8.29 A Life-Saving Alert from Awakened Indians [Draft]


Subject: COVID-19 Experimental Injections, dubbed ‘Vaccines’ & so-called ‘Health Measures’, dubbed “COVID-Appropriate Behaviour”.

We are Free Earth Alliance (FEA), an informal organisation of world-wide Volunteers who have been researching and alerting people about the countless and never-ending lies of the global official COVID narrative. We invite you to visit our website to learn more. In light of the Global & Indian official COVID-19 narrative, and the recent developments around it, we present to you some truths. Click here to know how we dug up the truth and why we are sharing it with you.

  1. Never before have experimental injections attempted to be mandatorily pushed across the entire planet – impacting people of all age groups, without sufficient cause. Across the globe, we are at different stages of cruel and draconian lockdowns since March 2020. There is enormous evidence of deception and foreknowledge, false empathy and virtue signalling. This is sufficient cause to lift the “veil of trust on authorities”, and to question every narrative – positive or negative.

  2. An Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) study is the basis for COVID-19 injections being promoted in India, with a purported 77% efficacy. As per this same study, 99.2% people are safe from getting infected by the “alleged” coronavirus, even without vaccines. The remaining 0.8% of people, have a 99% chance of recovery from symptoms classified as ‘COVID-19’ using natural treatment protocols, prophylactics and allopathic protocols that include Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), amongst others.

  3. So, we are simply subjecting 99.2% of the Indian population, to the possibilities of adverse events and receiving contaminated injections, however seemingly rare. Even though, the alleged Coronavirus posed no significant risk to any of them, in the first place. But, now they are at increased risk, due to the corona measures and injections. These factors have messed with people’s self-healing and self-regulating mechanisms, exposing them to greater risk of sickness and death. We run the risk of these increased sicknesses and deaths being labelled as “due to COVID-19”, owing to the fraudulent PCR test, creating more waves, justifying more lockdowns.

  4. Lets apply the above numbers to the entire Indian population. Based on the ICMR study, Public Health has attempted to save 112 thousand people [140 crores x (100% – 99.2%) x (100% – 99%)]. While doing so, they have put to peril the health & livelihood of 1.4 billion (140 crore) people. Further they have and continue to put to risk, at least 1.75 million (i.e. 17.5 lakh) people from either severe injuries or death from the experimental injections, even using a highly conservative factor of 0.125% of the entire population mandated with under-trial injections. [1.4 billion or 140 crore injected people x 0.125%].

  5. COVID measures have also been employed in parallel to theoretically stop the spread of the alleged SARS-CoV-2 virus. The same COVID measures (i.e. masks, sanitisers, social distancing & lockdowns) have actually harmed our health, natural immunity and quality of life). While existence of SARS-CoV-2 virus is fiercely questioned. Germ Theory itself has been debunked by many scientists. There is no evidence of transmission, even if we consider the virus to exist.

  6. So we are at a crossroad now. We can continue to “attempt to stop the transmission” of this so-called coronavirus with a theoretical possibility of its spread and assumed harm to human health. But the cost is real tanking of the body’s self-healing and self-regulation mechanisms with a great loss to quality of life from un-healthy COVID measures and experimental injections.


    We can stay healthy by coming to terms with the theoretical risks of the (yet) unproved and imaginary virus and switching to a natural lifestyle that includes not adhering to the COVID appropriate measures. Did you know that the COVID appropriate measures are lawfully voluntary and officially discouraged by authorities?

  7. The real causes of sickness, are other factors, such as: 5G radiation, EMF frequency poisoning, malnutrition from de-natured soil, GMO in foods, toxic air, and underlying conditions – NOT a purported ‘virus’. Assertions of contagion and infection are pure deception. Sickness and deaths are not being denied, but an appeal is being made for: a) correct attribution; b) diagnostics to rule out harm from the jabs; c) detox to help people get back to homeostasis; d) meditation and prayers to raise our energy vibrations; and e) ramping up positive vibes, instead of falling for the fear mongering.

Here is a blow-by-blow account of what has happened since March of 2020 and what is happening now:

  1. On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak a global pandemic. The declaration of Pandemic was deceptive, as they had already changed the earlier definition of ‘pandemic‘ in May 2009 — making it lax, by removing “severity of illness” as a criteria for declaring pandemics. Widespread fear ensued when people all around the world witnessed deaths that were staged and fraudulently ‘mis-attributed’ to coronavirus, meaningless computer-generated genetic sequencing, and some real, but blown-out-of-proportion deaths, in a few hot spots. The real reasons for the deaths were environmental toxins, such as: Novel Electro-Magnetic Fields (EMFs) from 5G towers, air pollution from Chemtrails, and deadly hospital protocols.
  2. As data would show, no where on the planet was there an unusual (or excessive) number of deaths reported in 2020, in comparison to previous years. If anything, some countries saw fewer deaths in 2020, when compared to 2019. Turns out, 57 million people die every year around the world – 10 million of them in India. There has been no change in these figures. In fact, the overall global population continued to increase in 2020. Hospitals were not unusually burdened, as reported!

