Work Plan

Page Co-ordinator – Pradeep
Work ItemTask OwnerStart DateStatusRemarks
WordPress (IT) – Part I

3. Page Updation & Clean up dummy links/ data – Design the Landing Page/ Who is the Target Group (Multiple are possible), About Us, Team, Contact Us, Language Button (Removed For Now), Search Button (Fix/Remove Temporarily), Payment Links (Fix/Remove Temporarily), Send Message (Fix).

6. Subscription Management (Allows for users to have their own profile, they should be filling info about themselves based on a custom form that we develop, which they can see in their profile page, and they can build/use My Links, My Pages, My Document, Edit documents, etc.) – Try Plugin Buddy Press

7. Auto-Back-up to HDD of MacBook
8. IT Security Audit – Basic / Advanced
9. Real-Time Site Mirroring – Verify UPDRAFT CLONE plugin
10. Broken Links Identifier – INSTALLED. Just need help to improve the result, and do some more filtering.

WordPress (IT) – Part II
1. Set-up Affiliate & FEA Store for movement collaterals/ hashtags/ memes to be popularized. It should be auto-pilot mode, and donation money comes to FEA & cost + profit goes to merchandiser.
2. Link Management,
3. Footnote (Citations) Generator,
4. Auto Generate Short URL for every page – DONE
5. Finding WP Plugins for Petitions.Net & others,
6. Finding WP plugins for bulk email/ Social Media distribution,
7. Editable Legal Forms,
8. Make Pages Annotate-able
9. Ability to set-up Polls – CROWDSIGNAL
10. Make existing pages editable/ wiki enabled.
11. Bulk email address database,

12. Feature of Live Chat, API integration with WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram.
12. Make an exclusive Intranet for all Movement People? (TOR,
13. Migrate into and Intranet
14. Decide Content Segregation Subscription Wise.
15. Sponsor a subscriber,
16. NameBase.IO,
17. Blockchain.,
18. By Invite Only,
19. NewsFeed
20. Country wise Filters & Country wise Pages,
21. Language Wise Filter
22. Forms
23. Export/ Edit/ Convert to PDF buttons on top of every page & QR Code

WordPress (Design) – Part III
Make Site Map –
Design (Minimalistic & Visually Appealing – Layman & Research mindset),
Website should enable the on-ground movement, and it should be able to “mine” the right people needed for the movement and so that they can choose which teams to work with.
Website should have its own persona, so it has a view on “everything”.
Website should have a help line access
Website should have three workflows – categories, self work/individual, family/groups, society/large community. (Problem, Solution, Application, Outcome & Follow up)
People should be able to find more people in their chosen field/ interest..
WordPress (IT) (DONE)
1. Migrate from to; continue to relay to – DONE

2. Help make list of payments so we have no risk of sudden denial of service – including one/three year/monthly payments for both the domains ( – Done – Rs. 717.15/year + – Done – Rs. 900/year); web-hosting, email-hosting, WordPress CMS (Done – 320 (28Dec)+730 (30-Dec) +1050 (Jan – 29) + 910 (8-Mar) +1050(Mar 8)) WordPress Business Plan – Annual Rs. 8544; Domain Connection (FEA) – Rs. 910/year), (WordPress – Professional Email – 350 x 12), Zoom Meeting Monthly/Annual Subscription (Rs. 1534 pm), Jitsi, Dropbox Drive subscription (Rs. 900 pm/ 8991 pa), Canva (Rs. 499 pm/ 3500+ pa), Neeva Search Engine, etc. LISTED/ TO PAY

3. Set up new email id on WordPress (, Social Media handles (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Clubhouse, Koo, Gab, Bitchute, Odysee, Rumble) Telegram, WhatsApp, Signal), Logo Upload, New Colour Palette.

4. Help finalise Server for Purchase. Budget 75K – Normal PC to be used first up. Available.

5. Donation buttons & links to receive the money. Donation button to be provided on menu also.

11. Configure WordPress as Email Client using Zoho Email
Content Management (Ph I)
1. Add balance Legal from AIM [Mayank] – DONE
2. Add other links from AIM [Mayank] – LATER
4. Ensure all Parent Pages, shows the links to Child Pages (minus those that are not desirable or not ready.) Move Pages that are WIP into Draft/ Private [Mayank] – DONE
5. Embed relevant Videos in every page [Mayank] – ONGOING
6. Getting Soft copy of from Children Health Defense [Pradeep]
7. Proof reading & shortening exercise (Life-Saving Alerts, Mayank’s Posts under 2.1.1, 2.1.2, 2.1.3, 2.1.5, 2.1.6, 2.2, 2.2.1, 2.2.2, 2.2.3) [Paula]
Loretta & Mayank + Paula & Pradeep
Content Management (Ph II)
Bring in content from
1. Signal Group (marked by Mayank with booklet logo),
2. Anarchy for Freedom,
3. Qvive – Ashutosh Pathak,
4. BRC,
5. Giriraj Vashisht,
6. Kapil Bajaj,
7. Indian Doctors for Truth,
8. Dr. Devendra Balhara,
9. Americas Front Line Doctors,
10. World Council for Health,
11. Children’s Health Defense,
12. Sunil Dhand,
13. Michael Yeadon,
14. Reiner Fuellmich,
15. Dr. Zelenko,
16. Peter McCullough,
17. Dr. Amitav Banerji
18. Mitchel’s Database
19. Joe Brinsky mega thread
20. Corey’s Dig
21. Other Repositories from Site
Mayank + Volunteers
1. International Freedom Groups
2. Indian Freedom Groups
Rita, Mayank Pradeep, Danny
1. Suggestions for improving presentation of the MAIN CAMPAIGN LETTERS –
Doctors, Lawyers, Scientists will read long messages. But Common Man needs shorter length. 2. Use bigger headings for each Para, so as to create interest in reading.
3. Re-adjust the flow, if required.
4. Some repetitions could be there, Check.
5. Spelling mistakes to be checked.
6. Some links need to be added. Search for [Citation Needed] & [Content Needed]
Niramay & Mayank/ Jessica
1. Indianize the drafts of Crimes Against Humanity (CAH)/ Nuremberg Trial Petition, Legal Notice for CAH, which links are now available in Life-Saving Alert.
2. Validate Draft with Lawyers
3. Validate Disclaimer/ Disclaimer Validation/ Pop-up with language choice
4. Validate Take Down Prevention Strategy & Notices. Legal Notices Standing By to protect the site from being taken down
5. Check with Legal Experts on usage of sensitive words like “fraudulent”, “criminal”, “intentional”, “masquerading”, “crime”, “foreknowledge”, “deception”, “gang”, “fraud”, “plandemic”, “scamdemic”, “dubbed”. Others ?
6. Karnataka PIL & BBMP Order
Niramay & Mayank/ Sridhar/ Darryl/ Rushil


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