1.12 Consequences of non-adherence to law

It has also come to light that many [organisations] are still following Mask Protocols causing suffocation to [their members] including elderly and kids. Its already established that masks don’t work and the COVID-19 lies have been unmasked. We have also come to know that [organisations] are organising RT PCR test drives in their [premises] to ascertain infection status. In the light of the developments mentioned above, it is expected that organisations such as yours, may end up encouraging their adult residents as well as children to get jabbed by the experimental COVID19 injections, which are based on dubious safety and efficacy studies. We are writing on a pre-emptive and precautionary basis to state that mandating experimental COVID19 injections is not only against the Indian constitution (Articles 21 and 359 to name two) and the law of the land, but may lead to ever-increasing mortality and morbidity in the coming weeks and months. As per the official vaccine reaction surveillance systems of the US, UK and EU, tens of thousands have already died and millions have suffered alarming adverse events. We are also writing this to ask you to refrain from tracking COVID-19 vaccination status, advertising and recommending these injections to your [members], and mandating corona measures such as face coverings and RT PCR tests. Please note that participating in such actions could result in being considered as participating in Crimes against Humanity. A typical legal notice based on Indian Laws would look like this. A typical pre-emptive notice of liability for having participated in perpetrating crimes against humanity would look like this. There is now a preponderance of incontrovertible evidence that crimes against humanity are being perpetrated under the guise of public health. Statements in this letter are substantiated with facts that will stand in a court of law. Informed Consent requires a flow of accurate, unfiltered information. Failure to provide Informed Consent to anyone receiving a medical intervention constitutes a Crime Against Humanity, which upon conviction is punishable by death. A petition to the International Criminal Court has been filed. Anyone trying to take down this content either by disabling links or posting warnings that this content is dangerous, will be named as codefendant in the equivalent of another Nuremberg trial for being an accomplice to Crimes Against Humanity. That includes social media and newsletter platforms that deny services. Lawyers are standing by.


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