1.10 Crimes against humanity

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Falsely declaring uninfected people as COVID-19 +ve via a PCR test that gives 97% false positives and thereafter putting them in treatment wards for other COVID-19 +ve patients is gross medical negligence because it exposes them to actual symptomatic COVID-19 +ve patients and also people with other incidental comorbidities such as Pneumonia, Tuberculosis, Bronchitis, etc. This is the most dangerous practice as it constitutes medical conspiracy to cause a healthy person’s death in the hospital. Furthermore, it causes uninfected people monetary loss and immense mental trauma, whilst also damaging their family and work life. Worse even, is that it is adding to the extreme panic in society caused by a crazed media, of a false high number of “infected” people, which again, are blatant lies. It is clear that testing agencies across the world are forcing this test to create a lot of vaccine business opportunities for vaccine companies.

Funeral Director John O’Looney from the UK says that Covid is a Global Scam. He and his wife and helper without masks or other protective COVID gear washed the dead bodies of hundreds of so-called COVID Death’ bodies and cremated them too, and they did not get COVID till date. He said in this interview that the virus does not exist!

John says all deaths in 1st wave were the usual yearly deaths and not from COVID and that most deaths in the 2nd wave were vaccinated people. He also said that all delta variant deaths are from vaccine reactions and the lies on this will never end, as they fake variant after variant. 45 Funeral Directors told him of the same situation they were facing, so it’s not just his word. He confirmed that people are being deliberately killed to depopulate the planet and warned that children are being targeted now and if the common people don’t stop this genocide, nothing else will. John’s testimony is one of the thousands of real testimonies about the truth of COVID-19. Mainstream Media is spewing fake news daily at the behest of The Globalists. It’s time to dump them and go for news on the ground from real people who care. As has become the norm nowadays, a couple of Big Pharma funded Fact Checker websites notorious for fake debunking of real news tried to say that they could not verify John O’Looney’s story, but thankfully he is now part of a high level 16 member group in talks with UK Parliament about the Global Pandemic Fraud.

Watch the video compilation of whistleblower nurses.

Nov 9. This detailed analysis highlights the fact that these jabs are the deadliest in the history of medicine, and are therefore, instruments of genocide.

This badly scripted movie gets a lot worse. As of June 30/21, there was a push to vaccinate in order to protect from the (attenuated) Delta variant, while there is every indication, from the hospitalisation numbers that the fully vaccinated are filling the hospitals. Gibralatar, which is 100% fully vaccinated, continues to see COVID cases.

The Brownstone Institute catalogues 33 studies that show the ineffectiveness of the mRNA shots.

When Moderna’s chief scientist states that mRNA jabs hack the software of life (DNA), there should be no further discussion. Where no informed consent exists, a crime against humanity is committed.

According to an exasperated Dr. Peter McCullough, internist, cardiologist, epidemiologist, and Professor of Medicine at Texas A & M College of Medicine, it normally takes only 25-50 deaths to shut down a program. On Oct. 2/21 Dr. McCullough pummeled the sordid facts at the AAPS conference.

On Dec. 6/21, a funeral director John O’Looney reports an alarming increase in deaths from blood clotting and ADE.

It is no mystery, an imperfect “vaccination” can enhance the transmission of highly virulent pathogens, according to this NCBI article, and Fauci. A study on mice concludes that the spike protein can cause lung damage. More proof.

What will it take to end this carnage? Pfizer claims it’s not its fault if people are dying.

Neither the CDC can provide samples of SARS-CoV-2, nor can Stanford and Cornell labs. Bill Gates funds Stanford in more than one way. Stanford even named a building after Gates.

Do you really think that even though Stanford can’t produce a shred of evidence it has isolated SARS-CoV-2 that it would go against the WHO/Gates Immunization Agenda 2030, and not demand students be vaccinated or tested? This only solidifies Stanford’s complicity in Crimes Against Humanity.

The FDA stated on October 26/21:

“We’re never gonna learn about how safe the vaccine is until we start giving it.”

In view of the incoming stats:

Serious Injuries by Covid vaccine

Deaths by Jab targeting Covid

The FDA seems to be engaged not simply in clinical trials, but in genocide.

In the first quarter of 2021 there was a 6000% increase in deaths by injections from the same period a year ago. Rocco Galatti describes the surge like an uppercut.

And that’s if, according to a CDC report, only .014% of vaccine adverse events are being reported. The flawed reporting system is being challenged by the Informed Consent Action Network.

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) gave Harvard Medical School a $1 million dollar grant to track VAERS reporting at Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare for 3 years and to create an automated reporting system which would revolutionise the VAERS reporting system- transforming it from “passive” to “active.”

The results of this study indicate that only 1% of adverse events are being reported.

In May 2021, the CDC stated that the surveillance data are merely a snapshot. Here’s the article.

Either way, 1% or .014%, take your pick, the number of deaths are much higher than being reported.

Unless we examine CMS data. Then, we begin to see the real horrors, as with the data sets coming from the state of New York.

To reiterate:

  1. it is against the Nuremberg code to force vaccinations on a person
  2. informed consent overrides public policy, and
  3. lawyers are preparing to unleash Crimes Against Humanity lawsuits

Under Article 32 of the 1949 Geneva Convention IV, “mutilation and medical or scientific experiments not necessitated by the medical treatment of a protected person” are prohibited. According to Article 147, conducting biological experiments on protected persons is a grave breach of the Convention. Yet, the CDC continues to promote these experimental jabs to pregnant women, and now has authorised the jabbing of children aged 5 to 11 while Congress remains silent.

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Crimes of vaccine manufacturer Pfizer well documented


After World War II ended, the Allies established courts in each of their occupied zones in Germany to prosecute German officials for their role in the commission of war crimes, crimes against peace, and crimes against humanity. American military tribunals in Nuremberg, Germany, presided over 12 major proceedings against leading German industrialists, military figures, SS perpetrators, and others. Included among these Subsequent Nuremberg Trials was the Doctors Trial.



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    And a “positive” result may have serious consequences for the patients as well, because then all non-viral factors are excluded from the diagnosis and the patients are treated with highly toxic drugs and invasive intubations. Especially for elderly people and patients with pre-existing conditions such a treatment can be fatal, as we have outlined in the article “Fatal Therapie.” https://www.rubikon.news/artikel/fatale-therapie

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