9.14 Questions To The Educational Institutes

(The template provided on this page, may be used, if you are, directly or indirectly, being forced by your educational institution to take the COVID-19 Injections [“Vaccines”] and/ or adhere to COVID Appropriate Behaviour, to maintain your enrolment with them.)

Document Name: Student’s Counter-Offer To Educational Institution w.r.t. COVID-19 “Vaccination” & Other Mandates

Author: Free Earth Alliance, India Team (https://FreeEarthAlliance.Org)

Description: This document is a student’s counter-offer to the educational institution, with respect to (w.r.t) COVID-19 “vaccination” & other mandates – to specifically address one or more of the following situations they have faced/ are facing:

i. Discrimination and/or denial of service, for not wearing masks.

ii. Negative RT-PCR “test” as a condition of admission/ to retain enrolment.

iii. Requirement of disclosure of vaccination status, to avail service.

iv. Denial of service due to non-compliance with COVID-19 injection “vaccine” mandates.

v. Denial of service for not using Aarogya Setu, the contact tracing App.

vi. Pre-emptive counter measures against anticipated “vaccination” of children without parent’s consent

vii. Withdrawal of consent taken by the Institution earlier, without taking informed consent with full disclosure of risks, from taking COVID-19 Injections (“Vaccines”)

Forwarding Letter To The Student


If you or your child is being forced directly/indirectly to take the COVID-19 Injections (dubbed “vaccines”) and/or other Medical Interventions or Procedures, as a requirement of admission/condition of enrollment, DO NOT outrightly refuse to accept their  “requirement” (even if you/ your child have/ has previously taken one or more doses and are now being asked to take the next dose to update/complete your “vaccination” status/schedule). Inform your/ your child’s school that you are NOT refusing to take the said injection, and that you are willing to take it/ allow it to be given to your child, in order to maintain your/ your child’s safety and enrollment, after they provide you answers to the following questions, for maintaining safeguards and assurances. This document may be used as a template that can be edited as needed, when an Educational Institution mandates a COVID-19 Injection (“Vaccine”) and/ or other Medical Interventions or Procedures for students. This is for use in India and may need to be adapted for use in other countries.

Best regards,
Free Earth Alliance
India Team
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Student’s Counter-Offer To Educational Institution w.r.t. COVID-19 “Vaccination” & Other Mandates [Draft – Template]


<Name of the Designated Officer of the Educational Institution>

<Your Institution’s Name & Address>

Dear Sir/ Madam,

RE: <The official communication received from the Designated Officer of the Institute, to take Medical Treatment/ COVID-19 “Injections”, as a requirement for admission/ condition of enrollment/ in order to maintain my/ my child’s safety.>

We understand that you are mandating/ considering mandating students to receive any of the following COVID-19 “Injections” (dubbed “Vaccines”) [hereinafter referred to as “Vaccines”, “COVID-19 Injections”, or Injections], in order to retain their enrolment status with your school. We also understand that you intend to make this a prerequisite for future admissions into your school.

Age Group Name of the COVID-19 Injections (“Vaccines”) Nature of Approval
18+ yearsCovaxin, CovishieldConditional Marketing Approval
18+ yearsSputnik V, Moderna, Jannssen, Zycov-d, Covovax, Sputnik Light, CorbevaxRestricted Use in Emergency Situation
12+ yearsCovaxin, Corbevax, ZyCoV-D, ZydusRestricted Use in Emergency Situation
6+ yearsCovaxinRestricted Use in Emergency Situation
5+ yearsCorbevaxRestricted Use in Emergency Situation

We also understand that COVID-19 Injections (“Vaccines”) are “Medical Treatments” —  more so “Medical Interventions or Procedures”, in this case, and so are the following:

  • PCR testing
  • antigen test
  • antibody test
  • masking
  • temperature taking
  • hand sanitizer usage
  • physical/ social distancing

In addition to mandating students to receive COVID-19 Injections (“Vaccines”), in order to retain their enrolment in the Institution, you are also mandating Medical Interventions or Procedures as mentioned above.

I, (insert your name here), do desire to maintain my/ my child’s enrollment/admission status. However, with this letter, I hereby withdraw and re-call any express or implied consent, towards receiving the COIVD-19 Injections for myself/ my child and/ or any other injections and/ or subjecting myself/ my child to any Medical Interventions or Procedures, without being fully informed and apprised of ALL related facts. I reserve my/ my child’s inalienable rights to choose a path of medicine and/or a way to remain healthy for myself/ my child. For any suspicion that I/ my child may be a cause of spread of any infection to others, I put you to burden of proof to prove that coronavirus exists, is pathogenic and contagious. However, please note that I am NOT refusing to take the COVID-19 Injections (“Vaccines”) and all the Medical Interventions or Procedures for myself/ my child, that you are requiring me to take, in order to keep my/ his/ her  safety and enrollment/admission status. It is my desire to be fully informed and apprised of ALL facts, before moving forward. I may accept and receive/ allow my child to receive the COVID-19 Injections (“Vaccines”) and the Medical Interventions/ Procedures, after you provide me with the following information, in writing, in accordance with statutory, legal, lawful and ethical requirements, and based on the conditions mentioned hereafter.


