We see a lot of people in the current economy saying “dont put all your eggs in one basket”. But in another way we are ultimately putting all our eggs in one “global commercial economy” basket which rests on exchanges, currency, gold, crypto etc.

Trees, are the real currency and not paper money, made using chopped trees, nor energy guzzling servers holding crypto currencies. Move to Tree/ Gift/ Sharing/ Caring Economy! At least start putting some of your eggs in there. We are going off-grid, are you coming?

Tree economy is not just about Agri.

Tree, Water, Kindness, Sharing, and Gift (“Pool”) economy means considering the current currency based value measurement economy, based on Fiat money (“Old”) as being gradually phased out as the only system. Further, the “Pool” economy pools currency of “Old” economy to the limited extent of its ability to buy resources in the short term, only. Further, the Pool economy also pools naturally available resources and differently skilled people as living beings having equitable share of nature’s gifts. The performance of each new community will be seen by how much it helps create a decentralised off-grid, naturally self sustainable community with x nos of thriving people, increase in tree cover, increase in pure water reserves, increase in water table, availability of natural food, etc. People bringing in old economy currency will not be doing it with an intention of using it as a vehicle to create more money and to use it to become landlords. Because, they realize that they knowingly or unknowingly they used a scammed capitalistic system to earn that extra purchasing power. Rather self – suffcient people depending upon trees/ plants for food security, are only about sharing abundance out of kindness rather than exchange of their produce using valuation of market economy either through barter/ currency.

We almost know that people will dangle the “this is utopia” argument to our approach of “Pool” Economy. Or else, they will throw the “this will lead to anarchy” argument. We can expect one of these arguments to our approach of “Pool” Economy.

But lets understand that this is going to materialize not because it is a great idea/ construct and almost utopian. It will be possible because the evil in the current system is skyrocketing and millions resisting the evil have gotten together, who were hitherto spread out, circumspect and unknown to each other. Last two years has brought them together. Also the spiritual quotient this time around is different than the age where zamindari system had played out.

Since evil is being played out globally, empaths and spiritually awakened people are rising in strength and going de-centralized. (Mainstream Media of the “Old” economy, will not cover this).

However, we can advise people – “Instead of looking at whether this will become a global reality or not, if you can focus on making it a new reality for you, that’s easier achieved than thinking about how to make it a global reality, and brushing aside utopian models as unreal.”

In fact, people calling us utopian is an endorsement. We are happy taking tiny steps towards an utopian vision, than taking 5 steps forward, and then pushed 10 steps backward in a scammed system, used to push an evil slavery agenda.

How to initiate an off-grid movement around you?

  1. List out the anchors/hosts with their land details. (FEA can provide an initial list). Talk to them. Share the vision. Whenever they are ready request them to fill out the form https://FreeEarthAlliance.Org/community-living
  2. Decide on a date to visit them and inform others in the group/ or others that you know who are in sync.
  3. Visit them as a group.
  4. Over a period time, emerge with a base station (on grid/ off grid) where 6-15 people can stay.
  5. As you progress, more and more people will start converging who are already off-grid/ wannabe off-grid.
  6. Build more capacity in same place / new places – mud housing/ natural farming/ fruit trees/ community cooking/ natural healing/ free energy with the help of the entourage.
  7. Keep scaling up.

How to go about the first base station for going off-grid.

Just because we may be urban professionals, we may think we need professionals like architects to help us in rural planning. If we have within our community it is great. If not what we need is localized technical people knowing some drafting and civil works.

Not many years before our ancestors built their own mud house without any much education and it withstood more than 50 yrs!

Somewhere, our corporate experience and project management background makes our thinking very rigid. But it does not work in primitive informal setups. Our education may be the obstacles that delay going off-grid.

So what can we do? Well! Start small with 2-10 people willing to relocate; live in an available mud house; refine it to a feasible design over time, so that a basic design can be replicated to a future natural yet aesthetically designed eco-farm.

The place should ideally have natural food farm with own kitchen garden (small veg-fruit farm with village cows, farm animals, birds, bees) and/ or collaborate with existing farmer around the area.

Innovate in all utilities – power, water, biogas, septic tank, well, woodstove, mitti_fridge etc.

If the team is structured, they can crowdfund the project, so they are motivated to take the risk.

Mitti Mane | A community in Bengaluru that is experimenting with mud houses for a sustainable lifestyle

Off The Grid Living

Vanvadi Forest Eco-versity Association


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