7.1.3 Parental Consent To Vax Children Compulsory – Delhi High Court

Source: Scientific Evidence of the Plandemic by Awaken India Movement

While dealing with the issue of MR vaccines in the case of Master Haridaan Kumar  (Minor through Petitioners Anubhav Kumar and Mr. Abhinav Mukherji) Versus Union of India, W.P.(C) 343/2019 & CM Nos.1604-1605/2019, the Hon’ble High Court of Delhi directed that;

“MR vaccines will not be administered to those students whose parents/guardians have declined to give their consent. The said vaccination will be administered only to those students whose parents have given their consent either by returning the consent forms or by conforming the same directly to the class teacher/nodal teacher and also to students whose parents/guardians cannot be contacted despite best efforts by the class teacher/nodal teacher and who have otherwise not indicated to the contrary”.

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