We live in a coal mine, yet wonder what makes our clothes black!

Then we initiate “clean up initiatives” against the “coal mine administration”, relying on the “coal mine judiciary” with the help of “coal mine advocates” while collecting “coal mine tokens” printed freely and perpetually by “coal mine banking”, by helping “coal mine corporates” that destroy our forests and rivers turning them into “coal mines cities”, so we can perpetually live in “coal mine apartments”, and eat food made from seeds made in “coal mine laboratories” grown on land using mining styled operations known as chemical monoculture farming.

Then when we fall sick we use cause and effect; probability based statistical tools; and flawed logic on a divine body that withstands all the following abuses, and still keeps us breatyuhing, despite we blaming life for all our misery.

Encyclopedia of Factors Making People Sick


Chemtrails; Chest & Mouth Breathing; Masks; Environmental Pollution; Ventilators.


Living in high rises away from Earth; EMF Radiation and HAARP; Concrete & Steel structures with Electrical circuits; WiFi; Wearing Shoes.

Land & Water

Deliberate Colonial Planting of invasive species like Pine, Wattle, Acacia, Lantana, Eucalyptus, Kudzu, etc; Mono-culture plantations like Tea, Coffee, Sugarcane, Rubber, Cotton, Jute, Wheat, Rice, Indigo – destroying soil quality, living forests, living rivers, flora and fauna ecosystems leading also to man-animal conflicts.

Food & Drugs

Chemical Farming; Hybrid seeds; GMO seeds; Processed Foods; Injections; Drugs esp. Opiods, Steroids, Blood Thinners, Kill Shots such as Remdesevier, Fabipiravir & Morphene; RTPCR; Iodine in salt; Refined Oil; Pasteurized/ Homogenized A1 Milk and Dairy Products; Foods stored in plastic/ aluminum containers, Hand Sanitizers; Toxic Skin Care Products; Refined Sugar.

Criminalizing growth and use of hemp/ cannabis/ tobacco and other psychedelics that are beneficial in natural form/ traditional recipes, while promoting Alcohol and Cigarettes containing harmful chemicals, by collecting taxes on their sales.


Addiction to the Ordinary state of consciousness i.e. Schizoid; Consensus Reality; Divide and Conquer; Media Mind Control; Propaganda and Psy-Ops; False Flag Operations and Draconian Legislations; Algorithmic Censorship and Digital Fascism; Medical Fear-Mongering; Virology Fraud; Social Distancing; Lockdowns; Pre-meditated Demolition of Decentralized Power and Local Living Economies; Land Grab through Public Private Partnerships (Central Banking & Central Government(s) Collusion); Central Banking Scam & Inflation led Social Engineering based on Fiat Money and Quantitative Easing; Perpetual Debt and Tax Slavery; Statism; Bipartisan Fallacy; Organized Religion, Generational Tyranny, Cultural Hegemony, Cultural Misappropriation, Cognitive Imperialism, Neo-Colonialism, and Imperial Mode of Living; Centralized Education Curriculum System; Economic Hitman

One Solution

Decentralized Self Governance (First Self and then Local Community and then Planetary) Based on Natural Laws while moving out of currency/ measurement based exchange of goods/ services to natural abundance creation and sharing of nature’s gift based on kindness with self, family, neighbours and animals locally, while using centralized planetary tools for free flow of information/ culture sharing, living in aesthetically designed natural housing and being in play using arts, music, dance, and other forms of arts and experiencing our divine self healing properties and being in a state of bliss.

What Keeps Us Away From Knowing Our Self Healing Properties

1. Mis-understanding Healing Crisis and Detox Symptoms as a Disease/ Condition.

2. Mis-understanding Sympathetic Resonance (Group Detox like many leaves falling off trees during Fall) as Contagiousness.