  1. Are COVID-19 Injections truly vaccines?  Will you assure me that the COVID-19 Injections, that you are asking me to take, to maintain my physiological safety and/or my/ my child’s enrollment with you, are indeed vaccines, as we have come to accept for several decades; and that standard safety norms and protocols have not been bypassed, under the guise of Emergency Usage Authorization (EUA)? Does the change in the definition of vaccine, by Health Regulators, not suggest that these COVID-19 Injections are simply dubbed “vaccines”, and are not actually vaccines, as we have come to accept for several decades?
  2. Nature of Emergency in the EUA – Will you please provide me information on whether or not the COVID-19 Injections (“Vaccines”) and all other Medical Interventions/ Procedures are approved ‘For Restricted Use in Emergency Situations’? If yes, what is the nature of the  ‘Emergency’ that the approval pertains to? Does it imply that all living beings of all age groups are under the same risk of catching and falling sick from an infection, due to the alleged SARS-CoV-2 (Coronavirus or COVID-19 virus)? Are there no viable early treatment protocols from hundreds of traditional medicines and therapies, including getting back to homoeostasis, simply by getting adequate rest, drinking plenty of fluids, getting fresh air, tummy breathing, being in a natural setting, utilizing home remedies, etc., which have all been available from the beginning of time, and which can help individuals who feel sick, to recover from the alleged infection/illness?
  3. COVID-19 Injections (“Vaccines”) Policy, Exemptions, and Consequences of Refusal – Please make available a comprehensive and complete COVID-19 “vaccination” policy, with clarity on implications to students’ benefits and enrollment conditions, based on students’ “vaccination” status, including medical and religious exemptions? Can you inform me of the policy on COVID-19 testing and wearing of masks while at the school, even if I/ my child receive(s) the COVID-19 Injections (“Vaccine”), which you are requiring me to take, in order to maintain my/ my child’s admission with you? In the event that I should have to decline your offer for me/ my child to receive a COVID-19 Injection “vaccine”, in order to maintain my/ his/ her enrollment, due to your inability to provide the requested safeguards and assurances contained in this letter, please confirm if my refusal to receive the COVID-19 Injection(s) [“Vaccine(s)”] would require me to get tested for COVID-19 on a periodic basis and to wear masks? In such case, can you provide me with the evidence of suitability of the alleged COVID-19 detection “tests”, including RT-PCR, RAT and/or RT-LAMP “tests”, in diagnosing illnesses? Please also provide me with the scientific evidence that masks prevent transmission of the alleged “novel” Coronavirus. Based on your requirement, if I/ my child take(s) the COVID-19 Injections (“Vaccines”), do I have to submit any evidence of me/ my child having taken such “vaccination”, either once or on a periodic basis? Have you considered the practicality of implementing a mandatory injection (“vaccination”) scheme? Have you considered that it would require verification of “vaccination” every 3-8 months, and that would require an extensive investment in human resources to be able to implement a system that can monitor compliance by each student and take action against those who miss a “vaccination”?

