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Business, War and Politics

“United States of America” is a Corporation 
– John Marshall, a justice of the Supreme Court of the United States and as such he also served in the Circuit Courts of the United States, in a Circuit Court of the United States decision recorded in 1 Marsh. Dec. 177, 181 clearly states in this important decision, that “The United States of America” is a corporation. The United States of America was first formally created in the Articles of Confederation. Also notice in the Articles of Confederation that “The United States of America” is in large and small capitals. I have always wondered what this meant with the style of capitals and evidently this identifies a corporation. –
–, 2003 –
(Posted here: Sunday, Sep 24, 2006)

Doing Business With the Enemy
– – 
(Posted here: May 23, 2004)

Iran To Take Control Of World’s Oil Trade in 2005
– In 2005 Iran will launch a new oil exchange that is expected to put an end to Western domination of the international oil trade. The US and UK, currently home to the world’s largest oil markets, are unlikely to allow Iran to undermine their control of the oil trade without putting up a fight. –
– The Insider, June 19, 2004 –
(Posted here: June 24, 2004)

Corporate Takeover Of Government Well Underway
– “The few who understand the system, will either be so interested in its profits, or so dependent on its favors that there will be no opposition from that class, while on the other hand, the great body of people, mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantages…will bear its burden without complaint, and perhaps without suspecting that the system is inimical to their best interests.” – Rothschild Brothers of London communiqué to associates in New York June 25, 1863 –
– Urban, Nov. 28, 2004 –
(Posted here: November 30, 2004)

The Spoils of War
– Halliburton subsidiary KBR got $12 billion worth of exclusive contracts for work in Iraq. But even more shocking is how KBR spent some of the money. Former U.S. Army Corps of Engineers official Bunnatine Greenhouse is blowing the whistle on the Dick Cheney–linked company’s profits of war. –
– Vanity Fair, March 14, 2005 –
(Posted here: March 16, 2005)

Shipping Was Extra – A LOT Extra
– Iraq needed fuel. Halliburton Co. was ordered to get it there — quick. So the Houston-based contractor charged the Pentagon $27.5 million to ship $82,100 worth of cooking and heating fuel. –
– Houston Chronicle, March 15 –
(Posted here: March 17, 2005)

Wal-Mart Shows Who Owns Our Government
– What is shocking, however, is how open he [ Maryland Gov. Bob Ehrlich (R)] was about acknowledging that Big Business pulls all of the strings when it comes to public policy. –
– Sirotablog, May 20, 2005 –
(Posted here: May 25, 2005)

Stop Labeling Lies
– False and misleading information on product labels and the foods we eat harms consumers. The purpose of this web site is to challenge companies to act responsibly and to help consumers by publicizing examples of false and misleading food and other product labels and their associated marketing campaigns. –
– –
(Posted here: May 31, 2005)

Bush Energy Bill Gives Millions to Former Enron Execs 
– In fact, “one of the former executives is Thomas White, former head of Enron’s retail and energy trading in California during the energy crisis who later served as President Bush’s Secretary of the Army.” See the full report here. –
– Sirotablog, June 6, 2005 –
(Posted here: June 8, 2005)

Halliburton Secretly Doing Business with Key Member of Iran’s Nuclear Team
– Scandal-plagued Halliburton, the oil services company once headed by Vice President Dick [Cheney] was secretly working with one of Iran’s top nuclear scientists on natural gas related projects and, allegedly, selling the scientists’ oil company key components for a nuclear reactor, according to Halliburton sources with intimate knowledge of both companies’ business dealings. –
– by Jason Leopold for Global Research, Aug 5, 2005 –
(Posted here: Aug 8, 2005)

Conrad Black
Conrad Black

Conrad Black Hollinger Fraud: David Radler Indicted 
– Even his fictitious “nobility” and Bilderberger credentials may not be able to protect notorious con man “Lord” Conrad Black … charging him with criminal fraud in stealing $32 million from the paper’s parent company, Hollinger International. –
– by Uri Dowbenko, Conspiracy Planet –
(Posted here: Aug 23, 2005)

