1.7 Horrible Side Effects, To Some, Not To Others

Author: Vikash Diwan. Edited by other Team, Free Earth Alliance.

One of the often asked question is – How come one individual (injected 0.5ml) dies in few hours or few days following “vaccination” while other four, nine or nineteen individuals who received the COVID “vaccine” from the same vial (vial is either of 2.5ml , 5ml or 10ml) remains alive if the reason behind death is the experimental COVID-19 injections dubbed “vaccine“?

For all those who raise this pertinent question or have doubts about the toxicity of the experimental COVID injections dubbed “vaccine” are – actually unaware about what permutations and combinations of ingredients are actually in one “vaccine” vial or complete batch of the “vaccine” vials. Firstly familiarise yourself with toxic ingredients of the COVID-19 “vaccinesglobally as well as that specifically of those in India.

Now, suppose you are getting injected. Can you with surety say what are the permutations and combinations of ingredients floating / swimming in your “vaccine” vial, and when the “vaccinator” pulls out your share of 0.5 ml from the vial what permutation and combination of deadly/ dangerous ingredient(s) will the syringe suck from the vial?

Yes, it’s all on your luck just like attempting a Russian roulette. Which set of ingredients will get injected inside your arm and how your body will respond to those ingredients in a specific period of time depends on several factors. e.g. eating same food does not cause food poisoning to all after eating together or only few person’s nose start running (liquid discharge) after eating a guava.

Not succumbing to the “vaccine” in few minutes or hours does not mean he/she may not die in few days or months due to the “vaccine” ingredients and its technology, and its interaction with different aspects of the terrain particularly the activation of weaponised wireless communication technology used in day to day life (from 4G/5G/WiFi).

It’s the nature of our education system which has taught/ trained us to think only linearly. Questioning and critical thinking is discouraged in our education system. We have been dumbed down to not question the book/ teacher/ authority. Critical thinking and listening to self-intuitive power has been handicapped through the education system including media, flouride in toothpaste and/ or piped drinking water supply, children’s “immunization” programs and now the COVID experimental injection dubbed “vaccine” amongst other factors that reduce our immunity and make us sick.

Wake Up! Otherwise it will be too late.

Source: Article from Free Earth Alliance

The dosage difference and the placebo are two important reasons why some are having catastrophic adverse reactions including death and some aren’t. This article articulates as under –

  • All 3 phases are happening at once, which is illegal according to the FDA.
  • The problem is that each phase uses the phase before it to make accurate assessments for the next phase. That isn’t happening now as all arms are occurring simultaneously.
  • There are different dosages in each arm as well as a placebo arm, which means some people aren’t getting the “vaccine” at all. Dr. Wodarg of Germany has stated previously that some injections have been found to be nothing but saline, even though people are being told they’re getting the real thing and they’ve not signed up for a formal trial. There are still a lot of unanswered questions with this roll-out and a lack of manufacturer transparency.
  • While is unknown if secret comparison trials are being done without our knowledge,


whistleblower nurse from Slovenia tells the public that politicians and other high ranking citizens receive saline instead of the mRNA experimental medication. During the conference she showed codes on the bottles where each contains 1, 2 or 3 digits, and then explained the meaning of those numbers. Number 1 is the placebo, saline, 2 is a the mRNA and  number 3 is an mRNA stick that contains the onco-gene, she explains. It is expected that a large section of public also receives saline shots. As a result adverse events seem rare.

Here is a compilation of references and sources of articles showing how the injection manufacturing companies have accepted several batches to be contaminated, and the reasoning seems to be deception and trying to show it as accidental and not intentional. Batches of Contaminated COVID-19 Injections

So we are advising, people from all countries and regions, to be careful. Even if you dont have Pfizer, Moderna, & J&J injections in your country, you still need to know that almost all injections are part of clinical trials. Insist for informed consent.

  1. Remember, when people were getting affected having acute COVID-19 symptoms, allegedly because of a CoronaVirus, that was also rare. So we were given an argument, and that was – “How do we know that we will not be the one who gets affected by the Coronavirus”?. So does this argument apply here as well, in case of the seemingly rare experimental “vaccine” injury? “How do we know, that we will not end up getting the adverse event?”

  2. Point to be noted here is that a coronavirus induced risk of COVID-19 was seen to be only with those with underlying conditions. Which means there is no merit on attributing sicknesses to a virus. If we are so concerned about lives of those with underlying conditions, we can mandate natural treatments to them. But since everyone is getting experimentally vaccinated through indirect pressures, the risks however seemingly rare will apply to all age groups including that of children. So if you stratify the decision making you will realise that this is exposing people to risks of adverse events when they were not at risk of the assumed coronavirus.

  3. Adverse Events are not be seen like allergic reactions, and brushed aside. Adverse Events in case of the Covax are seen to be severe and causing debilating injury and deaths. And one cannot rule out that one will not get that small ratio of high dose toxic serum vial that they are jabbed with.

  4. Most importantly, we cannot allow to normalise the actions of the Governments getting everyone vaccinated. Several countries who did not put a break on their governments are already under pressure to get booster doses like in case of Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and America with disastrous results. So push back on these “vaccines” and avoid the tyranny of mind and body control by a centralised system.


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