  4. Approval Status of “Vaccines” – Will you please advise me of the legal status of the approval of COVID-19 Injections (“Vaccines”), by providing me with authentic and official documentation from the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW), Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO), and Government of India (GoI)?
  5. Conditions and Approvals of Experimental Trials – Will you please provide me with the experimental/clinical trial status of the COVID-19 Injections (“Vaccines”) [1.0, 2.0]? If they are still under clinical trial, then what are the conditions for approval? If these COVID-19 Injections (“Vaccines”) have received complete and/or un-conditional approval, then please provide the authentic and official documentation of such approval? Will you please provide me with official documentation, details and assurances that the COVID-19 Injection(s) [“Vaccine(s)”] has been fully, independently and rigorously tested against single or double-blind control groups, especially for youth/ children of the age group in which I/ my child falls. Also, please provide me with the subsequent outcomes of those Phase I, II and III clinical trials? Can you assure me that there have been no prejudices, biases and conflicts of interest in these experimental/clinical trials and approvals? Can you assure me that life insurance companies will not deny providing me insurance coverage in the future, for having participated in these experimental trials, especially since even Death is included as a potential side effect? Can you assure me that my life insurance company will not deny insurance claims made by my family upon my death, following these injections, citing my participation in the risky life threatening experimental clinical trials as a reason for such denial?
  6. Batch Variation in Vaccination Doses Makes the Vaccination Drive a Trojan Horse (Interspersing Toxic & Saline Shots) – In the process of taking the COVID-19 Injections (“Vaccines”), what if I/ my child get(s) a saline shot, which causes no harm to my/ his/ her well-being, but at a later date under a so-called “precautionary/ booster dose”, I/ he/ she ends up getting a toxic dose, which causes harm to my/ his/ her body? Can you rule out such a possibility, since the current COVID-19 Injection (“vaccination”) drive, is under clinical trials, where many people are expected to get saline shots? Further, what if the so-called “saline shots” are not truly saline shots, but are made using a technology of “delayed release payload of parasites,” which can release toxins & poisons into my body, upon being triggered externally, by centrally controlled radiation mechanisms, such as telecommunication 4G/5G (wireless/ WiFi) technologies and other sources of EMF radiation frequencies, such as HAARP? Can you rule out such a possibility of deception?
  7. Long-Term Safety and Efficacy – Can you please provide long-term safety and efficacy studies undertaken w.r.t. these COVID-19 Injections (“Vaccines”)? Can you assure me that there will be no harm to my/ my child’s health and well-being in the long run, (i.e. 2-5 years or more) from taking these COVID-19 Injections (“Vaccines”)?
  8. Evidence of Isolation and Purification of SARS-CoV-2 – Can you please provide me with the scientific evidence of isolation and purification of the said novel Coronavirus?
  9. Evidence of Causal Relationship and Transmission – Can you also provide me with the scientific evidence that establishes the causal relationship, along with statistical co-relation, between the said novel Coronavirus and the COVID-19 symptoms? Can you provide me with scientific evidence of the purported transmission/contagiousness of the alleged novel Coronavirus from people to people?
  10. Incompatibility & Interaction Studies – Please provide the conclusive study in reference to incompatibility/interaction of COVID-19 Injections (“Vaccines”) with other medicinal products and other forms of interaction, including edible (food allergies), telecommunication 4G/5G (wireless/ WiFi) and other sources of EMF radiation frequencies, along with their diverse power and energy densities, sudden change of weather condition, extreme physical workout, and the need for excess oxygen supply?
  11. Fertility Safety Studies – Can you provide conclusive safety studies of COVID-19 Injections, (“Vaccines”) ruling out any debilitating impact on the reproductive system and impairment of fertility levels?  Will you also provide studies pertaining to reproductive toxicity that will ensure safety of my/ my child’s future offspring, (i.e. coming generation), following immunisation.
  12. Carcinogenicity, teratogenicity, genotoxicity and mutagenicity studies – Can you provide me the study documents pertaining to carcinogenicity, teratogenicity, genotoxicity and mutagenicity tests that have been conducted on all the COVID-19 Injections (“Vaccines”)?  If not, how can you assure me that the Injection will not cause cancer, foetal abnormality and genetic disorders in my/ my child’s body and that of my/ their future off-spring(s)?

  13. List of “Vaccine” Ingredients/Excipients – Will you please provide me with an official and complete list of the ingredients/excipients that are contained within the specific COVID-19 Injections (“Vaccines”), that you are requiring me/ my child to take, in order to maintain my/ my child’s safety and enrolment with you? There is a historical precedent of the pharmaceutical industry not fully disclosing all of the ingredients in their products. There have been lawsuits that have been filed and settled in favour of the consumers against some of the pharmaceutical companies. In light of their past indiscretion, will you assure me that the manufacturers are fully disclosing all of the ingredients/ adjuvants in their COVID-19 Injections (“Vaccines”)? There are reports of live microscopic creatures with tentacles and a computer operating system in liquid form in the COVID-19 Injection (“Vaccine”) vials. Can you deny these microscopic and chemical analysis studies done by independent experts in USA and Europe? If you are relying on Fact Checkers’ verdicts to qualify these reports as mis-information and dis-information, can you assure me that the Fact Checkers are not complicit with, funded by, and/or in any way controlled by the “Vaccine” Manufacturers or entities that fund/ control them? Can you assure me that the “Vaccine” manufacturers, “Vaccine” Patent owners, and/ or Government are not under Non-Disclosure Agreements, preventing them from fully disclosing all ingredients/excipients/adjuvants in the COVID-19 Injections (“Vaccine”)? 
  14. Toxic “Vaccine” Ingredients – Will you please provide me with the official documentation as to whether or not any of the ingredients/ excipients in the COVID-19 Injections (“Vaccines”) are toxic to animals and/ or the human body? Have Pharmacokinetic (PK) studies been performed for these COVID-19 Injections (“Vaccines”) (i.e. active interventional studies to determine how the human body handles localised and/ or systemic reactions of the injected substance? What if the COVID-19 Injections (“Vaccines”) contain novel adjuvants/excipients that may also be delivered into the body, using new delivery systems (novel bio-technologies); and yet, if Pharmacokinetic (PK) studies have not been performed, would you still insist that I risk my/ my child’s life by taking these possibly unprecedented COVID-19 Injections (“Vaccines”)?
  15. Animal viruses within, may create variants – Will you provide peer-reviewed research studies and conclusive data, which prove that genetic strains of animal “viruses” present in these COVID-19 Injections (“Vaccines”) will not manipulate my/ my child’s DNA, or cause the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 to mutate into multiple “variants” of concern?
  16. Aborted human foetus cells/parts – Will you provide proof that aborted human foetus cells/parts are not included in the COVID-19 Injections (“Vaccines”), that you are expecting me to take in order to maintain my/ my child safety and enrolment with you?
  17. Foetal Bovine Serum (FBS) in Injections – Will you provide proof that foetal bovine serum (FBS), taken from killed pregnant cow and its aborted foetus, is not used in the manufacturing of these COVID-19 Injections (“Vaccines”), that you are expecting me to take in order to maintain my/ my child’s safety and enrolment with you?
  18. Cumbersome to rule out allergy to all ingredients – Can you assure me that I/ my child will not be allergic to any one or more of the ingredients/ technologies in COVID-19 Injections (“Vaccines”)?  Can you assure me that the time and effort involved in ruling out allergic reactions to every ingredient/ technology of the Injection is not more than the time and discomfort involved in natural/ self-recovery from COVID-19 symptoms, and with less than 1% probability that one may not recover from COVID-19 symptoms, which also would largely be those with underlying conditions and/or in age groups beyond 65 years of age?

