1.5 Pandemic by Design

A ‘pandemic’ was fraudulently declared, early 2020. This could only be done as the earlier definition of pandemic was made lax by removing “severity of illness” as a criteria. There were staged deaths, meaningless computer-generated genetic sequencing, and some real but blown-out-of-proportion deaths, in a few hot spots. The real reasons for the deaths were environmental toxicities such as novel Electro-Magnetic Fields (EMFs), air & other pollution, and deadly hospital protocols.

The current “pandemic” seems to have been designed and engineered. Public has been deceived into believing distorted facts and false narratives thus endangering the entire planet and by promoting, promulgating and perpetuating a false narrative. Mainstream media across the world is promoting an incomplete and hence un-truthful narrative [1.0, 2.0, 3.0] Government officials were compelled to limit or close businesses, schools and so-called “non-essential services,” as well as mandating “Face Masks,” “Social Distancing”, quarantining and testing services.

The Corona Measures and Lockdowns are causing and have caused bad health, injury, disease, addiction, misery, suffering, attempted suicide, suicide and the death of millions of people and their loved ones. It has caused the financial destruction of millions of people’s livelihoods in the wake of this so-called “pandemic,” and mandated quarantines, shut downs; lockdown and lop-sided narratives!

Some of the COVID-19 vaccines allowed to be used reportedly contain Messenger RNA (mRNA) that directly or indirectly causes or induces (injection of a recipe) the modification of the recipient’s DNA. This is eugenics experimentation that is against the Nuremberg Code widely accepted by the world after World War II stating that voluntary consent is absolutely essential, and freedom of choice without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion. These constitute unnatural synthetic “drugs,” that are full of toxins – hazards to the human body.

Absurd Forecasts on Pandemic Deaths
Health Regulators altered definitions with no merit to Public Health. Was it with ulterior motive?

Article from Free Earth Alliance

Epidemic Diseases Act, 1897: A Critique By CIVIS.Vote

How can we Participate?  CIVIS, a web platform that enables citizens to understand draft policies in simple language by providing summaries for each Bill is gathering feedback on the Epidemic Diseases Act. All that one must do is read the summary of the Act and share their feedback on the Act with the Government on CIVIS’ website itself, all feedback will be gathered analysed and shared with the Government, after this Epidemic subsides.

Visit Civis’ website to share your inputs/suggestions/recommendations on The Epidemic Act – Civis | Get your voice heard by lawmakers

Points For Discussion- 

  1. Is the subjective satisfaction of the government a good metric to decide the danger posed by an epidemic.
  2. Is it fair to give the government absolute discretionary power with respect to making temporary regulations
  3. Should regulations issued under the Epidemic Act, be treated as a reasonable restriction of our FR’s
  4. Whether the broad wording of the Act leaves it open to misuse?
  5. Whether the Epidemic Act has succeeded in deterring individuals from engaging in activities that may spread the disease?
  6. Whether air travel legitimately comes under the ambit of Section 2A of the Epidemic Act?
  7. Should the police be given so much power to enforce regulations issued under this Act?

By: Abhishek Jain, Shefali Agarwal & Saikat Panda

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