorber ** MILKOVIC: Two-Stage Mechanical Oscillator ** MINATO: Magnet Motor ** MOLLINET: Power Unit LE M3 ** MORAY: Generator ** MORAY: Beyond the Light Rays ** MORAY: Speech re: Free Energy ** MUELLER: Generator ** NELSON: Electron Trap ** NEWMAN: Motor ** NEWMAN: Motor ( II ) ** OGNYANOV: Electric Power Pack ** PAIS: Patents & Applications ** PATRICK / BEARDEN: Motionless Electrical Generator ** PERRIGO: Generator ** PLATEN: Thermal Engine ** POMERLEAU: Free Energy Coils ** POTAPOV : Quantum Thermal Power Plant ** PRENTICE: Antenna ** RAYLEIGH: Active Nitrogen ** REED: Magnetic Motor ** REICH: Orgone Motor ** RUSSELL: Generator Coils ** RUSSELL: Collected Drawings ** Scalar Waves & Fields ** SCHAEFFER: Steam Generator** SCHAPPELLER: Glowing Magnetism ** SCRAGG: HCl Motor ** SEARL: Generator ** SEIKE: G-Strain Amplifier/Monopolar Moebius Coil ** SEROGODSKY: Heat Engine ** SHOULDERS: Elektrum Validum ** SMITH ( Don ): Energy Generators ** SPITERI-SARGENT: Water Pump ** STONEBURG: Self-Sustaining Electric Motor ** STUBBLEFIELD: Earth Battery ** SUEKRAN: Hybrid Heating Mixture ** SWEET: Vacuum Triode Amplifier ** SWEET: VTA Addendae ** SWEET: Collected Writings ** SWEET: VTA Construction ** SZABO: Energy-by-Motion Generator ** TEWARI: Space Power Generator ** TRAWOEGER: Pyramid Electric Generator ** TRIPLER / WAINWRIGHT: Liquid Oxygen Engine ** TROMBLY: N-Machine ** TSEUNG: Leading Out Theory ** VALLEE: Synergetic Generator ** VARTAN: Electric Perpetual Motion ** VINCENT: Distributed Load Antenna ** WANG: Magnet Motor ** WARD: Magnetic Convertor ** WHEELER: Magnet Motor ** YABLOTCHKOV: ES Amplifier ** YILDIZ: Electrical Generator ** ZINSSER: Kinetobaric Generator ** SZILI: ZPE Extraction Circuit ** VIALLE: Negative Mass ** WERJEFELT: Magnetic Battery ** YATER: Random Energy Fluctuation Converter **

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