Open Letter to PM, India

Dear Prime Minister,

We are very happy that you have chosen the subject of malnutrition in today’s Mann ki Baat.

Malnutrition is a very serious problem with every child. However, Nutrition is dependent on four things;

  • Soil health and practice of chemical free sustainable agriculture, using native seeds
  • Availability of safe and nutritious diverse natural food
  • Abolishing processed and junk food
  • Ability to digest and assimilate food

None of these are practical today.

The ability to digest and eliminate depends on good gut health. Gut health depends upon the health of gut microbes. Microbes are dependent on a good healthy natural vegetative environment. This is noticeably absent.

The health of gut microbes is deeply and irreversibly affected by;

  • Toxins and chemicals in air, water, land and food
  • Junk and processed food
  • Pharmaceutical products particularly antibiotics and “preventive injections”
  • Genetically modified foods

Unless the factors cited above are tackled malnutrition will prevail regardless of any number of efforts.


Jagannath Chaterjee


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