8.12 Politicians (Running for Elections) – [Draft]

Message To Politicians, Particularly The Power Brokers

Firstly You Politicians, told us about the “virus”, and to be in lockdown for 2 weeks. Then you brought us into Emergency for 2 years. Now with your criminal bill, i.e. The Criminal Procedure (Identification) Bill 2022, criminally passed without taking our inputs and consultation, you want to impose medico-police state for rest of our life. You want to make exceptions for you politicians, and government officers. We now understand your intent. You people will never change as you are agents/ puppets of global conspirators to arrest our freedom, which is naturally innate and inalienable.

Power Corrupts. Absolute Power corrupts absolutely.

Now we are also excusing ourselves from you. Don’t come into our villages, stay away of our neighbourhoods and don’t come begging for votes. I withdraw my vote given to you. We have no contract with you, and no consent to you. We deny your service. We will take care of ourselves. You can enjoy your power & wealth for yourself and your generation, after answering to the Almighty. We will enjoy our freedom and we will make our own food, own energy, own health, own security and own money/transaction system.
You think that Indian Police are your slaves? We think that every police is first our brother/ sister/ human and then he works for you. We don’t mind sitting with our police people and eating together in one plate. But we know how you treat them. We know that you will replace the Police with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) run Robots some day. Because you are anti-people. You view all of us as hackable and enslavable pet animals.

You have done nothing to improve work culture and style. First you torture people with your crony-capitalistic system and divisive policies, then when people get angry you call them criminals/ terrorists/ naxals/ anti-nationals and put behind bars for months/ years without getting fair trial. You have suspicion on each common people because we question your misdeeds. So you want to force people to give biological/ physical/ behavioural/ DNA/ biometric samples merely based on suspicion. You think we are not noticing all this?

You think that Army works for your personal security? Army and other military and paramilitary forces works to protect the country and its people, as they come from our families and are sons/ daughters of our motherland. We have clear knowledge now that all the governments and political parties, centre or any state, are hand in glove and have tacit understanding with each other only to fulfill personal/ vested interests. You create the divide among people and regions to forbid us from connecting to each other in loving and harmonious way. Army people also know this. They are till now with you for their living and ever increasing inflationary expenses. If you start torturing your own people, Indian Defence Personnels/ Jawans will never support you, as they have the heart of our great Bharatiya culture.

#BoycottTheSystem #MoveToNaturalSystem #BoycottThePoliticians #BoycottTheSoldMediaHeads

#BoycottTheSleepingJudiciary #ShameOnYouPoliticians #ShameOnYouJudges #ShameOnYouBiasedMedia #QuitTheEvilJob

#MoveToNature #GetBackToNature #NoMoreFakeDemocracy #NoMoreFakeCurrency #NoMorePoliticalParties #NoMoreFakeReligiousGurus #YouDesertedUsWhenItMattered

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2 thoughts on “8.12 Politicians (Running for Elections) – [Draft]

  1. Mayank P says:

    Evil job are actually slavery driven evil jobs; #BoycottBigBrands #BoycottBigCorporates #BoycottMNCs #YouPoisonedUs #SupportSwadeshi #SupportHandmade; In the end eventually the greed also fails the greedy; All tyrants end up being terminated after the goal has been achieved, because you know too much about all the secret dealings… Asur Ki Yehi Pravratti/ Prakriti Hai; ki woh kisi ka saga nahi hai. #YouMadeTheWrongChoice #YouAreOnTheWrongSideOfHistory

  2. Ali Asgar Hanif says:

    It is very much needed,but the irony is that during the time of elections they distributes some freebis and since we are poor country and majority people are of below poverty lines and un educated as such they fall prey to it, but something should be done as water has crossed head level.

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