  19. List of Adverse Events & Instances – Will you please provide me with a list of all the adverse events and/ or adverse reactions that have occurred since the introduction of the COVID-19 Injection (“Vaccines”), , including deaths? Can you assure me that all instances of people experiencing adverse events and/or adverse reactions following the COVID-19 Injections (“Vaccines”), have been identified and captured in this list? Can you assure me that the “Vaccine” manufacturers, “Vaccine” Patent owners and / or Government are not under Non-Disclosure Agreements, preventing them from fully disclosing all anticipated adverse outcomes of interest from the COVID-19 Injections (“Vaccine”)?
  20. Risk of COVID-19 & AEFI (Adverse Events Following Immunisation) – Will you please provide me with official documentation concerning the possible and likely risk of me/ my child developing any illness, fatality, COVID-19 symptoms and/or any other adverse event and/or reaction(s), following COVID-19 Injection(s) (“Vaccine(s)”) that you are requiring me/ my child to receive in order to maintain my/ my child’s safety and enrolment?
  21. Bias in Reporting, Attribution, Transparency and Analysis of AEFI – If I/ my child get(s) an injury/ sickness following the administration of COVID-19 Injections (“Vaccines”), how will it be decided, if it is because of the COVID-19 Injections (“Vaccines”) or not? Is the process very simple or is it complex, requiring reliance on commercial/regulatory entities with possible interests not in alignment with my/ my child’s ability to stay healthy naturally? How will I report injury/ sickness following immunisation given to me/ my child? Is the process completely transparent and accountable, all at our finger tips, backed with single-window redressal system? Can we access the complete AEFI data on real-time basis, in the same way as vaccination data in the Co-WIN portal, so that it can be scrutinised, processed and analysed?  If not, how will we know how many children, teenagers, youngsters and others have been injured till today, following COVID-19 “immunisation”? What’s the assurance you can provide me, that the health complications, if any, following COVID-19 Injections (“Vaccines”), will not be brushed aside as “anxiety”;  and what if the Medical System does not readily accept the health complications as caused by “vaccination”, due to other factors like economics, bias, prejudice, fear of reprisal and conflicts of interest in denying attribution of deaths/ sickness to COVID-19 Injections (“Vaccines”)? What if this denial of attribution of adverse events, reactions, injuries and/or death to COVID-19 Injections (“Vaccines”), is used as a basis for denial of your medical and financial liability and responsibility towards me and my family, from taking these injections to keep my enrolment with you? What if the medical establishment rather attribute these adverse events to new diseases and conditions, and attempt to make me/ my child permanently dependent on proposed treatments (i.e. more toxins for these new diseases/ conditions)?
  22. Recovery from Adverse Events – Will you please provide me with official documentation concerning the likelihood of recovery should I/ my child incur any adverse events, reactions and/or illnesses following the administration of COVID-19 Injection(s) [“Vaccine(s)”], that you are requiring me/ my child to receive in order to maintain my/ my child’s safety and enrolment?

