1.8 They Say It’s Rare.

This is a video where an analyst takes the entire data from VAERS (Voluntary Adverse Event Reporting System) of US, and puts it in an excel sheet with adverse events reported with batch number, showing Variation in Batch Toxicity. As per this video, 1 in 200 batches are having high dose toxicity and are creating the most adverse events. Check howbad.info for more information.


For more info see Patterns of Deployment of Toxic Batches and Batch Numbers Code for Toxicity Level


A compilation For Empathetic Minds.

Source: Article from Free Earth Alliance.

We want you to consider that even if the experimental COVID-19 injections dubbed “vaccines”, are suspected to be causing severe adverse events, NOT every vial of the experimental COVID-19 injections are being suspected to be toxic. Many vials are expected to simply be saline shots. Why do we say that ?


Even in India, these experimental COVID-19 injections dubbed “vaccines” are being given as part of clinical trials which generally have two groups, with one group on placebo and other on the medical intervention being tested. The experimental injection manufacturers have not been transparent about the exact break-up (which itself raises suspicions).


However, a possible scenario has emerged based on analysis and on whistleblower accounts globally. This matter of injection batch variation, has created an impression that adverse events from these injections are rare. However, it’s quite likely that you were lucky and got a saline shot. If you were not so lucky, you may have received a low dose toxic serum.


There are ways of diagnosing that, and you can possibly attempt to detox your body using natural protocols, if you are experiencing any toxicity.


It’s a likely global scenario that many people who possibly got the high dose toxic serum containing Spike Protein (which is likely to be not more than 0.5% of the vials) are the ones that died or are suffering from serious and debilitating injuries. Globally, the official narrative has attempted to show these vials as contaminated. This has raised questions on deliberate bypass of good manufacturing practices.


Even if we accept these contaminations as NOT deliberate, it further weakens the argument towards mandating these risky injections for everyone, which includes all people without underlying conditions, that also have very meagre risks of death to the assumed coronavirus.


So it only means that as long as humans are carrying a fear of death, they are easily manipulatable to accept a false pretence solution for a false pretence problem, setting up a trap for them to actually face their worst fears of death and handicap.

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