8.19 Letter to Police [Draft]


A draconian bill has been passed in Indian Parliament — namely, The Criminal Procedure (Identification) Bill 2022. It was passed without following the mandatory due process of Pre-Legislative Citizens’ Consultation. The Criminal Procedure (Identification) Bill 2022 is of great concern, as it is an outright invasion of privacy. It fails to differentiate between hardened criminals and common people. The bill allows for collection of citizens’ extremely private and personal information – their body-mind data – even if he/she does not consent. The Criminal Procedure (Identification) Bill 2022, will also allow for collection of citizens’ body-mind measurements, through smart technologies, without knowledge of the citizens. The data collection is being carried out, all under the guise of maintaining law and order, based on the pretext of any kind of statutory emergency provision (e.g., the so-called Covid health emergency). 

Our future is now in your hands, to defend the human rights of law-abiding citizens. We appeal to you to stop following the unlawful and unconstitutional orders of the tyrannical political class — as done by your passing (ratifying) of the Criminal Procedure (Identification) Bill 2022 in Lok Sabha, and international treaties, one-by-one. The tyrannical political class are mere puppets of the world’s super rich and elite, conspiring to impose a New World Order (NWO), to entrap and enslave all of humanity. 

Furthermore, we wish to address the talks that are going on now, for an International Pandemic Treaty and Amendments to International Health Regulation (i.e. IHR -2005) — both under the World Health Organization (WHO). We also call your attention at this time, to the Public Health (Prevention, Control & Management of Epidemics, Bio-Terrorism & Disasters) Bill 2022 – on the table in the upcoming monsoon session of Parliament – also being done without public consultation and in utter disregard to our serious concerns. Through these new amendments and laws, both at national as well as international levels, we will lose, one after another, all of our fundamental rights, bodily autonomy, and ultimately – our country’s sovereignty. 

This New World Order (NWO) Agenda, is being pushed by the devil-worshiping elites, against our ideal Ram Rajya (i.e. – our own Natural World Order), following the principles of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. To save the Indian Constitution and Bharat-Mata, we now petition you to intervene on behalf of the Common Citizens of India. You are our last hope, as the Legislator, Executive and Judiciary have repeatedly failed to do their constitutional duty. Please stand up now and defend our rights – defend your rights, from this unlawful invasion of privacy and act of tyranny. Thank you in advance, for your time and advocacy in this matter.  

Yours sincerely, 

Common Citizens Of India 

Our Ideas for the Police

  1. Duty time reduced to be to 8 hours a day.
  2. Sunday holiday, on rotation basis.
  3. Police should have the right to campaign and criticize any government
  4. Police should have the right to protest
  5. Police should not be forced with the COVID-19 Injections, COVID Appropriate Behaviour (i.e. Health Inappropriate Behaviour) as they are humans first.
  6. NWO wants to replace Police with Artificial Intelligence & Robots, so compromising with their health & using them to impose the unlawful & unhealthy mandates on people.


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One thought on “8.19 Letter to Police [Draft]

  1. Mayank Pincha says:

    7. We are already ready to take care of your family needs, livelihood needs and children’s future in terms of going back to nature, to basics, in villages/ eco-villages and in-grid centers. Our Indian Kisaan Devata (Farmers) will feed all of us… so its safe to leave this Gulami Ki Naukari which they are misusing to go against your own brothers/ sisters.

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