7.3.2 High Court of Manipur judgement dt. 13.07.2021

Source: Scientific Evidence of the Plandemic by Awaken India Movement

PIL No. 34 OF 2021 in The High Court Of Manipur at Imphal in the matter of Osbert Khaling vs State of Manipur; & 2 ors.

The High Court of Manipur at Imphal, vide its Order dated 13.7.2021 in Osbert Khaling Vs State of Manipur 2021 SCC OnLine Mani 234, held that, the State cannot seek to impose conditions upon the citizens so as to compel them to get vaccinated, be it by holding out a threat or by putting them at a disadvantage for failing to get vaccinated. Restraining people who are yet to get vaccinated from opening institutions, organizations, factories, shops, etc., or denying them their livelihood by linking their employment, be it NREGA job card holders or workers in Government or private projects, to their getting vaccinated would be illegal on the part of the State, if not unconstitutional. Such a measure would also trample upon the freedom of the individual to get vaccinated or choose not to do so.


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