  23. No Bias in “Vaccine” Supply Chain – Can you assure me that there has been no prejudices, biases, lapses and conflicts of interests in the production, logistics & administration of the COVID-19 Injections (“Vaccines”), that you are requiring me/ my child to receive, in order to maintain my/ my child’s safety and enrolment?
  24. Assurance of No Alteration to Genome – Will you please provide official documentation that the COVID-19 Injections (“Vaccines”), that you are requiring me/ my child to take, in order to maintain my/ my child’s safety and enrolment status, is NOT harmful to my/ my child’s well-being in any manner whatsoever, and will not in any way lead to altering my/ my child’s genome (DNA)?
  25. Alleged Risks vs Alleged Benefits – Can you inform me of  the statistical probability of me/ my child developing the alleged COVID-19 symptoms, especially within my/ my child’s age-group, and the risks of not recovering from the symptoms, vis-à-vis the justification for exposing myself/ my child to the risks of adverse events and/ or adverse reactions from the COVID-19 Injections (“Vaccines”), if any? Can you rule out the risk of COVID-19 Injections being contaminated before application?
  26. Long Duration Protection from Illness – Can you provide data and literature that shows I/ my child will be protected from the alleged coronavirus, the COVID-19 symptoms, and for a specified duration of time, by taking these COVID-19 Injections (“Vaccines”), just as vaccines have historically been credited for fighting illnesses?
  27. Since Vaccine Immunity Wanes, Why Take It? – How do “experts” know that our “vaccine” immunity is waning? Does the body tell us that immunity is waning, in as many words? Why then is the disappearance of antibodies interpreted as “immunity waning”? Why can’t this disappearance of antibodies mean that there is “no perceived threat” by the body to save itself from any pathogens? Who decides the interpretation of nature’s design?
  28. Alteration to EMF & Energy Field – Will you please provide the assurance that aluminium hydroxide gel and other adjuvants contained in all the COVID-19 Injections (“Vaccines”) will not alter the human body’s magnetic condition/position vis-à-vis the body’s eternal and innate EMF/Energy/Aura?
  29. Protection from Infection, Transmission & Hospitalisation – Will you assure me that after taking COVID-19 Injections (“Vaccines”), I/ my child will not contract infection from the COVID-19 “Virus”; and/or become a source of transmission of Coronavirus — that I/ my child will  not get hospitalised and/or die due to COVID-19 symptoms or any other causes, following/as a result of “Immunisation”? Would you please let me know, even based on the admission of Health Regulators, if there is a difference between the so-called viral loads carried by “vaccinated” and “unvaccinated” people? Would you please confirm if these COVID-19 Injections taken by humans will prevent the alleged infection or the alleged transmission? Just as humans are being considered to be carriers of the alleged “coronavirus”, animals should then also be carriers of the so-called “coronavirus”. So, can this purported “virus” be practically targeted to be “eliminated” through these Injections (“Vaccines”, without “vaccinating” all the animals also?
  30. Natural Immunity vs. “Vaccine-Triggered” Biological Response – Post the start of the alleged COVID-19 pandemic, I am/ my child (is) alive, active and healthy, owing to my/ my child’s body’s own natural self-healing mechanism. So, why should we “fix what is not broken”? We know that by definition, “vaccines” were only designed to trigger our body to make what were called “antibodies”, supposedly to “fight disease,” which means that the very performance of the “vaccine” itself depends upon my body’s / my child’s body’s ability to generate “antibodies” sufficiently. Is it safe therefore, to conclude that “vaccine” immunity is nothing more than vaccine-triggered “natural innate immunity” (that produces the “antibodies” to supposedly fight the assumed future “pathogens”)? But, why trigger the body unnecessarily? Does a lack of sufficient “antibodies”, automatically mean that we have conclusive evidence of a lack of protection? Why may it not mean that, when there is “no perceived threat,” the body  has no need to produce the “antibodies”? How can “vaccine-triggered” immunity be better than the innate natural immunity, when it’s performance itself depends upon the recipient’s innate natural immunity?
  31. Studies that “vaccine” immunity is  better than natural immunity – Even though “vaccine-triggered” natural immunity cannot, by definition, be better than natural immunity by itself, will you please provide the studies and the conclusive data which prove that COVID-19 Injection (‘Vaccine”) immunity is more robust and long-lasting vis-à-vis natural immunity, especially for people in my/ my child’s age-group? Can you explain to me why the experimental COVID-19 Injections (“Vaccines”) are needed for immuno-competent (i.e. healthy) people), especially of people in my/ my child’s age-group? Can healthy people not make non-specific “antibodies”, if their body considers a microorganism to be pathogenic?
