Open Letter to Doctors & Health Care Professionals [Draft]

Dear Doctor,

Subject: Request to validate the following findings on COVID-19 Experimental Injections (‘Vaccines’) & “COVID-Appropriate Behaviour”.

We request you to take a few minutes to review the below information, and give us your concerned comments.

  1. We are writing this from Free Earth Alliance (FEA), which is an umbrella platform that promotes free flow of information, research and analysis, around world events related to health, law, technology, spirituality and governance, so as to help fellow earthlings to find their own grain of truth in this age of information overload. We urge you to visit FreeEarthAlliance.Org to learn more.
  2. We are confident that you are also quite awake and aware of the difficulties being faced by people in India and around the world in the name of COVID-19 policies. This prompted us to look at content from diverse perspective of researchers. One view is that the so-called COVID-19 symptoms are at best regular detox processes of the body and at worst detox processes brought about by new non-native electromagnetic radiation and other toxicities in our environment. [1.0, 2.0]
  3. Many doctors and health care professionals within our network are speaking against the needless draconian COVID-19 measures which have led to immense collateral damage and loss of lakhs of lives and livelihoods. We understand that for many years, doctors have raised concerns about the unfair medical policies in our medical hospitals. We have even seen protests sometimes, in places like AIIMS and numerous other institutes. This time around during the lockdowns, we the common people of India, have witnessed directly the predicaments that you doctors must have been facing for many years.
  4. We are seeing 20% to 30% (maybe more) of the doctors and health care professionals walking away from their jobs, in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, and many other industrialized nations due to these draconian measures, including unconstitutional vaccine mandates. We also see emergence of sun-rise medical organizations that have broken rank from the medical establishment.
  5. According to our researchers from across the globe, that a good percentage of people in these industrialized nations seem to be now waking up the possibility that the ongoing global pandemic management operations, may have little to do with health. This process of awakening started by witnessing inconsistencies such as closure of cancer and tuberculosis hospitals in Delhi with a very high death rate, compared to IFR from COVID-19 symptoms. Corona measures in full flow during the normal process of life, while no protocols being followed in political rallies. Similarly, there were reports of opening up of the Southern borders in US, allowing Mexican immigrants a free entry into US, while Americans suffered the worst kind of draconian measures. Also, what baffled many people, were the flip flops and inconsistent advisories coming from public health regulators such as WHO & CDC.
  6. There seemed to be a top-down policy over-reach, breaching the free hand that has always been given to the front line doctors. We have come across instances of Medical censorship in Canada amongst other nations. There seems to be a major problem with doctors’ hands being tied by their College, thereby effectively denying their patients the right to have ALL of the information they know. Their College issued a statement on April 30, 2021 stating “Physicians must not make comments or provide advice that encourages the public to act contrary to public health orders and recommendations”. This is known as a gag order. Not only is this unethical, but it is immoral. [citation needed]
  7. We have seen reports suspecting the initial COVID deaths in nursing homes in Europe possibly caused by mass issuance of Do Not Resuscitate (DNRs), which were then attributed to COVID.
  8. We have observed a serious issue when all of a sudden the “Medical Certificate of Cause of Death” has been changed,  issuing Guidelines in the beginning of the Pandemic. It is observed that all COVID-19 deaths are the result of this modification. 3.0, 4.0, 5.0. As per a group of 161 Doctors of India “No evidence to prove deaths occurring due to SARS-CoV-2 Virus” but all deaths (or as per requirement) have been labelled as COVID-19 deaths through “the Guidelines” and “the RT-PCR test”.
  9. Looking at these inconsistencies we naturally were drawn to verify other possible angles to what we saw unfolding in front of us. It seems that this could have many other dimensions of possibilities which sometimes, to our discomfort border around science fiction. We have gone through a lot content around talks of synthetic humans, Human 2.0, social impact bonds, the internet of bio-nano things, and the like.
  10. We are reaching out to you and other doctors as you are learned and influential authorities that a majority of the population looks up to for medical advice.
  11. Doctor, we cannot let mankind and womankind suffer like this and open the door for possible gene control, human’s hook up to Artificial Intelligence (AI), and many other atrocities and non-human schemes that are on the way, if the perpetrators [8.0, 9.0] have their way.
  12. There is mass uprising (not reported in main stream media sources) around the world, in contrast to only some voices speaking out in India. Millions have said NO and have been protesting all over the world – London, Sydney, New York, Montreal, Melbourne, Amsterdam, Munich, Vancouver, Milan, Paris, and on and on…..The list is very long indeed.
  13. Doctor, if you are not doing so already, we would like you to actively educate the people who look up to you and resist the tyranny and bring an end to this inhuman madness. If we all don’t, then each one of us is doomed as only an extremely tiny % of the population at the top of the pyramid will be spared. Doctors and health care professionals and cops can end this overnight if we have critical mass.
  14. We have put together a ready reckoner for you, of facts and questions that all critically-thinking individuals should be asking. In case you need something like this, please use the following information (bucketed in various categories) to get people to question the mainstream narrative, save themselves, and arm them with more knowledge so they can awaken people in their network.

