Cognitive Dissonance

Source: Joe Brinsky’s Pack

Why it’s hard to forget what you have learned

The Harsh Truth – Why So Many Refuse To See It

Why We Stay Asleep When Covid-19 Is Trying to Wake Us Up Dr. Kelly Brogan

Forget everything you were taught

People try to suppress that which goes against their long held belief

This is why people get upset when their beliefs are challenged.

J Edgar Hoover quote

Lack of proof of covid and people still close their minds

No lack of proof available people just don’t want to hear the facts

Appeal to common belief

On The Psychology Of The Conspiracy Denier 3/14/21

Why Are Intelligent People Conformist But Super-Intelligent People Non-Conformist?

Behavioral priming

According to behavioral scientists who were members of the Independent Scientific Pandemic Insights Group on Behaviors (SPI-B), we have all been strategically systematically “stunned by the weaponization of behavioral psychology” throughout the pandemic.

What if we’ve all been primed?

Genesis & development of a scientific fact. People believe what they are told to believe.  Rarely do we go back to the source and ask “how do we really KNOW that?”

The pandemic pattern, how the illusion is built 8/13/20

How the “Greater Good” is Used as a Tool of Social Control

One of the hallmarks of totalitarianism is mass conformity to a psychotic official narrative. 11/18/20

They’re lying to us, here is exactly how they do it. 8/14/20

How to Brainwash 7 billion people

We are living in a country of lies. A country where propaganda is disseminated around the clock and lies are the air we breathe. Is it any wonder that most people are confused as to what to believe and whom to trust? But it goes much deeper. 10/2/20…/5725447

“Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth”, is a law of propaganda often attributed to the Nazi Joseph Goebbels. Among psychologists something like this known as the “illusion of truth” effect.

The Politics of Obedience: The Discourse of Voluntary Servitude

Why are critical thinking skills lacking in society? 10/12/20 

Surviving Mind Control & Gaslighting Henna Maria 10/12/20

This conditioning is deeply personal and deeply seated in the minds of people who have been trudging along the bleak path of medical care since early childhood. 10/28/20

Biderman’s chart of coercion

One cannot change reality by changing the words you use to describe reality. Look beneath the rhetoric, and glimpse the truth.

People gravitate to single causes, single explanations, single symbols in every area of life, and they don’t penetrate further. 12/28/20

Michael Hoffman | The Alchemical Processing of Humanity Through Public Psychodrama 

Transcript-The-Alchemical-Processing-of-Humanity-Through-Public-Psychodrama 1/2/21

15 Common Logical Fallacies and How to Spot Them

Why Do Americans Need and Seek Masters to Rule Them? 3/12/21

Why is it that otherwise perfectly intelligent, thoughtful and rationally minded people baulk at the suggestion that sociopaths are conspiring to manipulate and deceive them? And why will they defend this ill-founded position with such vehemence? 3/26/21

Voltaire on Capitol Hill: ‘Anyone who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities’

Controlled Opposition In The Truth Movement

These videos by Nigel Howitt And please also understand that it’s ok to be wrong about things.To truly discover you’re wrong is actually the best thing that can happen since it means you gained true knowledge.

Lifton’s Thought Reform

MASS PSYCHOSIS – How an Entire Population Becomes MENTALLY ILL 8/5/21

Covidnosis: How Empire Brainwashed the World 8/26/21


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