What scares you in this alleged “pandemic”?

Supposedly there are studies behind the projection that everyone who receives an mRNA vaccine will die within 3 to 5 years. Where is the long term data to make this projection?

First “they” (the perpetrators) combined bottles containing material with varying toxicity with seemingly salinated bottles. “They” (the perpetrators) analyse or project the positive or negative after-effects of the covid-19 injections, as though the material injected is homogeneous in every vial or injection. Even “anti-vaxxers” are opposing these covid-19 injection bottles with an expression that conveys a message, that all the bottles are equally toxic.

“They” (the perpetrators) join the chorus and fund study conclusions that suggest that “vaccinated” people will die within 3-5 years. Next, even the “anti vaxxers” join the chorus and say that “vaccinated” people will die within 3-5 years.

While “they” (the perpetrators) are saying this to perhaps scare the “vaccinated” people and to absolve themselves from liability. Anti-vaxers are saying this to rightfully scare people from taking it any further. But what about those people that have taken the jabs already? “They” (the perpetrators) want to scare “vaccinated” people deliberately and anti-vaxers want to scare people empathetically.

No one seems to be telling the people that no predictions can be made since body is unique and all bottles did not have the same content. No one seems to be telling the people to diagnose and rule out the build-up of “vaccine” injury and to detox naturally or using natural protocols such as CDS or other similar protocols. Everyone is scared.

Some are scared of over population and hence abetting the genocide to save the planet. Some are scared of losing their jobs so they are taking the shots. Some are scared of the so-called virus so they are taking the shots. Some people are scared of losing their jobs, so they are not telling the people that this virus is imaginary and not pathogenic or contagious. Some people are scared of losing face so they are not admitting that they screwed up their health by taking the shots.

Some people are scared of the NWO so they are passing their fears to others in their genuine attempt of awakening others. Some are scared of being awakened so they are in denial mode. Some are scared of losing their mind so they are conveniently concluding that this could be a conspiracy theory.

No one is telling you that fear itself will make people more sick that they already are. No one is perhaps realising that fear of death itself comes from love for this life. Fear of losing job comes from love for self/ family. So while we are ONE in fear, consecutively we are ONE in love. Can we hence, ask this question – why this obsession with ‘disease’, ‘virus’, and ‘germs’ when we could rather focus on being healthy naturally?

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