Testing, Germ Theory, and Virology Basics

  1. This is the first ‘disease’ in the history of mankind and womankind in which asymptomatic people are alleged to have the super powers to ‘spread’ it. This flies in the face of Koch’s first postulate which clearly state that the ‘pathogenic’ microorganism must be found in abundance in all organisms suffering from the disease (with the same set of symptoms), but not found in healthy organisms (that is, asymptomatic people). Click here for an interesting reference article.
  2. 97.2% who tested positive till Aug. 2021 in India were asymptomatic (that is, they were healthy) as can be seen from this table supplied by ICMR (RTI – INCMR/R/E/21/00609 dated 11.Aug.2021):
  1. Throughout the history of mankind, people with no symptoms have always been considered to be healthy people. Isn’t it odd for the government to term its healthy people (that is, asymptomatic people) ‘cases’? Isn’t it odd that the government is actually actively aiding in the fear-mongering with such meaningless pronouncements? Isn’t the government responsible for maintaining calm and a sense of normalcy?
  2. How can asymptomatic people be a threat to anyone when there is no proof that even people with symptoms can make others sick (MJ Rosenau, “Experiments to Determine Mode of Spread of Influenza,” Journal of the American Medical Association 73, no. 5 (August 2, 1919): 311–313)? Why is the medical fraternity and the government not worried about such an odd way to treat healthy people?
  3. RT-PCR test kits currently in use in India are still under emergency use authorization. Government agencies are not taking steps to move towards full approval. It has been a long time since March 2020. And, of course, Dr. Kary Mullis PhD., the inventor of the RT-PCR technique had been shouting from the rooftop (video links below) for more than 20 years that his technique should not be used for diagnostic purposes. He died ‘conveniently’ in Aug. 2019. May God rest his soul.
  1. Awaken India Movement (AIM) has always been curious to know why virologists don’t perform true control experiments to prove that viruses actually exist and are pathogenic. We believe that all the cytopathic effects (CPE) are caused by the starving and poisoning of cells and has nothing to do with the sample used (diseased, healthy, or indeed NO SAMPLE). [5.0].

    In this regard, AIM has challenged virologists anywhere in the world to take up these control 2 challenges.

    165 health/science institutions globally (>25 countries) have all failed to cite even 1 record of the so-called “SARS-CoV-2” purification, by anyone, anywhere, ever.

    There is a huge prize to be won if one can show proof of isolation
  2. Millions have now woken up around the world to fundamental science and are questioning some basic tenets.
    • How can non-living particles (called viruses) know that they should get into someone’s body and head straight for their lungs?
    • How can non-living particles (with no digestive system, no reproductive system) be killed by soap/sanitizers?
    • How can non-living particles mutate? Why do non-living particles feel the need to replicate?

Here is an apt article for anyone willing to think critically.

Injections – Morbidity & Mortality And Other Unaddressed Concerns

  1. The Indian mainstream media itself has reported 10,682 COVID-19 injection related deaths as on Dec. 21 2021. As per studies done in other countries an under-reporting factors needs to be applied to get to the actual numbers, which could be at least 100 times higher. [citation needed] Several people have died who have been in public limelight. Some names are – Puneet Rajukumar, Tamil actor Vivekh, Avi Barot, Umpire Bansal, Sidharth Shukla, Raj Kaushal, Amit Mistry, Manisha Yadav, Sonu Nigam’s brother-in-law – Kaizzad, Mahesh Koneru, Rinku Singh, Kalyan Singh, the list is long. Wonder when the government will start an investigation into this matter.
  2. The official mortality and morbidity numbers from the US and EU databases appear below. [citation needed]. The actual numbers are probably 100 times higher, after well established un-reporting factors is applied. Yet, health regulators, governments and vaccine manufactuers are continuing to push these shots. Why are they so desperate to cull the population, and that too in such a swift manner? Here is a list of 860 scientific studies and reports linking COVID-19 vaccines to hundreds of adverse effects and deaths.
  3. Apart from a huge spike in sudden deaths post-injection, people world over are suffering from sudden and unusual conditions such as Myocarditis, Pericarditis, Anaphylaxis, Bell’s palsy, Heart attack, Thrombocytopenia/Low Platelet count, Severe Allergic Reactions, Shingles, epilepsy, liver and kidney failure, loss of sight, cancer, musculoskeletal problems, arthritis, respiratory disease, paralysis, pregnancy complications, and many more.
  4. Even assuming there is a disease and these injections work as they claim, the actual/absolute risk reduction is as follows for the various injections:
  1. Risk reduction is zero for all the injections, but the short-term post-injection risks are extremely high. No one knows the mid- and long-term risks. (BULLET NUMBER TO BE REMOVED)
  2. No clinical trial permission has been granted by CDSCO for so-called post-diseased individuals (CDSCO/R/T/21/00263 dated 29.Jun.2021), yet the government and its agencies are pushing these injections on everyone with no informed consent which is a crime against humanity, barely any AEFI reporting, and no long-term follow-up. COVID-19 vaccines may trigger an adverse immune response in those already infected.
  3. CDSCO has not EVEN granted permission to conduct clinical trials on pregnant women and breast-feeding women (CDSCO/R/E/21/00515 dated 15.Nov.2021). All clinical trials enrolled ONLY healthy participants in the COVID-19 injection trials and as per exclusion criteria, pregnant and lactating/ breast-feeding women were excluded.