  3. Emergency Use Authorizations were made based on staged emergencies, to push more lethal drugs, untested jabs, and ventilators to create more deaths and label them as COVID-19 deaths based on meaningless RT-PCR tests. Access control to public services such as air and train travel was linked to RT-PCR tests. This led to more tests and hence more cases to justify more lockdowns, creating greater collateral damage and deaths and label them as COVID-19 deaths through the fraudulent RT-PCR test which only identifies genetic material that is part of one’s own body! You may be wondering, if it’s not the virus, then what caused sickness and deaths?

  4. Nobel Laureate Dr. Kary Mullis (God rest his soul, passed away in Aug 2019 just before the ongoing psychological operation started) who had been shouting from the rooftops for decades to not use his RT-PCR amplification technique to detect any illness, was ignored and the RT-PCR test based on computer-generated short genetic sequences was ushered in to ramp up the case numbers and keep populations in extreme fear. Who will rule out the possibility that people fell sick & died from panic due to the fear mongering considering panic causes partial breathlessness?

  5. The RT-PCR tests were used (and are still being used under Emergency Use Authorization in India) to detect one’s own genetic material and claim that people have this so-called novel disease when they are not even expressing any symptoms. Even if some did express symptoms, the so-called COVID-19 symptoms are symptoms of detox. Case in point: In India, 97.2% of the 46.3 crore ‘cases’ till Aug 2021 were asymptomatic (that is, they were healthy people).

  6. This was used as a cover to blame regular detox expressions of the body on imaginary invisible non-living particles known as viruses. The years 2020 and 2021 have seen countless doctors and scientists debunking the great virus lie (that has somehow persisted for a century or so) and the germ theory myth.

    “The burden of proof that viruses cause disease is on those who propose that theory. There is no burden of proof for me to defend my criticism of that theory. This is known as Hitchen’s Razor, which states – What can be asserted without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence.” says Sol Luckman.

  7. Not many have critically examined Evidence Based Medicine, Germ Theory & Vaccines all of which rely solely on For Profit Research, which makes it unsuitable to be the only path of medicine for Public Health. Burden of Proof to reject a commerce-laden disease narrative and solution package, is not on the people. Buyer Beware applies. Suspicion is enough to reject it.

  8. Even if viruses are considered to exist in the context we are told (and they do not), their transmission is not proven. Disease causing ability of viruses is dubiously established only in Labs. Association (not causation) with sickness is reported only to those with underlying conditions, and such people also on average have 99 % recovery rate.

  9. Public Health advocated an approach of trying to stop transmission to save elderly! Why did they not rather educate people on retaining/ improving natural self-regulation and self-healing and try to save everyone?

  10. Ridiculous measures have been put in place to further frighten people, stop them from interacting, isolate them, and break them down physically, mentally, spiritually, and financially. Every one of the measures such as masking, sanitizing, and distancing is extremely detrimental to health, but the hypnotized masses were led to believe the exact opposite. We accepted our own real suffering from corona measures in order to theoretically protect others. We accepted this argument and became heroes. Finally nobody got protected and we all got hurt. We have no one to blame but to learn from the experience.

  11. This trauma was further aggravated by the multiple flip flops in the official narrative. Draconian lockdowns further crushed the human spirit and ensured skyrocketing poverty, suicides, psychological issues, domestic abuse, deaths due to other causes, the closure of millions of small businesses around the world, and the transfer of wealth to a few large corporations.

  12. To cover up for their crimes in the form of toxicities and dangerous hospital protocols, injections were developed at warp speed (or so they claim) to ‘protect’ from imaginary invisible non-living particles without a good percentage of the population (especially in urban areas) realizing that there is nothing to ‘protect’ them from.

  13. The experimental ‘Covid’ injections started killing and maiming people right from their initial use in January 2021. What we are witnessing at this time is genocide — as those injected now include adolescents and even tiny tots in many countries. Variants of non-living particles are being conjured up in computers and marketed globally, to push one booster shot after another.

  14. As of late, mainstream media and social media have begun reporting on a sudden increase in fatal heart attacks, including some well-known public persons and sports personalities in India as well as worldwide. Have you noticed the huge spike in sudden deaths post-injection? Have you noticed the growing number of people suffering from unusual conditions, such as: Myocarditis, Pericarditis, Anaphylaxis, Bell’s Palsy, Thrombocytopenia/Low Platelet count, Severe Allergic Reactions, Shingles, Autoimmune disorders, and Cancer? Data reflects an astonishing amount of injuries and deaths, followingCOVID-19 injections in India and abroad (covered by the media and video testimonials of victims, or their family members). This data is widely circulated on alternative social media platforms.

  15. For those who may have fallen prey, it is time to detox from the poisons in the shots, after you have had certain diagnostic procedures completed. We recommend getting a set of lab tests to test your platelet count, as well as d-dimer and fibrinogen antigen levels, before beginning to detox. It is also important to note that not all of the ’COVID’ shots are the same. It is possible that dosage differences exist, to include simple saline solutions, and some are low dose toxic shots. These differences create the impression that adverse events from the COVID-19 experimental injections are rare. But, they only appear rare due to batch variations.