Paul Volcker

Volcker Report Says 2,200 Firms Made Illegal Oil-For-Food Payments
– Investigators probing the U.N.-run Iraq oil-for-food program say more than two thousand firms from 66 countries paid illegal surcharges and kickbacks to Saddam Hussein. The final report of the Volcker oil-for-food commission has touched off new calls for sweeping U.N. reform. –
–, Oct 28, 2005 –
(Posted here: Nov 01, 2005)

Russians Say Volcker Report Based on Forgeries
– Russian politicians and business leaders on Friday issued a scathing response to a report documenting extensive corruption in the UN oil-for-food program in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, saying some documents implicating Russian companies and individuals were fake. –
– by Alex Nicholson, Associated Press, Oct 31, 2005 –
(Posted here: Nov 01, 2005)

George H W Bush and Saddam Hussein

Business Partners: George H W Bush and Saddam Hussein!
– “Bush was the private business partner of Saddam 
Hussein in billions of dollars of oil-kickbacks paid 
to Saddam Hussein”

– The Skolnick Report –
(Posted here: Dec 07, 2005)

Many Companies Plan More Outsourcing
– A survey conducted at the Patni Computer Systems annual conference PatniConnect, found that 39 percent said they expect to increase outsourcing spending by up to 20 percent over current spending, while 11 percent plan a 50 percent or more increase. [What kind of jobs will be left for American workers?]
– United Press International, March 04, 2006 –
(Posted here: March 08, 2006)

Hostile Takeover -The Corporate Control Of Society
– Large transnational corporations are clearly the dominant institution of our time. They’re preeminent throughout the world but especially in the Global North and its epicenter in the US. They control or greatly influence what we eat and drink, where we live, what we wear, how we get most of our essential services like health care and even what we’re taught in schools up to the highest levels. –
– Apr 25, 2006 –
(Posted here: Wednesday, Apr 26, 2006)

Think Tanks

Inside a ‘Think Tank’ – The RAND Corporation
– –
(Posted here: May 20, 2004)

Meet the Carlyle Group
– Former World Leaders and Washington Insiders Making Billions in the War on Terrorism –
– –
(Posted here : May 20, 2004)

Alexander Hamilton, MI

The Manhattan Institute: Nexus for CIA, Jesuits, Sir Rudy, Gov. Moonbeam, The UN and Nazis
– The Manhattan Institute was chosen to be the lead organization for George W. Bush’s Faith-Based Initiative to give taxpayer money to religious organizations. It is widely believed to be a CIA front. However, many persons associated with the organization also have ties to the Jesuits and thus to the Nazis, the UN and Freemasonry. –
– by Unknown –
(Posted here: Oct 17, 2005)

The Carlyle Group

Exposed: The Carlyle Group
Shocking documentary uncovers the subversion of Americas democracy

[Video, 48 min]
– I defy you to watch this 48 minute documentary and not be outraged about the depth of corruption and deceit within the highest ranks of our government. 
Note: The first one minute forty seven seconds of this program is in broadcast in Dutch, The remainder is in English. 
– Information Clearinghouse –
(Posted here: Wednesday, December 06, 2006)

The Carlyle Group logo

Buzzflash: Connecting Dubai Ports World Players
– Connecting Dubai Ports World, the Carlyle Group, CSX, John Snow, and David Sanborn –
–, Feb 28, 2006 –
(Posted here: March 14, 2006)

George HW Bush

‘Ex-presidents Club’ Gets Fat on Conflict 
– ‘I do not exaggerate when I say that Carlyle is taking over the world in government contract work, particularly defence work,’ one employee told Briody. Other Carlyle companies also benefited, including EC&G which makes X-ray scanners…
– Guardian Unlimited, March 23, 2003 –
(Posted here: March 14, 2006)