    Covaxin and Sputnik manufacturers clearly mention contraindications for pregnant and breast-feeding women [citation needed]. Also, the Covishield manufacturer mentions that not enough studies have been done on pregnant women [citation needed]. Yet, MOHFW and the Government are recommending these COVID-19 shots for pregnant and lactating women. [citation needed]. This needs to be questioned at the highest levels. The Thalidomide scandal is an example from the past of experimenting on pregnant women.
  4. All clinical trials have been conducted in India, by the COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers are only on healthy individuals (INCMR/R/T/21/01388 Dec. 13 2021). There is no basis for encouraging these shots to the general public, which consists of people with all sorts of chronic health conditions and disease states and also pregnant and lactating women. CDSCO in consultation with Subject Expert Committee (SEC) has approved these injections for restricted use in emergency situation and the clinical trials are still ongoing for conclusion of results of complete safety, immunogenicity and efficacy.
  5. Many countries which implemented COVID-19 Vaccine for under 18-year olds have reported thousands of cases of side-effects including deaths with severe adverse events such as myocarditis, pericarditis, and thrombosis which have led to a sharp rise in mortality figures of children in comparison to last year. [6.0] It is bewildering why the Indian government is proceeding with these experimental COVID-19 injections for children. [citation needed] Clinical trials, that too involving only a few hundred seronegative healthy children are still ongoing too!

    666 cases of heart disease in 12 to 17 year olds after COVID-19 shots. Contrast this with less than 2 cases per year following all vaccines for past 30 years!

    Experimental COVID-19 Injection (“Vaccine”) Data

    34,337 Deaths & 3,120,439 Injuries – Following Experimental COVID-19 Shots in European Database as UK Public Data Show 35 Deaths 213 Hospitalizations Among Booster Triple Vaccinated – Vaccine Impact

  1. All advertisements put out by the government state that the COVID-19 injections are safe and effective. If they are safe, why has the government given immunity to themselves and manufacturers for deaths and adverse events? There is no scientific rationale and basis for indemnifying COVID-19 injection manufacturers. This seems very odd given that there are no meaningful short-term studies leave alone mid-term and long-term studies.
  2. As per Delhi HC ruling in W. P. (C) 343/2019 & CM Nos. 1604-1605/2019 HOD, Preventive Medicine, AIIMS was directed to finalize list of contraindications and risks associated with vaccines to be included in advertisements promoting vaccines. At the moment, campaigns and advertisements by government agencies and the media make absolutely no mention of COVID-19 injection risks and contraindications.. Indian citizens are being kept in the dark about COVID-19 injection risks and contraindications,
  3. The COVID-19 injection manufacturers themselves openly admit that their shots do not stop injection recipients from getting infected or transmitting the so-called COVID-19 disease. They also admit that new variants such as Delta or Omicron will need more vaccines. India’s doctors should put an end to these games as otherwise they will continue to sell their untested and unsafe products. They are peddling more fake variants and mutations to ruin the country with their jabs. Variants are just another part of the psy-op.
  4. COVID-19 injections are based on new and untested technology, but have taken only a few months to develop. Vaccines using old technologies themselves take 8 or more years to develop and obtain approval. This needs to be drilled into people’s heads continuously. No one is interested in waiting for all the experimental clinical trials to be completed and all mid- and long-term studies to be completed. Apart from blood clotting, cancer, and other issues, fertility is also another concern that needs long-term studies to be completed.
  5. An overwhelming majority of ‘COVID-19’ cases in 2021 (as determined by the meaningless RT-PCR test) in India have been injected by Covaxin, Covishield, or Sputnik. People should be made to think about the use of these injections in the light of this. Why is the government still encouraging people to get jabbed by these injections? It is clear that people who have been jabbed have reacted to the various poisons in the shots and their bodies are busy trying to expel these toxins, thereby creating more tissue debris than normal that lead to detection in the RT-PCR test.
  6. The Serum Institute of India Pvt Ltd has tied up with AstraZeneca to make Covishield. This injection relies on technology and trial results from AztraZeneca, which has a dubious reputation as can be inferred from the facts and figures below

    Since the year 2000, twenty-one civil and criminal complaints have been levied against AstraZeneca, and the company has paid a total of $1,148,775,284 in fines.