  32. COVID-19 allegedly reduces risk of hospitalisation – Can you please explain the merit of such a metric as Reduction in Risk of Hospitalisation? Is this metric not reinforcing in people’s mind that hospitalisation, is the only way to deal with sickness and symptoms? Can you please explain how such metrics won’t actually lead to more hospitalisations, while the medical establishment is able to project itself as trying to reduce hospitalisation? Can you please provide evidence showing that people who have not taken either one dose, two doses or more doses of COVID-19 injections, are at a higher risk of hospitalisation from COVID-19 symptoms? Also please inform, how it is possible to make such generalisations about result of vaccination, when a large section of people who supposedly took the COVID-19 Injections under this global experimental clinical trial, may have received saline shots? Also, please inform how such generalisations should be used for making decisions on whether the COVID-19 injections are truly safe and truly effective or not, when by definition, the phrase “unvaccinated” includes those who are given one dose and the phrase “vaccinated” includes those who could have been given saline shots? Can you rule out the possibility that people taking one dose of the COVID-19 Injections, experiencing adverse events, and being considered “unvaccinated” is creating an impression that “unvaccinated” are at a greater risk of having COVID-19 symptoms? Could this be covering up the possibility that those receiving the COVID-19 injections may be getting poisoned, and showing symptoms from poisoning, being labelled as COVID-19 symptoms, attributed to the so-called corona-virus, using the inconsequential PCR tests, to justify a contagion, in order to clamp down on civil liberties? Conversely, can you rule that those who are effectively unvaccinated, having received saline shots, but treated as “vaccinated” and not falling sick as they were anyways at no risk of falling sick, is creating an impression that these injections are safe, and that those who have taken these injections, have saved themselves from greater sickness, which can never be validated?
  33. Risk of Hyper-Immunity – Can you assure me that taking the COVID-19 Injections (“Vaccines’) will not lead to the development of hyper-immune responses / hyper immunity / Antibody Dependent Enhancement / Cytokine Storm, in turn leading to AIDS or Vaccine-induced AIDS (aka VAIDS)? Moreover, if I/ my child already have/ has innate natural immunity,  have/ has the necessary self-healing mechanism, or a healthy body’s ability to produce the “antibodies”, why are COVID-19 Injections (“Vaccines’) even being required?
  34. The Myth of Antibodies & Immunity – Can you prove to me that the approaches of Modern Medicine to “fight disease”, interpretation of “antibodies”, and the understanding of “immunity”, is settled and validated by timeless Nature…that the body’s ability to “fight disease” is evidenced solely by the presence of antibodies, and/ or t-cells/ b-cells? Can you prove to me that there is no other proposed interpretation of the body’s self-healing mechanism? Are you aware of another interpretation by which “antibodies” are not an army of fighters, but are proteins that are an essential part of the body’s healing mechanism? Are you aware that as per this interpretation, also known as Terrain Theory (seemingly consistent with Ayurveda), it is important to recognize that attaining health does not require efforts to ‘fight disease’, and that there are no ‘diseases’, — rather there are only symptoms that represent the body’s efforts to expel toxins — to heal itself ? Are you aware that the attainment of health therefore, requires efforts to support the body’s natural self-healing processes, which includes minimizing, or where possible, avoiding exposures to toxic substances, like that of the COVID-19 Injections (“Vaccines”) that you are requiring me/ my child to take, to maintain my/ his/ her enrolment?
  35. Absolute risk reduction vis-à-vis relative risk reduction – Will you please provide the studies and concrete conclusive data assuring that the COVID-19 Injections (“Vaccines”) have good and acceptable absolute risk reduction vis-à-vis relative risk reduction, in preventing COVID-19, aka SARS-CoV-2 infection?
  36. Unabated Spike Protein may increase hospitalisation – Will you provide for the record, the targeted outcome of the COVID-19 Injections (“Vaccines”)? If the end target of this “immunisation” is one of unabated production/ creation/ supply of S-Protein/ S-Glycoprotein (aka, “spike protein”) in each body part at the cell level, then will this increased and uncontrolled spike protein toxicity not lead to various thromboembolic effects, like blood clots, heart attacks and brain strokes? Will this not increase the risk of hospitalisation, which is what the COVID-19 Injections (“Vaccines”) are purportedly trying to reduce?
  37. Guillain-Barre Syndrome from “Injections” – Will you assure that the COVID-19 Injections (“Vaccines”) will not cause in me neuro-inflammatory disorders, such as Guillain-Barre Syndrome?
  38. Contra-indicated for those with underlying conditions – Will you provide me any assurance that the COVID-19 Injections (“Vaccines”) have been tested on people with co-morbidities and underlying conditions, especially those within my/ my child’s age group, and have been found to be safe for their well-being? Consequently, is the injection not contra-indicated for such individuals, with the possibility to cause  severe injury or death to such people? Wasn’t this all supposed to be about saving the vulnerable, in the first place? Can you assure me that I/ my child do not/ does not have/ has undiagnosed underlying conditions, that this Injection may further aggravate and cause a severe adverse event? Can you assure me that I/ my child will not end up being one of  those that develop an adverse event, however rare its probability may seem to be?

