Urgent Message to Union Leaders

Source: Article from Free Earth Alliance

Dear Leader,

We are writing this from Awaken India Movement (AIM), which is an informal organization of tens of thousands of informed individuals throughout India who have been alerting fellow Indians about the countless and never-ending lies of the official covid narrative.

  • We are communicating with you to alert you about various aspects of the ongoing psychological operation, that has nothing to do with health and everything to do with culling the population and enslaving those who survive the injections that are being falsely presented to the population as being safe and effective. Many researchers and scholars have talked about Human 2.0, synthetic humans, social impact bonds, the great reset, and the like.
  • We are writing to you specifically as a lot of people look up to you for advice.
  • We present the following information to you for your consideration. We request you to make a few minutes to review this. We are available anytime to explain this to you in person or over an online meeting:
  • None of the so-called ‘health’ measures that have been put in place since March 2020 (including injections since Jan 2021) have anything to do with health. On the contrary each one of them (face coverings, sanitization, distancing, and injections) is only working towards increasing death and suffering in India and around the world.
  • We have put together a ready reckoner for you with facts and questions that all critically-thinking individuals should be asking. We request you to use this information (bucketed in various categories) to get people to question the mainstream narrative, save themselves, and arm them with more knowledge so they can awaken people in their network.

Injections – Morbidity & Mortality And Other Unaddressed Concerns

1. The Indian mainstream media itself has reported 10,682 covid19 injection related deaths till Dec. 21 2021. As per studies done in other countries, the actual numbers could be at least 100 times higher. Several people in the public limelight itself have died. Some names – Puneet Rajukumar, Tamil actor Vivekh, Avi Barot, umpire Bansal, Sidharth Shukla, Raj Kaushal, Amit Mistry, Manisha Yadav, Sonu Nigam’s brother-in-law, Kaizzad, Mahesh Koneru, Rinku Singh, Kalyan Singh, the list is long. When will the government start an investigation into this matter?

2. The official mortality and morbidity numbers from the US and EU databases appear in the infographic below. The actual numbers are probably 100 times higher. Yet, governments are continuing to push these shots. Why are they so desperate to cull the population in such a swift manner?

3. Apart from a huge spike in sudden deaths post-injection, people world over are suffering from sudden and unusual conditions such as Myocarditis, Pericarditis, Anaphylaxis, Bell’s palsy, Heart attack, Thrombocytopenia/Low Platelet count, Severe Allergic Reactions, Shingles, epilepsy, liver and kidney failure, loss of sight, cancer, musculoskeletal problems, arthritis, respiratory disease, paralysis, pregnancy complications, and many more.

4. Even assuming there is a disease and these injections work as they claim, the actual/absolute risk reduction is as follows for the various injections:

Risk reduction is zero for all the injections, but the short-term dangers are extremely high. No one knows the mid- and long-term harmful effects.

5. All clinical trials have been conducted by covid19 injection manufacturers in India only on healthy individuals. There is no scientific basis for encouraging these shots for the general public, which consists of individuals who have ‘recovered’ from this alleged disease, pregnant and lactating women, and people with all sorts of chronic health conditions and disease states.

  • All advertisements put out by the government state that the covid19 injections are safe and effective. If they are safe, why has the government given immunity to the manufacturers for deaths and adverse events? What is the scientific rationale and basis for indemnifying covid19 injection manufacturers? This seems very odd given that there are no meaningful short-term studies leave alone mid-term and long-term studies.
  • As per Delhi HC ruling in W. P. (C) 343/2019 & CM Nos. 1604-1605/2019 HOD, Preventive Medicine, AIIMS was directed to finalize list of contraindications and risks associated with vaccines to be included in advertisements promoting vaccines. At the moment, campaigns and advertisements by government agencies and the media make absolutely no mention of covid19 injection risks and contraindications. Why are Indian citizens being kept in the dark about covid19 injection risks and contraindications?
  • Covid19 injections are based on new and untested technology, but have taken only a few months to develop. Vaccines using old technologies themselves take 8 or more years to develop and obtain approval. This needs to be drilled into people’s heads continuously. No one is interested in waiting for all clinical trials to be completed and all mid- and long-term studies to be completed. Apart from blood clotting, cancer, and other issues, fertility is also another concern that needs long-term studies to be completed.
  • An overwhelming majority of ‘covid19’ patients in 2021 (as determined by the meaningless RT-PCR test) in India have been injected by covaxin, covishield, or sputnik. People should be made to think about the use of these injections in the light of this. Why is the government still encouraging people to get jabbed by these injections?
  1. The Serum Institute of India Pvt Ltd has tied up with AstraZeneca to make covishield. This injection relies on technology and trial results from AztraZeneca, which has a dubious reputation as can be inferred from the facts and figures below.

Since the year 2000, twenty-one civil and criminal complaints have been levied against AstraZeneca, and the company has paid a total of

$1,148,775,284 in fines (https://violationtracker.goodjobsfirst.org/parent/astrazeneca).

Bharat Biotech has a long history of shady links with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF). The latter’s long history of crimes against Indians (Rotavac, Gardasil, Cervarix, OPV) is well documented.


  1. This is the first ‘disease’ in the history of mankind and womankind in which asymptomatic people are alleged to have the super powers to ‘spread’ it. This is preposterous and somehow the population has been dulled into accepting this.
  1. 97.2% who tested positive till Aug. 2021 in India were asymptomatic (that is, they were healthy) as can be seen from this table supplied by ICMR (RTI – INCMR/R/E/21/00609 dated 11.Aug.2021):
  1. Throughout the history of mankind, people with no symptoms have always been considered to be healthy people. Why is the government OK with calling its healthy people (that is, asymptomatic people) sick? Why is the government aiding in the fearmongering with such meaningless pronouncements and not working to bring about calm and a sense of normalcy?