3. Mis-understanding detox symptoms as infection and attributing it to germs that are nature’s friends.

4. Fearing Pain rather than understanding that pain signifies return of senses from a state of disconnection and not knowing that embracing pain takes our mental attention and our healing energies to the area that needs healing.

What keeps us in the “coal-mine” despite of knowing all this?

1. Propaganda that population has increased and hence natural living is not sustainable – Check the area of Earth in square kilometers and divide it by the world population and you will realize that there is sufficient land per person.

2. We have become sick and alienated from nature. We dream of going to the Mars, but we cant even handle an insect touching us accidentally – If this is how you have become you need to re-wild.

3. What’s your favourite reason that keeps you in this urban digital “coal mine”? Leave comments.

Where are we headed, if we don’t change course NOW?

Metaverse, that is designed to keep us in a virtual realm. With people’s bodies aimed to be weakened by destruction of their self healing mechanism from the various factors listed above.

The elites wish to have one world algorithmic digital technocratic auto-slavery using mind control and propaganda. They want people to be incapable of having a physically active life. They want people to live as online virtual avatars, transacting with digital money, and living under surveillance. They will target people who show any symptoms of leaving the matrix and endangering the matrix and attack them using the man – machine connection attempted to be brought about through the experimental injections aimed at being injected periodically by peddling fake viral theory risks to health and its connection with 5G radiation from towers and surveillance camera data. (Triangulation to identify people simply from face reading linked through face recognition, geo location, data coming from body with combination of 5G towers and graphene oxide inserted through the injections, banking data linked through digital IDs, etc)

This is how we can take care of our health naturally, and reverse the effects of the selectively toxic “vaccination” drive –

This is what the awakened people are fighting for –

They are taking a New Direction –

They are organising to thrive naturally instead of settling for the deceptive sustainability goals of UN –

They are asserting their rights, and helping you assert yours –

This is how they are proactively using Law including Natural Laws to over stand the legal, political, and corporate nexus –


… and proactively making their voice heard through campaigns –

Read More …


Positive steps and relations to take forward

1. Diagnose
Diagnose and rule out damage to your body from the COVID-19 injections.
#Dr. Susan Raj, Chattisgarh 📲 9372702275
B.Sc. Nurse, MSW (M&P) Doctor Humanities, Certified practitioner for Stabilized Oxygen Detox. https://saafindia.org/
#Read More on Diagnostics – https://freeearthalliance.org/pp5s

2. Detox
Detox yourselves, to try and restore your health.
#Vd. Sachin Petkar (Ayurved), BAMS, Pune 📲 +91 97649 95512
#Dr. Mufassil Dingankar, Mumbai – https://therapeticka.com/about-the-founder/ and 📲 +91-9004399494
#Dr. Susan Raj, Chattisgarh
#Dr. Rajkumar KC, MD PhD(Ayurveda) and Dr. Remya Krishnan MD, PhD ( Ayurveda), Puducherry. https://sbeba.org.in/
#Read More on Detox – https://freeearthalliance.org/tg47

#Read More on Healthy Lifestyle – https://freeearthalliance.org/bl4x

3. De-Risk
Follow the off-grid movement. Smoothly transition to a natural life style in upcoming eco-villages in your region.
#Read More – https://freeearthalliance.org/kixd
#Contact – Mayank Pincha, Bangalore – 9845199081

4. Defend
How can you defend your natural and civil rights/ medical freedom at apartment building, workplace, school, college, government office, public places, places of public accomodation, and at home.
#Read More – A. Rights https://freeearthalliance.org/camr
B. Law/ Litigations – https://freeearthalliance.org/zo61
#Contact – Vikas Diwaan – +91 7004657611


Download flyers

Take Action
A. Sign Petition to oppose Public Health Bill 2017/2022

B. Send Open Legal Notice to authorities

C. Stop misuse of IPC

Take Polls
A. Poll on Existence of a Virus & Germ Theory of Disease.

B. What is monkeypox according to you?

Volunteer with FEA


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