1.4 Forecasts on Pandemic Deaths

Criticism in UK Parliament, of epidemiological forecasts based on modeling.

Source: Article from Free Earth Alliance

“If the virus isn’t halted, it could infect 60 per cent of the world’s population and kill one in 100 of those infected – around 50 million people – Gabriel Leung, at the University of Hong Kong, told The Guardian on 11 February 2020.”

Against this forecast reported on 11th February 2020, by September 10th 2021, only 219 million cases have been reported, as against 4.68 billions infections predicted, and 4.5 million people died, instead of 50 million predicted.

Whereas, even the 219 million cases took a fraudulent PCR test with 97% false positive. In fact every time a person is tested positive its counted as a case. So if people are testing positive number of times, it will be counted multiple cases. As such case data should not be compared with Population Data unless case data is filtered to consider each unique person only for one count, irrespective of how many time he/ she was detected as COVID-19 positive.

All justifications of Emergency adopted by governments around the world are based on these premise, which falls flat. Recently, CDC finally seems to be admitting this.

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