India – 3. Ongoing Lawsuits & Investigations

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7.6.1. Criminal proceedings demanded by HRSC as per 72nd Parliamentary Report
President of India – Complaint No. PRSEC/E/2021/16758 dt. by Secretary General of Human Rights Security Council (HRSC) against Vaccine Syndicate including Bill Gates & Others
Complainant has accused Vaccine Mafia, Big Tech, Media Mafia and dishonest Doctors and Scientists for running disinformation campaigns to help the vaccine manufacturers and to suppress the truth and for recklessly committing mass murders to serve their ulterior purposes. Prime Minister’s office has assigned the complaint to Asst. Director of Public Health. Read More…

7.6.2. To stop COVID-19 RT-PCR tests of healthy & asymptomatic persons
Bombay High Court – Writ Petition No. ____ dt. 8th Jan 2021 in the matter of Amber Koiri vs. State of Maharastra
Writ Petition was filed in Bombay High Court to stop the COVID-19 testing of healthy, asymptomatic persons. The Petitioner has requested for CBI investigation for misuse of tax payers money by mandating reckless COVID-19 testing and that too with a very high Cycle Threshold (CT) resulting in several false positive “cases”. Read More…

7.6.3. To declare children’s vaccine mandate as unconstitutional and seek trial data
Supreme Court – Writ Petition No. 607 of 2021 dt. 12th May 2021 in the matter of Dr. Jacob Puliyel vs. Union of India
Petitioner asks for all the trial data with respect to vaccines given to children and to declare that any mandates for children is unconstitutional. Read More…

7.6.4. Quash Mandatory Vaccinations (Mumbai Local Train) and discrimination between vaccinated and unvaccinated and media for one-sided news.
Bombay High Court WP – PIL No. 85 of 2021 dt. 26th August 2021 in the matter of Yohan Tengra vs. State of Maharastra & Ors.
Civil Writ Petition filed by AIM National Steering Committee Member Yohan Tengra to Quash Mandatory Vaccinations for Mumbai Local Train Travel, which is Discriminatory, Illegal, Unconstitutional & Violative of Fundamental Human Rights. 2nd Writ Petition is filed in the … Read More…

7.6.5. Against vaccination for Pregnant Women and Lactating Mothers.
Supreme Court – Writ Petition No. 572 of 2021 dt. 2nd December 2021 in the matter of Delhi Commission for Protection of Child Rights vs Union of IndiaAn Intervention / Impleadment has been sought in the case of Delhi Commission for Protection of Child Rights vs Union of India on the subject of vaccination for Pregnant Women and Lactating Mothers. Read More…

7.6.6. Against Mandatory Vaccination and PCR Testing for Teaching and Non Teaching Staff
Bombay HC (Goa) – Writ Petition No. 1770 dt. xxth xx 2021 in the matter of Oscar D Noronha, Xavier M Martin, Elsa Fernandes vs State of Goa, Union of India, ICMR, Director of Higher Education, Director of Technical Education, and Principals of some colleges
Writ Petition filed for quashing of circulars mandating the experimental COVID-19 vaccine and PCR Testing for teaching and non teaching staff in Goa. The COVID-19 vaccine is still under phase 3 trials and completely voluntary as per Supreme Court and various High Court rulings, making the mandate discriminatory, illegal, unconstitutional and violative of fundamental human rights. The Writ Petition was filed with the support of Awaken India Movement, Goa chapter. Read More….

7.6.7. Against Orders Directing Vaccination of Prisoners above 45 Years (Bombay HC – Writ Petition No. 1 dt. xx-09-2021)
Bombay HC – Public Interest Litigation (PIL) No. 1 dt. xxth September 2021 in the matter of High Court (on its own motion) vs State of Maharastra
Awaken India Movement (AIM) seek recall of High Court’s blanket order for vaccination of prisoners above 45 years of age and asked for compensation to all prisoners whose fundamental rights are violated due to wrong order of the High Court. Read More…

7.6.8. Against Forceful Vaccination of Prisoners (Bombay HC POCSO Special Court Case No. 263 of 2015 dt. 24-08-2021)
Bombay HC POCSO Special Court Case No. 263 of 2015 dt. 24-08-2021 in the matter of The State of Through J.J. Marg Police Station vs. Pankaj Arjun Koli
Bombay Sessions Court has Issued Notice To Jail Authority directing them to Investigate and Prosecute Doctors and Police Officers Involved in forced Vaccination of Victim in Judicial custody. Read More…

7.6.9. Against Forceful Vaccination & Discrimination for Public Services (Mumbai Local Train)
Bombay HC – Criminal Writ Petition No. 84 of 2021 dt. 14-08-2021 in the matter of Feroze Mithiborwala vs State of Maharastra, Ministry of Railways, UOI & others

Criminal Writ Petition filed to request the Hon’ble Bombay High Court to issue order striking down the SOP dated 10.8.21 and notification dated 11.08.2021 issued by State Government, Ministry of Railways & others that discriminate with the people on account of their, not being vaccinated holding that the same are violative of Article 14, 19 and Article 21 of the Constitution of India. Read More…

7.6.10. Against Mandatory Vaccination and RT PCR requirement (Mumbai Port Trust)
Bombay HC – Writ Petition No. 17132 of 2021 dt. 05-08-2021 in the matter of Deepak Kr. Radheshyam, Khurana & Ors. vs. Mumbai Port Trust & UOI.

The present petition is being filed against Respondent No. 1 making the COVID-19 vaccine mandatory for the employees and discrimination against the non-vaccinated employees by asking them to pay for the periodical RTPCR test and directing deduction of leaves causing loss of livelihood. Read More…

7.6.11. Against Compulsory Vaccination in Indian Air Force
Gujarat HC – Special Civil Application No. 8309/2021 dt. 21-05-2021 in the matter of Yogendra Kumar vs. Indian Air Force

Case was taken up by Awaken India Movement- AIM & Senior Counsel Colin Gonsalves (HRLN). Updated with Interim Order on 22.6.21,. Judgement on 22.06.21: Gujarat High Court stayed the dismissal show cause notice served to Yogendra Kumar on refusing to taking the COVID Vaccine and further released a show cause notice to Indian Air Force asking for explanation. Read More…

7.6.12. Against Mandatory Vaccination Order issued by State of Rajasthan
Rajasthan HC – PIL No. xx of 2021 dt. xx-xx-2021 in the matter of Jyotsana_Rathore vs. The State of Rajasthan

The petition states that the order is arbitrary and discriminatory, violating Article 14, 19(1)(g) and 21 of the Constitution of India, 1950. A Writ Petition has been filed in the Rajasthan High Court seeking to quash an order of the State Government restricting access to indoor sports, gyms, restaurants and other public places to people who have received at least one vaccination dose. The order also bars the operation of city buses and other market establishments based on vaccination status. Read More…

7.6.13. Demanding Active AEFI Surveillance, Maintaining Voluntary status of “vaccines”, & Mandating Informed Consent.
Supreme Court – Writ Petition No. 588 of 2021 dt. xx-xx-2021 in the matter of Dr. Ajay Kumar Gupta & Ors. vs. UOI & Ors.

Writ Petition filed by Senior Counsel Colin Gonsalves with the support of Awaken India Movement Team. “The present Writ petition is being filed in the public interest under Article 32 of the Constitution of India in the backdrop of the growing number of deaths and serious adverse events being reported following COVID-19 vaccine administration, … Read More…

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