8.8 Large Corporates & Big Brands

Good Morning/ Afternoon/ Evening < >

This is < > from Awaken India Movement, < >. We appreciate that concerned measures are being taken for the health safety of your employees in Tata Steel.

Would like to talk to you in length regarding this.
In this regard we would like to update you that as per the affidavit submitted by Govt. Of India to the Supreme Court COVID experimental (under trial) injections dubbed “vaccines” are completely voluntary. Further no person should directly or indirectly, be coerced to take this “vaccine” as that would be unlawful, unconstitutional and also a crime under humanity.

As you know, there are many reports of Adverse Events Following Immunisation including death and serious debilitating injuries.

Also ICMR published its guidelines dated 10/01/2022 on RT PCR testing emphasising that there is no need to do an RT PCR “test” for asymptomatic person (sending the pdf copy of the guidelines below).

Asking only unvaccinated employees to go for periodic RT PCR testing will tantamount to indirectly pushing them to take the “vaccine” which is seen to be dangerous for some of the recipients.

With this backdrop, we hope that you have updated your necessary circulars to avoid unintentional trouble and difficulty that may be thrust upon all your employees who are also our fellow Indians.

We are associating with Indian Bar Association, Mumbai and have started nation wide awareness drive through Awaken India Movement.( http://www.awakenindiamovement.com)

I would appreciate if you call me or give me an opportunity to explain all the intricacies. More so, the whole world is now waking up to realise that the mainstream COVID narrative is a scam and this narrative is crumbling down. People have started to realise that the mainstream narrative is not without an ulterior motive.

Specially the trucker’s movement in Canada has opened up many people to the truth of the matter. We are a well-wisher to your organisation which is a great brand, that has set many milestones in having a great culture. We expect your organisation to be proactive in this regard, make a righteous move, and save yourself from being seen to be on a wrong side of history and insensitive to their employees, when the truth comes into the perception of the common man.

Any SOP which is not based on law, true science, which restricts people and puts them into financial, social and health related peril should better be withdrawn immediately as this also protects the fundamental rights of every individual and every employee, which will also have a positive impact on their health and motivation to serve your organisation, the nation, humanity while taking care of themselves and their loved ones.

Thank You

Awaken India Movement, < > Chapter


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