Revealed: G8 Plan for Global Nuclear Expansion
– orld leaders are planning a massive expansion of nuclear power in their own countries and across the developing world, according to documents drawn up for the G8 summit and leaked to the Sunday Herald. –
– by Rob Edwards, Sunday Heralds, July 09, 2006 –
(Posted here: Thursday, July 13, 2006)

Corporate Crimes

Top 100 Corporate Criminals of the Decade
 – by Russell Mokhiber –
(Posted here: February 18, 2004)

How Ralph Nader Was Attacked and Harassed by the Illuminati Controlled General Motors When Pointing Out Their Unethical Business Attitude
– by Wes Penre –
(Posted here: February 28, 2004)

UK Firm Tried HIV Drug on Orphans 
– GlaxoSmithKline embroiled in scandal in which babies and children were allegedly used as ‘laboratory animals’ –
 The Observer International, April 4, 2004 –
(Posted here: April 4, 2004)

IBM Sued Over Alleged Holocaust Link
– A Swiss court has cleared the way for Gypsies to sue IBM over allegations that the computer company’s expertise helped the Nazis commit mass murder more efficiently, the plaintiffs’ lawyer said Tuesday. –
– Associated Press, June 22, 2004 –
(Posted here: June 23, 2004)

De Beer’s Trojan Horse
– [Cecil Rhodes, the Freemason, was the founder of De Beer’s] De Beers, the diamond behemoth, pleaded guilty July 13 in U.S. District Court, Southern District of Ohio, to a criminal indictment that was issued by the U.S. Justice Department antitrust division against De Beers in 1994, alleging price fixing. 
– National Jeweler. com –
(Posted here: August 31, 2004)

Tapes Show Enron Arranged Plant Shutdown
–  In the midst of the California energy troubles in early 2001, when power plants were under a federal order to deliver a full output of electricity, the Enron Corporation arranged to take a plant off-line on the same day that California was hit by rolling blackouts, according to audiotapes of company traders released here on Thursday. –
– TruthOut, Feb 4, 2005 –
(Posted here: February 6, 2005)

Exploring the Scam Behind the Scandal
[A MUST-READ! What you still may not know about Enron]
– No matter what your politics, “Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room” will make you mad. It tells the story of how Enron rose to become the seventh-largest corporation in America with what was essentially a Ponzi scheme, and in its last days looted the retirement funds of its employees to buy a little more time. –
– Roger Ebert for Chicago Sun-Times –
(Posted here: May 25, 2005)

Chemical Industry Archives
– Secret tests conducted in 1984 by the DuPont chemical company found a Teflon-related contaminant (C8) in the tap water of the Little Hocking Water Association in Ohio, just across the river from the company’s Teflon plant in Parkersburg, West Virginia. But the company never told the community, its water utility or state regulators about the tap water testing program, which continued through at least 1989, or about the positive findings. –
– –
(Posted here: July 18, 2005)

The Robber Barons

Wal-Mart’s Business Plan
– It has destroyed 100,000 small businesses, is breaking the union movement, has shipped massive amounts of jobs overseas, and has the news media in it’s pocket. They are a version of the Pullman Company, but much more dangerous. –
– –
(Posted here: Nov 14, 2005)


Papers: DuPont Hid Teflon-Risk Studies 
– DuPont Co. hid studies showing the risks of a Teflon-related chemical used to line candy wrappers, pizza boxes, microwave popcorn bags and hundreds of other food containers, according to internal company documents and a former employee. –
– by John Heilprin, Associated Press, Nov 16, 2005 –
(Posted here: Nov 19, 2005)

Halliburton’s Gulf Coast Slaves
– Halliburton and its subcontractors hired hundreds of undocumented Latino workers to clean up after Katrina – only to mistreat them and throw them out without pay. –
– by Roberto Lovato,, Nov 15, 2005 –
(Posted here: Nov 23, 2005)


