What can we learn from ULCT?

ULCT = Universal Law Community Trust

If you are a beginner to understanding Universal Law Community Trust, then you can skip this critical review and come back to it, when you are looking for a critical review on ULCT.

My critical review of ULCT from my interactions with some of the Minister Emovens.

From my interactions with ULCT Emovens, I have learnings to offer to people who wish to know more about Universal Laws. I find the information shared by Emovens very useful. But in terms of using their structure to come out of the current slavery system, there are natural constraints on the way, personally for me. You can take your own decisions.

Being able to administer oneself in a natural planet includes many other aspects such as

  • Being able to survive in a forest
  • Being able to farm naturally without market considerations. (What to grow? When to grow? Where to grow? How to grow? Crop rotation?, etc)
  • Being able to decide which leaves/ herbs can be eaten, what is poison, what is medicine etc.
  • Being able to give a system to children to become naturally self reliant and explore the earth.
  • Being able to defend our wellness naturally despite all radiations/ pollutions from the system.
  • Being able to generate electricity naturally and freely.
  • Being able to protect our lands from invasive plant species grown by the system to destroy our habitat.
  • Being able to communicate with the local team using radio communication and across the planet using the internet.
  1. While ULCT members are offering one dimension of self administration which is the natural/ universal law aspect of life on this planet and freedom from debt and systemic slavery. Are they currently working on offering other solutions above? If not, other living beings (whether free or enslaved) have to work on or pioneer other aspects as well.
  2. Every pioneer has his own abilities/ interests/ brain wiring/ sense of urgency and they cant deep dive into every rabbit hole of life. Right?
  3. For eg. Till the time one cant “administer” oneself in a forest in terms of surviving off the available foods from forest trees/ shrubs etc., one may have to rely on other pioneers to some extent. In the same way, other pioneers may have to rely on ULCT members to some extent. Should this be viewed as lack of interest/ lack of comprehension on part of these pioneers? Its a learning curve. Isn’t it? Even after becoming an Emoven, there is a learning curve in the same way as after starting to live off a forest.
  4. When a person lacks comprehension of ULCT, according to some Emovens he cannot be an Emoven. Without being an Emoven, we cant collaborate with Emovens (because that is seen as intercourse with commerce by ULCT). On the other hand, Emovens say that their “movement” is just a start and there are not so many members to help offline. So which means that currently their community is not geared to invite participation from people who have lost interest in too much intellectualization or have natural interest in other aspects of living a natural/ universal life on the planet for themselves/ others. Does ULCT have a constraint that there is no structure for one to trust another Emoven once they are part of their community, because that will be seen as inability to self administer? So then how to solve the mystery? On one part ULCT “movement” needs to broadbase keeping in mind that numbers are needed to implement the reclaiming of collaterals unlawfully held by the “System”. But then on the other side ULCT can only accomodate certain kinds of people who have intellectual bandwidth/ intellectual capital/ interest to comprehend in only one way (watch videos/ read documents on ULCT website).
  5. Moreover there is always a certain difficulty in conversing with certain Emovens, as they have greater/ special clarity on certain English terms which otherwise non members lack for whatever reason. So conversations tend to get stressful for no reason, despite all mutual respect on what we are all doing to improve life on the planet. They feel obliged to stop you in the middle of your conversation, and make rebuttals. So it breaks the flow of conversation.
  6. My greatest limitation in being an Emoven today is lack of offline access to Emovens with good comprehension, considering that all my energies are going in other directions to achieve natural self reliance. On one side I cant invest so much energy on comprehension of ULCT documentation/ material for reasons mentioned above. Even if I did there will be something left to comprehend, always. On the other side without comprehension I cant become an Emoven or seen as an Emoven by other members. If I need time to time help from ULCT members, its only available online.

    So considering all this I feel like since I already understand a lot about the scammed system and how it traps people based on joinder, and that we can manage low level engagement with people from the system in a friendly manner till they see us as a big threat, I rather stay in it, remain largely anonymous and keep doing the ground work towards natural self reliance and keep helping others who have urgency to be Emovens to solve their problems and find other Emovens who can guide them. In the process of being with other Emovens and seeing them work and help develop comprehension to other persons, me and other volunteers around me can always satisfactorily comprehend ULCT to qualify in being seen as a deserving Emoven and feel confident in being one.
  7. Another issue I have found with Emovens is that while they have intellectual comprehension of Universal Laws, but its immersion deep down is work in progress. So many of them come across with a sense of intellectual superiority and even humility is spoken about but not felt. So I feel that the movement is yet to become broad based and grass roots.
  8. Another issue with some of the Emovens is that they are struggling to decide whether they are firstly and primarily saviors or ambassadors of ULCT. A truly Universal Law based solution should come across as a savior and not centralize the structure to its own name. Which means an ideal structure to guide a person to withdraw the implied consent to the “System” (to govern him/ her), should just let the person switch out of the “System” and thereafter be free to be part of their own Natural Law community trust. The ideal structure should provide such templates which people can use, without having to be part of their structure.
  9. So study the documents and videos and articles provided by ULCT, but dont be obliged to use the structure offered by them, unless that’s your choice.

Un Doc Ur Mente: Primary Resource of ULCT to understand the current “Slavery System” and its basis.

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