  39. Are Mandates Lawful? – Do you think that it would be consistent with the laws, for you to enforce a mandatory scheme of “Medical InterventionsProcedures” for the majority of your students? Wouldn’t the implementation of this system amount to a change in the admissions and enrolment requirements, which would pose additional repercussions? Will you please provide official, legal and lawful documentation that verifies and confirms that your act of requiring, I/ my child to receive the “Medical Interventions/ Procedures”, in order to maintain my/ my child’s enrolment status, is NOT in violation of my/ my child’s inalienable rights, including my/ my child’s rights to choose any path of medicine, practitioner, home remedies and our approach to remaining healthy naturally – keeping our sensitive health information private, right to education, as per Natural Law, recognised by – The Constitution of India, Indian Penal Code, Disaster Management Act, IT Act, Government of India, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Judgements of Gauhati High Court dated 02.07.2021, High Court of Manipur dated 13.07.2021, High Court of Gauhati, Itanagar Bench dated 19.07.2021, High Court of Meghalaya dated 23.06.2021, High Court of Karnataka dated 29.09.2021, High Court of Andhra Pradesh, Amravati dated 31.05.2021, other judgements of Supreme Court and High Courts of India, Charter of Patient’s Rights by NHRC, Code Of Medical Ethics Regulations by Medical Ethics Committee, Clinical Establishment Act 2010, Consumer Protection Act 1986, Drug and Cosmetic Act 1940, Universal Declaration on Bio-Ethics and Human Rights by UNESCO, Nuremberg Code, International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and Declaration on The Rights of Indigenous People?
  40. “Vaccine” Patent & Patentability of Body – Are COVID-19 Injections (“Vaccines”) patented products/ technology having genetically—engineered / GMO strains?  If yes, will you provide me with the patent documents? Can you assure me that the immunisation process will not bring my/ my child’s body DNA under a possible claim of ownership by one or more patent owners of this pharma product/ technology?
  41. Risking School’s Future – Have you taken advise that your requirement of “vaccination” with COVID-19 Injections (“Vaccines”), other “Medical InterventionsProcedures”, including theCOVID-19 detection tests, and wearing of some kind of face-napkin/ covering/ masks, for admission into your school and to maintain my/ my child’s enrolment, will not be tantamount to pressurising, threatening, harassing, coercing, and endangering my/ my child’s life – causing harm, performing atrocity, and putting the administration of the school at-risk of punishment, under sections of the Indian Penal Code and Disaster Management Act? Are you not jeopardising my/ my child’s school enrolment status, by jeopardising the very future of your institution, due to the possibility of future prosecution for committing Crimes Against Humanity (i.e. your students), if it turns out that by your requirement of  “vaccination” to maintain my/ my child’s enrolment, you may have ended up mandated experimental medical interventions on your students? Have you taken advise from experts to rule out any substantial lawful, legal, financial, economic and ethical risks to the school, due to this act of mandating an experimental medical intervention? Have you ensured that this action will not lead to lifting the institutional veil and putting our school administrators at-risk for prosecution, thereby risking the future of the learning institution itself? Are you aware, that by another interpretation of human health, also known as Terrain Theory, you are asking me/ my child to poison myself/ my child (i.e. take my/ my child’s life in order to earn my/ my child’s “education”), and are thereby placing me/ my child under duress and in a state of dilemma on whether I am to fulfill my matriarchal duty to nurture myself/ my child, or fulfill my patriarchal duty to educate myself/ my child, in order for him/ her to be able to make a living in the future, without showing any regard for my/ my child’s holistic well-being? Are you aware that by this action, you are self-sabotaging the urban civilization, and you may trigger millions to retreat to an indigenous lifestyle, thereby rendering an adverse outlook for your school, as a result?
  42. Is the mandatory requirement consistent with our culture? – Do you think that mandating Medical Interventions/ Procedures is legal, lawful and/or consistent with our school culture, or compatible with the environment we endeavour to create to attract: a diverse set of brilliant, talented, free-thinking, creative and empathetic children/ youth? 
  43. Real harm vs probabilistic benefits to students may affect institution’s reputation – Can you assure me that everyone forced to follow this approach of putting themselves at real risk and harm from all the “Medical Interventions/ Procedures” – for the sake of unproven, pseudo-scientific and probabilistic safety of others – is not actually putting everyone at greater peril, in terms of their individual health, and collective wellness overall? Likewise, does the argument that we should impose vaccination for the greater good of society, hold any merit? Does the promise that the COVID-19 Injections (“Vaccines”) will bring a return to normal, hold any merit? Can you assure me that this wide scale treatment approach will not adversely impact our school’s reputation, by having a negative effect on the health and well-being of all its students (especially after more and more people start questioning the official narrative of COVID-19)?
  44. Conflicts of Interests and Global Agenda – Can you assure me that you have no financial stakes, business stakes, or interests in Allopathic Diagnostics, Medical Treatments, Pharmaceuticals and the Health Care Sector in general, that are driving your policy of viewing human health from only one point of view (i.e. Modern Medicine, that includes Allopathy, Evidence-based Medicine and Virology), thus requiring COVID-19 Injections (“Vaccines”) and other Medical Interventions/ Procedures that are Allopathic in nature, in order for me to continue my/ my child’s enrolment with you, especially considering that Allopathy and Modern Medicine relies purely on for-profit research? Can you assure me that your policy of requiring me/ my child to receive COVID-19 Injections (“Vaccines”) and other Medical Interventions/ Procedures, in order for me to continue my/ my child’s enrolment with you, is not due to coercion or pressures from the school’s Investors, other Financial Institutions, Banking Cartels, Investment Banks, International Lobbies and other influential individuals, or propaganda from Mainstream Media and Mainstream Social Media companies? Can you declare your official position on alignment with the Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, World Economic Forum’s Fourth Industrial Revolution Transhuman Agenda, Universal Basic Income, Social Credit Score System, CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency)/ Blockchain-based Crypto-currency/ Quantum Finance, Eugenics and De-population Agenda (promulgated by both the World Economic Forum and World Bank), which are all related to Covid-19 vaccination status and Vaccine Digital IDs? Can you also declare your position on The Great Reset Agenda of seamlessly merging people’s biological identity, with digital identities and physical identities, as a pre-cursor for people to participate in trade and society? What is your stand on Government of India’s voluntary policy of participating in Federated Digital Identities and Co-WIN API KYC-VS, which attempts to merge/integrate citizens’ COVID vaccination status and its vaccine digital IDs with my/ my child’s ID, Aadhaar, Health ID, Debt ID, Digital Address Code (DAC) and other Digital IDs?