  16. It has to be noted that the groundwork for a bio-security state, financial reset, social impact bonds, internet of bio nano things, pay for success, and the like, are being put in place in parallel. Illegal lockdowns are being used to put up new 5G towers all over the planet. Satellites are being launched at break-neck speed to blanket the earth, to alter the ether and life as we know it for all species. This is all a part of an attempt to push a global agenda of bringing us into a technocratic tyrannical surveillance state with massive depopulation. Australia and New Zealand are both Ground Zero for this attempt.

  17. COVID-19 injections are being administered as unethical wide-scale experimental clinical trials. As such, medical experiments cannot be made mandatory, per The Nuremberg Code. Furthermore, enrolling people for medical experiments without informed consent, is a Crime Against Humanity and punishable by death.

  18. There is no basis for discrimination between the vaccinated and unvaccinated. Did you know that the Gauhati High Court judgement clearly states that vaccinated people can also be super-spreaders? Yet, public and private institutions, en masse, are mandating these experimental injections. Government officials maintain that COVID-appropriate behaviour and vaccines are voluntary, but attempts have been made at the Municipal Corporation and State Government levels, to make the COVID-appropriate behavior and vaccine measures compulsory.

  19. State Government and Municipal Corporation Orders regarding COVID-19, are unlawful. Orders issued by various state governments, like that of the Government of Karnataka,dated 03-12-2021 (which instructed parents of school/ college-aged children to compulsorily vaccinate their children), and other orders mandating vaccinations, are unlawful based on the recent courageous Supreme Court and High Court Orders of India, which make it unlawful to discriminate based on vaccination status. So, what can we do as citizens now? STOP COMPLYING with these orders and get back to a natural lifestyle.

  20. Herd Immunity has already been achieved, according to the ICMR and AIIMS sero survey reports [1.0, 2.0, 3.0]. According to these articles, two out of three individuals in the survey area, have already developed antibodies (and lack of antibodies is not conclusive evidence of lack of immunity).

  21. Main Stream Media (MSM) downplays risks from the Covid vaccines, but drums up risks from the apparent virus. This shows a strong bias towards vaccines, by ignoring real injuries post-vaccination. It also shows greater concern for dangers attributed to a theoretical virus. MSM has failed to adequately highlight risks from the Covid vaccines, along with large social media platforms who carry out heavy censorship — perhaps on the grounds of “morality” to eliminate “fear-mongering”. These media platforms act in unison, drumming up ‘pandemic’ waves and rises in cases. Government leaders collaborate with the media to push for more Covid testing, which has resulted in more false positives, with the usage of RT-PCR tests, now dropped by the CDC. Claiming to want to protect the masses and return to normal, officials proposed only one solution – “vaccines” (with an altered definition). They made sure their advertisers were incentivized well, while suppressing more viable treatments, in order to keep alive the Emergency Use Authorizations for their toxic potions, they call “vaccines”.

  22. The only way to stop the culling of populations and the acute enslavement of the survivors, is to stop acquiescing. Burn your face coverings, decline all injections, and start socializing with others. Connect with nature like never before. This is the only way to save our species and other species that depend on us, in this bountiful and infinitely life-ward realm, we call ‘Mother Earth’.

  23. You may wonder how the government allowed this fake pandemic to be carried out? One must understand that the agenda is global in nature; and therefore, it hasn’t been easy for governmental authorities to escape the dictates of the agenda that were set in place. For all we know, our government is facing a multi-frontal war to save our great nation. We must be grateful that the Indian Government allowed its citizens to use Ivermectin, which was blocked by other countries. We must appreciate our government for successfully blocking the deadly mRNA injections of Pfizer and Moderna. However, let us not be complacent, but take action as awakened Indians.

  24. For all we know, the government is waiting for us citizens to wake up and face reality. Millions of people worldwide have already woken up to the truth and are standing up against the medical tyranny. Many are waking up by the day and rejecting the experimental COVID-19 injections. It is up to us to preserve our democracy, our liberty, our autonomy and our good health. It is worth noting that the global peaceful resistance movements are not covered as much in the Mainstream Media. Peaceful resistance movements have entered the social fabric worldwide, with musicians and satire artists expressing their voices. Many celebrities have raised their voices to criticize the official response to COVID-19; and there is some optimism surrounding a better outcome for humanity.

  25. We understand that your openness to consider the possibility of this so-called pandemic being a scam, may have been severely impacted, for fear of facing the truth. The affects on your emotional and physical health may be long term, especially if you have already received the experimental vaccination. But, we hope reading this article will help you to make tough decisions about your current life and future. The purpose of this communication is to empower you, to help you find solutions, and answers to your questions.

  26. There are criminal consequences for not adhering to laws regarding medical freedoms and for not following the requirements of informed consent for these experimental trials.

  27. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, please know that we at Free Earth Alliance, are always available to explain and present various facets of the truth to your organisation (including the planned end game that is behind the COVID-19 smokescreen). We would love to interact with doctors and health care professionals from within your organisation. Please feel free to email us, so we can arrange an awakening session!

Free Earth Alliance Team



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