Meditation guidance for those injured following injections

by FEA Team

For all those who are suffering from severe injuries perhaps from lethal injections possibly disguised as medical treatment (possibly, partly placebo and partly lethal, creating an impression of rarity), here is a message.

We have to have a resolve to try and get back to Homeostasis. We may make this resolve for our sake, for the sake of our families and for humanity as a whole. We need to learn, if possible, to get back to a state of well being and bliss, after having suffered like this, in a way thats debilating.

But in such a situation we may not be able to do it by “ourselves”, perhaps without allowing divine consciousness to enter our individual consciousness, in “its” purest and subtlest healing dimension.

That happens, only by an unconditional invitation!

Purest dimension of Divine Consciousness is “structurally” and “by design” “mindful” of our free-will, unlike the Satanic forces.

Hence, as long as we feel, we can handle the situation by ourselves, consciousness is by soul contract and by design unable to “impermeate” our individual consciousness (also known as Ego) in its purest form.

So the way to allow Consciousness to impermeate us in its purest and subtlest dimension, is to accept all possibilities, including that of death. So, the Ego Switch is turned off during the surrender. Thereafter, request Consciousness to fix our current injured bodily state, if its possible, and just observe. (This has to be repeated in multiple sessions, as many as it takes.) If it is, bodily possible to reverse our state to a state of well-being, and if there is a renewed soul contract, we will see tiny results, bit by bit, breath by breath, hour by hour, day by day and month by month.

We may also face what is known as healing crisis, i.e. a feeling that our health is getting worse before, it gets better. During such time we may have to look at pain and the possibility of death in its “eyes” and stay calm and keep on with the deep relaxed tummy breathing.

This is what we call in Indian culture as “Shavasana” i.e. that the form of lying down, as though, one is a “corpse”.

We then have to forgive those who poisoned us, else that remains as poison in our mind. Its better to let the Creator deal appropriately with the perpetrators. We have to be mindful that despite of being on the planet for so long, we did not fully comprehend life and our own body, to understand that this earthly dimension is not only about “good”. Humans have been given full freedom to be as evil as they can be and as divine as they can be, but with consequences, which will be experienced by them within a short, medium or a long period, or even span across multiple life times.

So we may try to learn this mechanism from this video on “Yoga Nidra” – We can learn the technique of shavasana or yoganidra and make an invocation to our God, our Deity, Universe, Nature, Divine Consciousness (with whichever name we relate as being the “Creator”). Then apologize for poisoning the “temple” given by our Creator and express gratitude for keeping us alive despite of the poison we took.

Since this earthly dimension allows full scale of evil to divine for an individual soul journey, hence there is bound to be evil on the planet and incidentally many people choosing evil could also possibly act as a group to create these conditions for many of us, and we fell in their trap.

Remember Divine Consciousness “exists” in a state of timelessness, and is neutral to life and death (death as we know).

We have access to divine grace in life and beyond death ( of the body as we know.) But the divine grace comes with the permission of our free will and comes in its own subtle ways, which needs subtle observance.

Divine consciousness is bound by the pact of accepting free will of humans. So we have humans, if and when we allow, have to invite divine consciousness, in its purest form, to help us with homeostasis. The consequences can be either ways. We may live in this body and get better. We may have to leave this body, and meet the divine grace in our etheric body. Or, we may stay here and be sick like this forever. Either ways we need to get into a mode of surrender to the divine will, for the purest dimension of divine consciousness to make a play in our experience and in our body, from this point onwards.

This is similar to how we sign documents in a hospital before a life threatening procedure, and own responsibility for any consequences. This time around the hospitals are under a spell of “false” incentives and are not able to honour our faith in them.

So one has to invoke the purest consciousness and lie down in their own bed at home and treat that as an “ICU”, and sign a virtual, graceful and loving declaration of surrender to our Creator and allow the Creator to enter our body with HIS purest layer of divine consciousness, grace, love, light and healing. Try and repeat these sessions on a daily basis.

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Disclaimer: This is not a medical advise. The site takes no legal responsibility for the suggestions given here. Its up-to the reader to rely on it, if it appeals to their common sense and intelligence. If they are on a medical treatment, its between them, their caretakers and medical practitioners to weigh the risks of accepting this advisory, and decide on maintaining or slowly/ abruptly waning the medical treatments they are on.


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