Will you please provide me with a written GUARANTEE that you will assume ANY and ALL legal, lawful, medical and financial liability, and responsibility, that might arise for me and/ or my child, as a result of any adverse events, reactions, injuries and/or death, following the COVID-19 Injections (“Vaccines”), that you are requiring me/ my child to receive in order to maintain my/ my child’s enrolment at your school?

Once I have received your reply to all of the above questions in full, and I am satisfied that there is NO threat to my/ my child’s health and well-being, and to the well-being of my family, I will be happy to accept your requirement to receive the said injection by me/ my child, BUT with certain conditions – namely that:

A. You confirm in writing that I/ my child will suffer any harm to my/ his/ her life and well-being.

B. Following your full acceptance and acknowledgment of all sections of this format must be signed by a fully-qualified doctor and insurance underwriter, who will take full legal and financial responsibility for any injuries I/ my child might incur following the COVID-19 Injections (“Vaccines”) and/or from any interactions with authorised personnel involved in carrying out the COVID-19 “vaccination” procedures on me/ my child.

C. In the event that I should have to decline your requirement for me/ my child to receive a COVID-19 Injection (“vaccine”), in order for me/ my child to maintain my/ my child’s enrolment in your school, due to your inability to provide the above requested safeguards and assurances, please confirm that my refusal to receive the COVID-19 Injection(s) [“Vaccine(s)”] will not compromise my/ my child’s school enrolment status. In addition, please confirm that I/ my child will not be expelled from your school, and that I/ my child will not suffer any prejudice, discrimination and/or harassment as a result. I reserve my Inalienable Rights, which are protected, as indicated in point number 39 above.

Thank You!

Signature: ____________________________________          Date: __________________________

(Parent/ Legal Guardian/ Father/ Mother)


  1. Superintendents, President, Chief Financial Officers, CEOs, Various Faculty Members, Administrative Team Members, Deans, Teachers of the Institution
  2. Legal Department of the Institution
  3. HR Department of the Institution
  4. Education Department of the District/ Division/ State/ Region
  5. Trustees of the Institution
  6. Principal/ Head-Master of the Institution
  7. Statutory & Internal Auditors of the Institution
  8. Investment Bankers/ Bankers/ Investors/ Donors of the Institution
  9. Securities Exchange Board of India (If listed)
  10. District Magistrate of the District
  11. Chief Minister/ Governor/ Lieutenant Governor (Union Territories) of India
  12. Principal Secretary of Health, Education, Women & Child Welfare
  13. State COVID Task Force
  14. Chairman of National Human Rights Commission
  15. Chairman of State Human Rights Commission
  16. Chief Secretary – State Disaster Management Authority
  17. Superintendent of Police of the District & Director General of Police
  18. Ministry of Home Affairs
  19. Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
  20. Ministry of Education
  21. Prime Minister of India
  22. Chief Justice of India
  23. President of India
  24. Indian Council of Medical Research
  25. Central Drug Standards Control Organisation
  26. Indian Medical Association
  27. Ministry of AYUSH


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