7.3.5 High Court of Karnataka Judgement dated 29.09.2021

Source: Scientific Evidence of the Plandemic by Awaken India Movement

In a recent judgment dated 29th September 2020 passed by Hon’ble Karnataka High Court in the matter between A. Varghese Vs. Union of India 2020 SCC OnLine Kar 2825, it is ruled as under;

“2. The petition proceeds on the footing that the Standard Operating Procedures / Guidelines prescribed by the State Government as well as the Government of India compel a person suffering from Covid-19 to take treatment only by use of Allopathic drugs.

At least from the Standard Operating Procedures, which are placed on record, we do not find anything therein which shows that the Government can compel a patient to take only Allopathic drugs. We cannot go into the question whether Covid-19 can be successfully treated either by Ayurvedic drugs or by Allopathic drugs. It is for the experts in the field of medicine to decide that question.” 


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