The Dell Logo

Don’t Buy a Dell Computer From the Dell Company!
– The collector said that her bill with Dell was late. When Sunny grilled the collector, it turned out that the bill was no more than five days late! Sunny understood immediately that her son had accidentally forgotten about the bill, busy as he was with finals and school work. However, she was pretty upset being harassed by Dell Collection for a bill which was only five days late. She told the collector this, also telling him that she was a “Preferred Customer”, who had bought two laptops without ever missing a payment. She requested to talk to a manager… –
– by Wes Penre, Dec 17, 2005 –
(Posted here: Dec 17, 2005)

[For background, please read my article: Don’t Buy a Dell Computer From the Dell Company!]
– We have most systems available all at great pricing including Servers and Workstations – at great pricing – just like this example – why not talk to us now and get a quotation – we’re sure you will be impressed. –
– –
(Posted here: Feb 03, 2006)

(We May Think Whatever We Want About Music Swapping And Aggressive Lawsuits, But:) 
Music Industry Way Off Track With Song and Dance About Falling Sales
– from, March 29, 2004 –
(Posted here: April 14, 2004)

Microsoft and the Bavarian Illuminati
– These days most people have heard of Microsoft Corporation, and its founder Bill Gates. The majority of computers in use today use Microsoft system software, and those that do not often run applications from Microsoft. However, few people know the true story behind the rise of Microsoft and even fewer suspect the terrible cosmic secrets that are concealed beneath the facade of a successful software company. –
– Konförmist –
(Posted here: September 11, 2004)

M$ Windows XP Professional Bugging Device?
– Each and every time a search is conducted using the search option under the start button on Windows XP, the system automatically checks if your online and transmits information directly to Microsoft. This is done, without informing the end-user in any fashion, nor providing a clear method to disable. It has been hidden by design. In technical terms, a form of Trojan. –
– IndyMedia.UK, July 10, 2004 –
(Posted here: January 2, 2005)

How Old is Santa Claus?
– In fact, the modern image of Santa Claus was created 71 years ago when Haddon Sundblom created him for The Coca-Cola Company’s advertising campaign. –
– The Coca Cola Company –
(Posted here: December 26, 2004)

Devil Companies, Devil Products, Devil Logos?
– What messages are some of the world’s top corporations sending with their choices for names of products and companies? In my book Project LUCID, I uncover the curious, occultic overtones of the Lucent Technologies’ logo–a fiery red circle. The name “Lucent” is itself questionable. Some say it stands for Lucifer’s Enterprises. –
– by Texe Marrs –
(Posted here: May 8, 2005)

The Prison Industry in the United States: Big Business or a New Form of Slavery?
– For the tycoons who have invested in the prison industry, it has been like finding a pot of gold. They don’t have to worry about strikes or paying unemployment insurance, vacations or comp time. All of their workers are full-time, and never arrive late or are absent because of family problems; moreover, if they don’t like the pay of 25 cents an hour and refuse to work, they are locked up in isolation cells. –
– by Vicky Pelaez, Digital Granma Int., Oct 13, 2005 –
(Posted here: Oct 16, 2005)

Instructions for Avoiding Telemarketers on Your Cellphone
– JUST A REMINDER… 31 days from today, cell phone numbers are being released to telemarketing companies and you will start to receive sale calls. YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR THESE CALLS… –
– by Unknown, Oct 18, 2005 –
(posted here: Oct 18, 2005)

A Web of Truth
– Bunny Greenhouse was once the perfect bureaucrat, an insider, the top procurement official at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Then the 61-year-old Greenhouse lost her $137,000-a-year post after questioning the plump contracts awarded to Halliburton in the run-up to the war in Iraq. It has made her easy to love for some, easy to loathe for others, but it has not made her easy to know. –
– by Neely Tucker, The Washington Post, Oct 19, 2005 –
(Posted here: Oct 23, 2005)

Everyday Slave Wages at Wal-Mart [00:09:42]
– In some ways Wal-Mart is the ideal New World Order corporation. Its campaign of total surveillance of its workers, specifically to stamp out unionization efforts before they can take hold is particularly noteworthy. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  – 
– PRESENTED BY BRASSCHECK TV –(Posted here: Thursday, Aug 07, 2008)


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