    Bharat Biotech has a long history of links with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF). The latter’s long history of crimes against Indians (Rotavac, Gardasil, Cervarix, OPV) is well documented.

  7. Doctor, we also request you to advise your patients who have been jabbed to get their following labs done – D-dimer, platelet counts, fibrinogen antigen, CRP, ESR, and WBC, LFT, and HbA1c.  Healing/de-toxing can be initiated based on the labs. We understand that the most important ones would be D-dimer, fibrinogen, and platelet count.

‘Health’ Measures, Face Coverings

  1. We don’t think anyone can explain the rationale and scientific basis for asking Indian citizens to follow COVID Appropriate Behaviors (such as masking, distancing, and so on) even after they have received all doses of the so-called EFFECTIVE injections). This makes absolutely no sense and it is a pity that this charade is being played out throughout the country as around the world. What is the real reason for face coverings? We know it cannot do any good as non-living viral particles (even if they can cause harm and are pathogenic) are tens of hundreds of times smaller than the pore sizes of cloth, surgical, and N95 masks. It is clearly for keeping the population silent, reduce interaction, break people down physically and mentally, and keep the illusion of a health crisis lingering on. Its a case of mind control and propaganda.
  2. Hand sanitizers are another measure that are harmful and not only destroying people’s microbiomes, but are also linked to infertility. Most contain quaternary ammonium compounds are harsh chemical and detrimental to our species. [7.0]
  3. Social isolation causes depression, poor sleep, impaired brain function, accelerated cognitive decline, poor heart function, to name a few.  Social isolation, which has been likened to being obese, smoking 15 fags a day, AND being an alcoholic, destroys the part of the brain responsible for learning. Social isolation is a cruel and inhuman thing to do. Indeed, it is a war crime.
  4. TB affects 20-25 Lakh people in India every year with possibly lakhs of deaths. It is supposedly highly contagious yet there are no measures such as universal masking, distancing, and sanitization. So why has the COVID appropriate behaviour being thrust upon people?
  5. No science is required to conclude that face coverings cause untold harm in terms of hypoxia and hypercapnia. ~70% of toxins are expelled when we breathe out. People who wear face coverings are now unable to expel toxins and are re-breathing them.
  1. Even a child can realize and acknowledge that face coverings severely restrict the flow of oxygen and that by wearing them one inhales carbon dioxide and toxins that are supposed to leave the body. Why are government agencies still recommending this inhuman measure which does nothing but destroy the wearer’s health, physically and mentally? The physical and psychological effects are devastating and we are seeing people suffer all over the world.
  2. Children need maximum, unrestricted oxygen intake all day every day. All their organs, tissues, blood elements, alveoli are growing at a tremendous clip every minute of their life right now. By retarding their growth process, we’re producing skyrocketing numbers of sick and defective models for the past 2 years. [Question: Is it appropriate to call kids as models?]

    We hear that allergies, respiratory conditions, heart, lungs, cancer, deaths … – all these are at epidemic levels right now in children. And increasing across the board.

    In addition, the psychological effects of testing children is putting them under undue stress. The needless fear of dying, the fear of killing parents and grandparents, are all contributing to increased stress and declining health.

    Not to mention now forcing suppressive and toxic injections on children.

    We’re destroying our own offspring – the legacy of our species. Taking away their freedom, their choice, their chance at a healthy life. Little children.

    This is reprehensible, satanic, unconscionable …


  1. Hospitals have shied away from doing autopsies both during the so-called first wave in Apr 2020 and the 2nd wave in Apr-May 2021. We still do not have a clear scientifically proven reason for deaths during the so-called 1st and 2nd waves.

    Doctor, it is imperative that death audits of alleged covid19 deaths in 2020 in India are carried out. Such a study in the US revealed that only 6% of so-called covid19 deaths were actually caused by alleged virus. 94% deaths were caused by comorbidities.
  2. Hospitals are shying away from conducting post-mortems on people who have died after COVID-19 injections. And the government is not insisting on autopsy for every post-injection death.


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