This section borrows from and is an Indian adaptation to some of the amazing and inspirational work done by Canadians in the website – StandUp Canada.


Many Indians do not know they have rights, let alone how the COVID-19 measures are violating their rights.

Below is a series of our work which shines a spotlight on how Indian rights are being removed…right in front of our eyes.

You cannot defend what you do not know.

It is our deepest desire to educate you so that you will AWAKEN and help us realise and manifest our rights and freedoms.  

Like a good book, we suggest you start where our Indian story begins.  The March 2020 India-wide Declarations of Health Emergency.

We believe that knowledge is potential power.  But knowledge has no power without comprehension and internalisation, that then generates its own action.  And so, our purpose has been fulfilled by giving you this knowledge…the rest is up to you.


First of all, we want to clarify that COVID-19 Injections dubbed “vaccines” are medical treatment and more so interventions/ procedures in this case and so are the following –

  • PCR testing
  • antigen test
  • antibody test
  • masking
  • temperature taking
  • hand sanitisers 
  • physical/ social distancing

Definition of Medical Treatment (including interventions/ procedures)

Anything that affects your health and state of well-being, whether physically, energetically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually.  

  1. And like all medical treatments, they require your “informed consent”
  2. If you don’t want to consent to this, you don’t have to and there should not be any employment or societal repercussions for doing so
  3. You need to be “accommodated” for your health, wellness and medical choices, and if you are not, it is discrimination

That’s not what is happening in India and around the world right now. Employees are being put on involuntary unpaid leave and some are even being terminated.  Kids are being denied participation in organised sports and schooling.  People are being denied service in public spaces and places of public accommodation (restaurants, retail, health care, etc.).  This is not only unprecedented, but it is unethical, unscientific, illegal, unlawful and adharmic.

Here is why this is happening:

Because Indians don’t know what their rights are and so, they can’t defend them. That’s where Free Earth Alliance (Indian Chapter) comes in. That’s why it is vital that you understand what your rights are so that you can stand up for them.

  • Know your rights 
  • Let your employer / labour union / school / airline / place of worship / sports organization etc., (anyone who is telling you or your child(ren) that you (they) need to be injected “vaccinated” in order to be employed / receive service / participate in any organization) know how they are violating your rights (in writing – there are letters and Notices of Liability at the end of this section – Work in Progress)
  • Unite with colleagues / parents / people who attend the same organized event etc., who are in the same situation as you; there is strength in numbers; if you are alone, do not be afraid to stand up for yourself; take action as per law, if needed

COVID-19 Injections “Vaccines” and COVID-19 measures in India are completely VOLUNTARY. The Central Government through Counter-Affidavit(s) in Supreme Court, and by the statement on 9 February 2021 by the Minister of State of Health and Family Welfare of India acknowledges – “There is no provision of insurance for recipients of COVID-19 vaccine against any kind of side effects or medical complications that may arise due to the inoculation”, Rajya Sabha was informed on Tuesday. “The COVID-19 vaccination is entirely voluntary for the beneficiary”, Minister of State for Health Ashwini Choubey said.

So much for that.

Here we at India, are at an important point of infection where our bodily autonomy, privacy and medical freedom is being deceptively and gradually being attempted to be usurped. Our country’s response to the alleged COVID-19 has crossed many lines from the beginning, which was only 23 months ago from date of this publication. We’ve been fed a steady diet of “you are not doing this for yourself, but for others” with respect to mandatory masking, forced business closures, bankruptcies, stay-at-home orders, separation from our family and friends and terrible isolation in the physical sense from NOT being with people you love, to isolation from what we consider and need to feel safe and healthy to thrive.  What are the effects from these measures to our mental health? They have caused an unprecedented mental health crisis in our society – right where we live. Not over there, but here.  Our precious youth have suffered the most and their suicide attempts have tripled and hospitals are seeing 90% increase in eating disordersThis is gut-wrenching.

Do you still think lockdowns work? 

We’ve complied, been obedient, watched and ran to that goal post as fast as you told us to, each time it moved, so that we could flatten the curve. What happened to two weeks? Did you think some of us would forget what the government initially said?

Wait a second. This “public health” emergency isn’t about any virus. It’s about control. Indians and so also all the people in the world, are so quick to tow the line, to be such good friends and neighbours to everyone. We WILL give you the shirt off our backs because that is our nature. But at what personal cost?

