Letter To Employer

Questions To Ask Employer on Covid Mandates

(If You Are Being Forced By Your Company To Take The COVID-19 Injections [“Vaccines”])

Document Name: Employee’s Counter-Offer To Employer w.r.t. COVID-19 “Vaccination” Mandates
Author: Free Earth Alliance, India Team (https://FreeEarthAlliance.Org)

If you are being forced directly/indirectly to take the COVID-19 Injections (dubbed “vaccines”), as
terms of service, or as a condition to keep your job, DO NOT outrightly refuse to accept their “offer”
and/or “requirement” (even if you have previously taken one or more doses and are now being asked
to take the next dose to update/complete your “vaccination” status/schedule). Inform your employer
that you are NOT refusing to take the said injection and that you are willing to take it, in order to
maintain your safety and your employment, after they provide you answers to the following questions,
for maintaining safeguards and assurances. This may be considered as a template letter that can be
edited as needed when an employer mandates a COVID-19 Injection (“Vaccine”) for employees. This
is for use in India and may need to be adapted for use in other countries.
Thanks & Regards,
Free Earth Alliance
India Team

Website: https://FreeEarthAlliance.Org
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