Controlled Opposition

While we source content for the overall concept of “Controlled Opposition”, here is the content of another page on this website that has some coverage of the concept of controlled opposition.

3.1.7 “Truthers”, who could be “Controlled/ Soft Opposition”.

Source: Omar Jordan

Dr. Michael Yeadon

Infowars – Alex Jones

Other Truthers who could be Controlled Opposition

Del Bigtree Exposed (Part 1 and 2) –

Dr. Robert Malone – Dark Vaccine Wizard –

Dr. Peter McCullough – Pro-Vaccine Soft Opposition Agent –

Dr. Michael Yeadon – Pro-Vaccine Drug Hunter and Racist? –

Who Is David E. Martin? –

The Fantastic Tale of Pro-Vaccine Queen Dolores Cahill –

Anderson Cooper is a CIA Asset –

Li-Meng Yan is a Fake Whistleblower –

Controlled Opposition Clown Rashid Buttar –

Who is May Parsons? –

Secrets of Barbara Loe Fisher –

James Corbett is Not Your Friend –

Arlene Howard – Pro-Vaccine PR Queen –

Paul Put the “Offit” in Profit –

Eisenhower Was a War Criminal –

Spook Doctor Michael Baden –

Meet the Spooky Wojcicki Family –


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