We don’t know where you are on the scale of the whole narrative. No matter if you are pro-vaccination, against these measures or somewhere in between, to have a vaccination forced on you is not only illegal, unlawful, it is unconstitutional, discriminatory and unenforceable. Rather it is punishable.

And THAT is why you are here reading this today because the government has crossed a very personal line with you. Your body – and guess what? It’s your choice.

Can anyone, including your employer force you to put anything into your body that you do not want? Think about this. Your answer should be a resounding NO. In case there is any confusion, the answer IS no.

The government knows this and they are expecting us to continue to do what we’ve done for the last 23 months, which is to just comply and acquiesce. Because that is what we’ve done up until now. How can we say this? Because we are here now, with forced mandatory injections into our sacred bodies.

Everyone has a line in the sand which cannot be crossed. Is this yours? If so, this vital information is for you.

So, we rise to the occasion to give you all of the legal and law-related information you need to empower yourself to know your rights – you have legal rights to refuse any medical treatment or procedure. You need to say I DO NOT CONSENT.  

Here’s how to do this …

Table of Contents

There is quite a bit of knowledge we are sharing with you on this page. We are doing so, in the order below to make it easy for you to understand your rights. Think of it in terms of a story. There is always a beginning, middle and end. If you skip a chapter, you will not get the whole story. We suggest that you take the time to read all of this information because it is all connected and this will really help you stand up for your rights. Don’t worry, we include a PDF comprehensive format (full document) at the end of this page.

  1. Know Your Rights
  2. Employee Rights
  3. Denial of Entry/ Service to Public Spaces & Places of Public Accommodation 
    (hotels, restaurants, bars, theatre, auditorium, departmental stores, local markets, banking, finance & insurance establishments, holy places, hospitals & clinics, public transportation, amusement parks, gyms, places of recreation, clubs, parlours, social service centres, apartment complexes, public places including streets facing law-enforcement officers, government offices) 
    • Discrimination upon, not wearing Masks. 
    • Negative RT-PCR test as a condition to avail any public service 
    • Requirement of disclosure of Vaccination Status, to avail any public service.
    • Denial of service for non-compliance of “vaccination”.  
    • Denial of service for those not using contact tracing aka Aarogya Setu. 
  4. Right to Expression of Information, Freedom of Speech, Right to Public Discourse, Right to Peaceful Assembly, Right to Meet Elected Representatives
    (for universal beings, citizens, government officers/ employees, foreigners, international tourists – exploratory).
  5. Complaint on Forced “Vaccination” & “Tests”  
  6. Rights of Vaccine “Adverse Event” Victims 
  7. Business Owners Sign
    Also how a business owners can stop Corporation officials to enter for checking vaccination status of his employee and RT-PCR test, sign board for it.
  8. Home Owners Sign 
  9. Lockdown Compensation 
  10. Compensation for forced un-healthy and un-scientific COVID Appropriate Behaviour (CAB) & illegal & unlawful Standard Operating Procedure (SOPs). 
  11. Right to Defend & Arrest against intrusive behaviour, against us and/ or another being, from law-enforcers. 
  12. Complaint against threats of cancellation of VISA for people participating in peaceful resistance movement, as its tangential to the spirit of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbhakam”, “Vishwa Guru” & “Dharmo Rakshati Rakshita”.
  13. Ghar Vapasi Project (Helping unvaccinated NRIs and PIOs relocate to India) 
  14. Denial of Service in Educational Institutes (Schools, Colleges, Examination centres, & Various coaching centres)
    • Discrimination and/or denial of service, for not wearing masks.
    • Negative RT-PCR “test” as a condition of admission/ to retain enrolment.
    • Requirement of disclosure of vaccination status, to avail service.
    • Denial of service due to non-compliance with COVID-19 injection “vaccine” mandates.
    • Denial of service for not using Aarogya Setu, the contact tracing App.
    • Pre-emptive counter measures against anticipated “vaccination” of children without parent’s consent
    • Withdrawal of consent taken by the Institution earlier, without taking informed consent with full disclosure of risks, from taking COVID-19 Injections (“Vaccines”)
  15. Rights against Unlawful Acts, Rules, Regulations and Treaties – CrPI, Public Health Bill, IHR, WHO Pandemic Treaty
  16. Notice of Personal Liability
  17. Format for providing Informed Consent.

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