This is because the agenda is one of total control of the population and has nothing to do with health.

  1. RT-PCR test kits currently in use in India are still under emergency use authorization. Government agencies are not taking steps to move towards full approval. It has been 21 months since March 2020.

This is because it is totally fake and doesn’t tell if someone is sick. And this whole scam can be continued only if it remains a fake test.

  1. Millions have now woken up around the world to even fundamental science and are questioning some basic tenets.
    1. How can non-living particles (called viruses) know that they should get into someone’s body and head straight for their lungs?
    1. How can non-living particles (with no digestive system, no reproductive system) be killed by soap/sanitizers?
    1. How can non-living particles mutate?

‘Health’ Measures, Face Coverings

  1. We don’t think anyone can explain the rationale and scientific basis for asking Indian citizens to follow covid appropriate behavior (such as masking, distancing, and so on) even after they have received all doses of the EFFECTIVE injections. This makes absolutely no sense and it is a pity that this charade is being played out throughout the country. What is the real reason for face coverings? We know it cannot do any good as non-living viral particles (even if they can cause harm and are pathogenic) are tens of hundreds of times smaller than the pore sizes of cloth, surgical, and N95 masks?

Face coverings are clearly for keeping the population silent, reduce interaction, break people down physically and mentally, and keep the illusion of a health crisis lingering on.

  1. Hand sanitizers are another measure that are not only destroying people’s microbiomes, but are also linked to infertility. Most contain quaternary ammonium compounds that are harsh chemicals and detrimental to our species.
  1. Social isolation causes depression, poor sleep, impaired brain function, accelerated cognitive decline, poor heart function, to name a few.  Social isolation, which has been likened to being obese, smoking 15 fags a day, AND being an alcoholic, destroys the part of the brain responsible for learning. Social isolation is a cruel and inhuman thing to do. Indeed, it is a war crime.
  1. No science is required to conclude that face coverings cause untold harm in terms of hypoxia and hypercapnia. ~70% of toxins are expelled when we breathe out. People who wear face coverings are now unable to expel toxins and are re-breathing them.
  • Even a child can realize and acknowledge that face coverings severely restrict the flow of oxygen and that by wearing them one inhales carbon dioxide and toxins that are supposed to leave the body. Why are government agencies still recommending this inhuman measure which does nothing but spoil the wearer’s health, physically and mentally? The physical and psychological effects are devastating and we are seeing people suffer all over the world.
  • Children need maximum, unrestricted oxygen intake all day every day. All their organs, tissues, blood elements, alveoli are growing at a tremendous clip every minute of their life right now. By retarding that growth process, we’re producing skyrocketing numbers of sick and defective models for the past 2 years.

We hear that allergies, respiratory conditions, heart, lungs, cancer, deaths … – all these are at epidemic levels right now in children. And increasing across the board.

Not to mention now forcing suppressive and toxic injections on children.

We’re destroying our own offspring – the legacy of our species. Taking away their freedom, their choice, their chance at a healthy life. Little children.

Reprehensible, satanic, unconscionable …

  • There is mass uprising (not reported in main stream sources) around the world, in contrast to only some voices speaking out in India. Millions have said NO and have been protesting all over the world – London, Sydney, New York, Montreal, Melbourne, Amsterdam, Munich, Vancouver, Milan, Paris, and on and on. The list is very long indeed. Doctors, health care professionals, union leaders, workers, small business owners, and all kinds of people have been resisting.
  • Dear Leader, if you are not already doing so, we would like you to actively educate the people who look up to you and resist the tyranny and bring an end to this inhuman madness. If we all don’t, then each one of us is doomed as only an extremely tiny % of the population at the top of the pyramid will be spared. Union leaders, doctors, and the police can end this overnight if we have critical mass.

Some more important links and information:

https://awakenindiamovement.com/questions-for-the-government-in-rajya-sabha-lok-sabha/ (50 Questions for the government in RS and LS)

https://awakenindiamovement.com/18-questions-for-dr-randeep-guleria-director-aiims/ (18 Questions for Dr. Randeep Guleria, Director, AIIMS, Delhi)

  • From a legal perspective, there was a recent counter affidavit filed by MOHFW GOI in a court case in the Bombay HC (Goa). The counter affidavit is here – https://awakenindiamovement.com/counter-affidavit-filed-by-mohfw/Sections 9, 10, and 11 make it abundantly clear that these injections are voluntary (as they should be – this is protected by our constitution) and there are no policies for discrimination between citizens of India on the basis of their vaccination status.
  • Please note that any coercion is in violation of Article 21 of our constitution and the Nuremberg code.

Under Article 21 and Article 359, citizens of India have the full right to protect their life and personal liberty, and wearing of masks and doing the RTPCR test or usage of medical intervention on their bodies is an infringement, a violation to their basic fundamental rights of life (as wearing of masks cause hypoxia and hypercapnia) and liberty (right to decline to any invasive / non-invasive tests or medical intervention on our body). Citizens have the full right to decline Masks, RTPCR tests and other medical intervention and any person imposing those on them is doing harm to their right to life and personal liberty which is an infringement under Article 21 and Article 359 and can be held legally responsible.

We urge you to visit awakenindiamovement.com to learn more.

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